kitty is the prettiest


So I’m going to enter a contest for winged zoids. But out of curiosity I thought I’d ask my followers. Who’s the prettiest winged kitty I’ve made?
1. Liger Zero Ice Phoenix - 8 ½ votes
2. Liger Zero Honoo - ½ votes
3. Liger Zero Endless Waltz Custom - 2 votes
4. Liger Zero Epyon - 4 votes

lionessofthestars  asked:

💎Lion wants to be called a pretty kitty Noodle.

 I Love your pelt with a good mix of colours, soft yet powerful build and the wings alone should score you a 10 but I have to play fair with the others. Bright vibrant eyes and best smelling fur ever. Apex of your kind. 9.5, only because there’s no purple. 

My favorite thing about writing a canon character is working really hard to stay completely IC but then also having these certain design choices / headcanons and so on that are completely unique to your portrayal without being out of character. Or these little quirks that yours is known for specifically even if there are duplicates out there. It’s such a nice feeling. :’ )

anonymous asked:

avikat! ♫ avikat! ♫ Who's the prettiest kitty kat?♫ avikat! avikat! it's aavvikat ♫

Awwww. You’re too sweet, nonny! ~<3