kitty in sink


She loves the water 💕

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damn your mad sweeny fics are gooood *=* and i have a prompt too: reader & sweeny are living together, decide to get a little kitten and reader is super surprised at how gentle he is with the little creature (dunno what you'll be able to do with this buuut i tried)

You didn’t think he’d say yes. When you proposed to get a pet. Live with just the two of you on your apartment seemed to be missing a puzzle piece, and so when you decided to get something to fit into that missing space, you had come across a small calico kitten, wrapped in sodden blankets in a box about a block from your apartment.

You’d immediately brought it home, box, sodden blankets and all, plopping him, yes him, you had checked, onto the bathroom mat. You had hesitantly given him a bath in the bathroom sink, although he didn’t fight against your gentle hands scooping warm water over his matted fur.

You were so engrossed in cleaning his fur that you didn’t hear Sweeney coming home from the bar. His loud voice startled the cat in your hands and his loud mew stopped the leprechaun in your bathroom doorway.

“Is that a wee kitty that ya got there in yer hands?” He asked, manoeuvring his large frame around to the sink. As you lifted your gaze from the kitten over to him, you caught sight of his grin, as he stared down at the small patchwork of cuteness that was playfully batting at one of your fingers.

“I found him outside. He was all soaked in the rain darlin’ I couldn’t leave him.” You explained, your thumb still stroking the top of the kitten’s head. Sweeney chuckled. It was predictable of you, to find a stray and adopt it immediately. It was what you had done with him.

“You know what I’ll say,” He began, nudging you away from the sink with his hip. “Get a bed sorted out for the little one, i’ll take over cleaning him. Might as well get to know him.” You looked at him, head tilted slightly to the side, but you didn’t argue, instead, you backed away to the door. 

Sweeney turned his attention back to the kitten, but you didn’t move from the doorway. You watched as he cupped the small ball of fluff in his large hands, his fingers gently stroking through it’s fur.

A small smile spread across your lips, as you heard the low rumble of Sweeney’s voice start up, as he cooed to the kitty in the sink.