kitty graphic tee

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Pipazel headcanons?

• these kids cannot dress themselves jesus
• they’re perfect because they both look like absolute idiots
• hello kitty graphic tees used to be pipers signature Joke but hazel stole them all and wears them unironically
• their go to gift for each other is socks
• happy flag day!! happy st. patricks day!! april fools i got you a bucket hat !
• they’re the couple that fights over tea or coffee:/
• hazel is strongly Team Tea, there’s variety and it’s just Better
• piper is Coffee all the way, all black
• hazel braids pipers hair:)
• and piper does hazels makeup because despite not wearing much herself she’s v good at doing others
• big cuddlers
• disney movie nights ?????
• they pick flowers for each other :,)
• pipers windowsill is covered in flower vases
• hand holders Big Time
• hazel loves cats so for her birthday one yr piper gets her one