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would you cosplay all might with skitty ears

All Might would totally wear a Kitty ear headband, so I doubt he wouldn’t wear a Skitty ear headband! :D

Just a random drabble I wrote…

Prompt: Kyungsoo wants a cat. Kai buys a kitty-ear headband and tries to be cute.

Kyungsoo stands over the sink, his hands submerged in hot soapy water as he scrubs the dishes from dinner. He has a soft scowl on his face, his lips pouting a little. He sighs loudly as he hears the front door opening as Jongin comes in. He decided to take a walk because the two were so close to having a bad argument, they both agreed it’d probably be best if they were away from each other for a bit. It wasn’t an argument at first just a small disagreement but it quickly spiraled as other things were thrown into the mess.

He lifts his head and stares at the wall in front of him, a dish still in his hands but his scrubbing ceased.

“I just don’t understand Jongin, I get that you like dogs more than cats, but you have three of them, and all I asked was if can we get a cat. There are so many cats and dogs that get along, it wouldn’t be a problem. You said so yourself, you don’t hate cats, you just don’t prefer them over dogs.” His shoulders slump and he drops his gaze back down to the bubbles in the sink. Jongin is silent behind him, not saying a word.

“We don’t have to get one, I just don’t see what the big deal is. Why you’re so against it.” He sighs, Jongin is still silent, his lack of words quickly grinding Kyungsoo’s nerves down to a stub. He can feel his face getting warm again but he takes in a deep breath, the last thing he wants is to fight again. He mutters an apology, his voice barely audible. He waits for a response, the sound of movement, anything, but he doesn’t get a single thing in return.

He sucks in an irritated breath and shakes his head. He takes his hands out of the water and dries them roughly on a white towel before spinning around to face Jongin. He completely freezes and the irritation completely melts from his body when he sees soft pink kitty ears sitting on top of the boy’s head.

Something in Kyungsoo breaks a little and his cheeks heat up. He looks at the boy’s eyes and sees an apology written all over his face. His hands are covered by his sleeves, little sweater paws making the boy appear softer.

Kyungsoo looks back up at the ears and smiles softly. His heart feels lighter than a few moments ago and warm tears pool in his eyes. He says Jongin’s name softly, his soft lips parting. Jongin looks at the boy up and down, slowly walking closer.

“I’m sorry about earlier, Soo. I thought about it and I was being stupid, if it makes you happy, we can get a kitty and name it snowball. I don’t care Kyungsoo, I just want you happy, I don’t want to fight with you.” His voice is warm as well as his eyes. His hand wraps around Kyungsoo’s and his soft lips peck Kyungsoo’s cheek. His closes his eyes and basks in Jongin warmth, his words settling comfortably over Kyungsoo.

“Jongin…” He whispers, his breath fans over the other boy’s lips as he looks up.

“You are my kitty.” He blushes and reaches up to touch the small ears on tops of brown locks.

“I’m sorry about earlier too, I shouldn’t have gotten mad. Whether I get a kitten or not, I’m happy with you and your three hyper dogs. You might as well be a cat for real though, you sleep a lot and you love taking naps in the sun by the window. You even have ears now. He giggles when Jongin blushes. He nuzzles his head into Kyungsoo’s neck, softly kissing the skin just above his collar.

“I love you, Soo.” His breath feels hot against Kyungsoo’s skin, he smiles widely and runs a hand over Jongin’s waist.

“I love you too, Nini.” He kisses on top of the boy’s hair, cheeks deepening in color.

“You have to keep these on.” He mutters before touching the pink ears again, his fingers running softly through Jongin’s hair.

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I saw that you already answered about cat diy's but I was wondering if you knew about anymore? My friend and I are cat crazy and I wanted to find something to make for her that was cat themed especially since i learned how to crochet! Thanks! :D

Hey there, no problem! I can help you guys out!

We’ll start off with some crochet stuff:

External image

DIY Cuddly Cat Crochet Scoodie with Pockets

DIY Crochet Cat Applique

Another Cat Butt Coaster

Crochet Peeking Cat Butt Coaster

DIY Pusheen Sock Plush

DIY Star Bleached Shirts

DIY Plant Pot Cat

DIY Blinged Out Cat Ears Headband

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

“The skirt is short on purpose.” + preference

“Renge, are you sure about this?” You asked the overzealous girl standing in front of you and she giggled.

“Oh Y/N, you’re so cute when you act naive.” She gave your cheek a pinch, leaving you to wonder what exactly she meant by that, when she shoved articles of clothing into your hand.

With a sigh, you gave in and changed your clothes. You looked at yourself in the mirror, your eyes wide. The costume could definitely be described as eye-catching. 

“It’s perfect,” Renge squealed before she added a kitty ear headband on top of your head. “Kitty ears are all the rage!”

You let her guide you out of the prep room, your face immediately flushing as she shouted for your boyfriend to take a look at you.

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Yuri’s fanclub!!!!!!!!!!!!! He may be the Russian punk, but he still cares about his fans. When they throw the cat ears on him his face says wth, but notice how he still doesn’t take the cat ears off afterwards?
ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ They know what we want: Yuri wearing cat ears
Bless this fanclub💞


A new Airbrushing video is up! In this one I airbrush three pairs of ears from start to (more or less) finished (I finished my camera battery in the last few minutes).

I enjoyed filming/editing/watching it and I hope you do too!

Best Friend! Minghao/The8


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  • Cutest friend EVER
  • giggling
  • laughing
  • making jokes
  • having mini dance parties
  • Him teaching you how to balldance 
  • you always stepping on his feet
  • you saying sorry like it’s on repeat 
  • him smiling through the pain
  • and saying it’s okay
  • but you probably broke his big toe
  • I don’t know why but for some reason I see him wanting to play hide and seek with you ???
  • like ALL THE TIME
  • Doesn’t he give you that sort of vibe?
  • No? Just me? Okay…
  • Wearing matching kitty/puppy ear headbands!!
  • Just imagine it
  • just….just IMAGINE IT
  • probably talking about dogs or something
  • and you spamming him with memes of him 
  • and him sending you ugly pictures of you that he had tooken 
  • at THAT moment
  • you know that moment when you remeber it you just want to CRINGE THE FUDGE out of you?
  • yea
  • at THAT moment
  • Shopping
  • and lot’s of it
  • Shopping like every Saturday ???
  • Even if your wallet is screaming
  • He’d be dragging you by the collar to the mall
  • Him choosing the clothes you WILL buy
  • you literally have no choice 
  • he’d be giving you the puppy dog eyes
  • and you’re done for
  • No way is he letting you out in those worn out gray sweat pants
  • na ha 
  • no way
  • This fluffy puppy is on the case to turn you into
  • a princess/prince
  • innocently grinning when he catches you staring at your crush
  • somehow makes sure the two of you are left alone
  • like takes the rest to a coffee shop or something??
  • So you andyour crush are alone in the dorm
  • and you OWE HIM BIG TIME
  • So when this puppy wants a puppy you better get him one 
  • but you most likely will get a stuffed one soooo
  • speaking of dogs
  • just so he could pet them
  • and feed them
  • and name them
  • and day dream about them being his
  • while you’re in the background 
  • totally forgotten 
  • slightly glaring at him
  • but also feeling happy???
  • because he’s too cute??
  • and he literally looks like a puppy??
  • and is with his people ??
  • so you suddenly start laughing 
  • and he gives you a look that clearly says
    ‘’Bitch have you finally gone crazy? Do I need to call a professional? Should I be scared?’’
  • Which makes you laugh even more
  • cause his face is PRICELESS
  • and he slowly starts to back away
  • taking out his phone
  • to snapchat you 
  • with the caption “ finally went crazy…..kinda scared”
  • So you make him pay
  • by letting you pick the movie to watch
  • so you like choose a Disney movie??
  • hoping he’d hate and cringe to it
  • But he actually likes it??
  • Especially ‘’Lady and the Tramp’’ and  ‘’The 100 Dalmatians’’
  • Do I even need to explain why?
  • Teaching you self defense
  • just cause you two were bored
  • but all you do is trip over your feet
  • making him giggle and yea
  • AND THE SNOW (it’s similar to snapchat and SEVENTEEN use it and so do I)
  • You know that Minghao can be rude right?
  • SO
  • Rude remarks here and there
  • but in a cutsy friend kind of way????
  • Him being over your house like twice a week
  •  just to get away from all the CRAZY
  • Teaching you Chinese 
  • and the only thing you still can say is ‘’Wo ai ni’’ and ‘’Ni hao’’
  • but you only like just started to learn 2 weeks ago
  • sooooo
  • no worries
  • ….
  • Okay bye
  • that is all
  • this one’s long
  • wow
  • okay bye bye

Actually, I headcanon that O'Brien and Bashir, once they become friends, always do Halloween together and start planning for it in about August. I mean, O'Brien has to take Molly trick-or-treating, and that’s a lot easier and more fun if he has a friend with him, to do the rounds and then to go out for a drink after they drop Molly home. (Keiko stays home on Halloween to receive the trick-or-treaters - the holiday has been picked up to a surprising extent by the Bajorans, purely on the grounds that they like candy and it’s about time they had some fun. She generally cops out at wearing a black turtleneck and pants, a kitty ears headband and whiskers drawn on her cheeks with eyeliner, though.)

Their most memorable costumes have included:

  • The Fourth Doctor and the Brigadier, with Molly as Second Romana (because the sailor outfit is adorable) riding on the back of a fully operational K-9. As well as working out how to build a robot dog that craps cogwheels, O'Brien knitted the scarf himself. 
  • Sulley and Mike, with Molly as Boo, obviously. A lot of animatronics went into O'Brien’s Sulley suit, out of which he could hardly see. Julian’s long thin arms and legs were perfect for Mike’s physique, even if he was entirely the wrong height.
  • Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody, with Molly as Bonnie. What can we tell you, Molly watches a lot of Pixar movies, and she likes making Julian wear costumes that accentuate his skinny legs. O'Brien’s Space Ranger suit was a labour of love. It even had a button on the back that activated a mod for the station’s Universal Translator so people would hear him speaking Spanish. 
  • Ghostbusters, because everyone wants to do Ghostbusters at least once. O'Brien claimed the proton packs were authentic and fully operational. At the very least, they looked awesome. Molly was Slimer. She loved it.

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“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

taehyung has done a lot of things for the sake of his boyfriend’s youtube career. he’s been the kiss tester for multiple lipsticks, a model for wigs, a cameraman and director and editor. he’s answered embarrassing and explicit questions about his and jeongguk’s sex life and even subjected himself to that horrific electric shock thing for the pleasure of jeongguk’s viewers. but he’s never let his boyfriend do a full out makeup look on his face. until now, that is.

jeongguk has apparently reached a subscriber goal. thirty five million, he tells taehyung. he’d promised his viewers that when that happened he’d do taehyung’s makeup. so that’s how taehyung finds himself letting jeongguk put a full face of makeup on his face.

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