kitty dukakis

  • Nate: What's going on here?
  • Sophie: Huh? Oh, oh, oh! It's very exciting. She's accusing him of cheating on her with her sister-in-law. Yes, but the truth is, he's in love with her brother who works as a longshoreman on the same docks where Kitty Dukakis once slapped a drag queen in a fit of–
  • Nate: Oh, I'm sor- I get it. They're acting students of yours. I see.
  • Sophie: Yes! Yes. Nate, we're working on character and their backgrounds and their motivation, everyone. Good job. Oh, Nate, you know that the core of good acting comes from the persistence of tectonics.
  • Nate: No idea what that means. Very concerned that you do.
  • Sophie: Ignore him. He's not here.

- Joan and Kitty Dukakis -

First photo : Joan Kennedy visited historic Plymouth on June 29, 1976 to attend several preview ceremonies for a Bicentennial art exhibition about women in America’s history at Plymouth’s Pilgrim Hall. The exhibit is entitled “Remember The Ladies — Women in America 1750-1815.” Joining her (L-R) : Kitty Dukakis, wife of Mass. Gov. Michael Dukakis; First lady Betty Ford; Congresswoman Margaret Heckler; and Nancy Kissinger, wife of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Second photo : Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, Kitty Dukakis, Joan & Ted.

Joan and Kitty actually have a lot in common : both were born the same year (1936), both battled alcoholism and depression, both were almost first ladies : Joan (1980) and Kitty (1988, Michael Dukakis was up against George HW Bush). Both of them are also graduates of Lesley College.