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Hi Love Non-Non here again. Im sorry for bothering you again but Instead of doing my previous request can you do the Headcanon thing you did with the Pet Names but instead can you them being jealous Its alright if you dont Again im really sorry for bothering And your writing is beautiful please keep it up love -Non Non

And I’m sorry for taking so long in answering your request babe ;A; And you’re not bothering me at all hun :) This blog thrives on requests after all (when I can get my shit together and answer them that is) Xx

Jealousy Headcanons

Adrien Agreste

This boy doesn’t know what to do with himself when he gets jealous. He tries to brush the feelings off but they keep coming back. He normally gets jealous when his s/o is being flirted with by other people. He’ll get huffy and pouty and his s/o will have to reassure him by holding his hand or kissing his cheek that he has no reason to be jealous because they’ll always be his. Sometimes, his jealousy can stem from insecurity because at times he feels as if you deserve better.

Cat Noir

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While Adrien is Cat Noir, he probably shows more of his jealousy rather than try to hide it. He gets really jealous when his s/o is giving someone else more attention than him or if someone else is flirting with them. However, when Cat is jealous, it is frustrating and infuriating for him because he can’t exactly go up to the person flirting with his s/o and give them a piece of his mind since he’s a superhero and he has a public image so his jealousy just gets bottled up until he lets it get the better of him. He’ll grit his teeth and clench his fists and will march up to his s/o without so much of a word as he drags them away, giving the enemy a hard and menacing glare as he walks away. The best way to calm down this jealousy kitty cat is sure scratch him behind the ears or under the chin and give him small butterfly kisses all over his face.


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Marinette doesn’t like to admit that she is jealous but anyone can easily tell that she is, even her s/o. They’ll find it amusing and adorable in all honesty, the way Marinette puffs her cheeks out and crosses her arms. Her s/o will tease them relentlessly in a playful manner - pinching her cheeks, cracking jokes, etc. But all jokes and frivolity aside, her s/o will always make sure to let Marinette know that she doesn’t want to be with anybody else and that their heart belongs to her. When Marinette is jealous, doesn’t usually last long as either her s/o or Alya knock some sense into her.


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Much like Cat Noir, Ladybug tries not to let her jealousy make her do anything stupid because she’s a public figure that the city of Paris look up to. If Ladybug happened to see someone trying to make a move on her s/o while on patrol, either Cat holds her back or she’ll use her yo-yo to bonk the flirter on the head or use it to trip them over. She’ll also get jealous if her s/o is showing Cat more attention or if her s/o plays along with his little games and such so she’ll try real hard to impress her s/o to get their attention. If that doesn’t work, then she’ll just simply go over to her s/o and pull them away.


Alya is probably the less jealous type out of everyone, but that doesn’t mean that she can get jealous. Instead, I think her s/o is the more jealous one in the relationship because we all know how obsessed Alya is with Ladybug and this sometimes sparks jealousy within her s/o. They’ll get all grumpy and snappy, making remarks like “well if Ladybug is so awesome, why don’t you go date her instead?!” When Alya gets jealous (on the rare occasion that she does), her s/o wouldn’t even realise that she is because she hides it very well, to her s/o at least. To the person making a move on them, is the one that should be worried because she’ll be sending them subtle death glares and finger motions as if to say that she’s got their eye on them. And nobody wants to see Alya when she gets angry.


His s/o finds it adorable when he’s jealous because he doesn’t really confront the person flirting with his s/o but rather drops subtle hints of jealousy and annoyance like holding their hand, kissing their temple or making sarcastic comments under his breathe. If his s/o gets a whiff of Nathanael being jealous, then they’ll instantly do everything in their power to make him happy and calm again. He’s the shy jealous type, if that’s a thing. When he gets jealous, he doesn’t know how to deal with it, which usually ends up with him drawing to let out his emotions. Playing and running hands through his hair often relaxes him and calms him down.


This girl is the most jealous out of EVERYONE!! Like holy wow, her s/o will know when Chloe is jealous. Jealousy will practically radiate off her being as if she was some radioactive plant or something!! And she doesn’t even try to hide it. She’ll have the hardest of scowl’s on her face and her eyebrows will be furrowed together as she stares daggers at anyone who even so much as look at her s/o. Heaven forbid if Chloe catches someone flirting with her s/o because will get nasty (or at least extra nasty anyways). She won’t hesitate in confrontation and will most definitely give the “enemy” a piece of her mind and will continue to go off on them until her s/o calms her down by pulling her away and showering her with affection. 

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if saruhiko got hit by strain #whoknowswhatnumber and got cat ears and looked extremely cute and then just everyone wants him xD?

Grumpy Kitty Fushimi is grumpy. Maybe the Strain power is delayed reaction and Fushimi seems fine at first, only to wake up the next morning with kitty ears and a tail. He ponders the idea of just going back to bed but he feels this sudden need to be clean and there’s no way he’s cleaning himself via tongue. Unfortunately he doesn’t own any hats so he lowers his ears and just quietly hopes that people will mistake his ears for just messy hair. So of course as soon as he steps out of his room Hidaka’s right there like ‘Fushimi-san, are you still feeling okay after yesterday – wait, are those cat ears?” Fushimi hisses at him, which is when Gotou walks up from behind Fushimi and starts scratching his ears. Fushimi immediately finds himself calming down and basically ends up sitting there contentedly on the floor in the middle of the dorms while Gotou gives him ear scritches. Unfortunately for Gotou once he starts he can’t really stop because the moment he removes that hand from those ears he is going to be stabbed.

Munakata of course summons Fushimi to his office to have a talk about Fushimi’s new condition. Fushimi gives his very displeased report, tail swishing back and forth, ears back. Munakata just so happens to have this little feather teaser toy in his hand that he keeps waving calmly as he talks. Fushimi is trying to ignore it but he just can’t stop staring. He keeps trailing off between reports, ears pricking up slightly. Munakata just acts totally calm about the whole thing like he’s not at all doing this on purpose, Fushimi grits his teeth. In the end he can’t resist the temptation and starts batting at the toy while Munakata happily pulls it away from him and bonks him on the nose with it and just has the best time. He also carefully uses it to maneuver Fushimi closer to his desk until Munakata can reach out scratch the adorable kitty ears. Awashima shows up a bit later to find Fushimi sitting next to Munakata’s desk looking mildly put out while Munakata happily scratches one of his ears. Fushimi gives her this ‘save me’ look but of course Awashima can’t resist such cuteness either and instead she moves over so that she can give Munakata her report while scratching Fushimi’s other ear.