kitty cat card!

Hey there >w>) !

I finally made my first Commission-thingy :DDD ! ~
those are the Aceo Cards Quiethist ( on Instagram ) asked for :>

1.) ~ Kuro + KuroKitty :D !
with KittyHeadphones and random clothes :‘DD and the bg + the headphones sparkle a bit too >w>) !

2.) Tetsu and Misono ~
because those two are her fave Eve’s :3

and I’m so sry, I’m still so uncreative with bg’s x'DDD

the back of the Card is colored too ~ ( ok not that much, just simple things xD ) but she’ll see them once the package arrives along with another commission for her :DDD ! I’m trying to draw that as soon as I can xD

I never made commissions yet, yeah, first time v.v….. ! I was going to open commissions when I’m 18 :D that’ll be very soon tho :'DDD !
anyway, for that I’ll submit a Price-list of it someday :D I would be happy to draw desired Fanarts for ya ! >w> ~
I’ll let you know more about it in the future :>

hope u like it :DDD !


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The Pets of The Terrace want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May your 2016 be full of fun adventures!


Moxy, Tang, PJ, Flapjack, Roscoe, Amelia and Olivia.

Art by

In this photo I’m one happy and lucky human!
Starring Luna, the kitten of my lovely and cute friend that had me sleep at her house last weekend.
I was reading for her and the kitty walked all ove my celtic cross and decided I was cool enough to be her pillow.
In the photo I’m sending her kisses and she’s like ”yes human, love me!”.
@intuitive-rose she’s called Luna like your beautiful, adorable kitty!