kitty blair

“In order to be free you simply have to be so, without asking permission of anybody. You have to have your own hypothesis about what you are called to do, and follow it, not giving in to circumstances or complying with them. But that sort of freedom demands powerful inner resources, a high degree of self-awareness, a consciousness of your responsibility to yourself and therefore to other people.”

Andrei Tarkovsky, from “The artist’s responsibility,” Sculpting in Time, trans. Kitty Hunter-Blair (University of Texas Press, 1987)

Once you start to speak of things that are precious, you are immediately anxious about how people will react to what you have said, and you want to protect these things, to defend them against incomprehension.

Andrei Tarkovsky, from “Scenario and shooting script,” Sculpting in Time, trans. Kitty Hunter-Blair (University of Texas Press, 1987)


Ain’t no party like an X-Men party, cos at an X-Men party you’ll have and died and been resurrected, been cloned several times, time-traveled to the distant dystopian future to fight your clone’s evil future self, and given birth to yourself after resolving a love triangle with two of your clones in a kinky time travel three-way, all before the first call for shots. 

“Artists are divided into those who create their own inner world, and those who recreate reality. I undoubtedly belong to the first–but that actually alters nothing: my inner world may be of interest to some, others will be left cold or even irritated by it; the point is that the inner world created by cinematic means always has to be taken as reality, as it were objectively established in the immediacy of the recorded moment.”

Andrei Tarkovsky, from “The film image,” Sculpting in Time, trans. Kitty Hunter-Blair (University of Texas Press, 1987)

When I speak of poetry I am not thinking of it as a genre. Poetry is an awareness of the world, a particular way of relating to reality. So poetry becomes a philosophy to guide a man throughout his life…. [With poetry, one] is capable of going beyond the limitations of coherent logic, and conveying the deep complexity and truth of the impalpable connections and hidden phenomena of life.
—  Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time, translated by Kitty Hunter-Blair (1987)