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Marichat prompt: chat finds out mari's fricking buff

@ssamdong HELL YES BUFF MARINETTE IS MY ONLY REASON TO LIVE Also I might’ve gone overboard and made this way longer than I had planned.

Disclaimer: I’ve never exercised a day in my life and I have no clue what counts as a decent number of pull-ups.

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This whole page is just fantastic. Now Kitty’s got it locked into her head that she CAN make her case to Xavier, we see her utter tenacity. As well as, I think, hints of the leader she’ll one day become. One pah doesn’t work, she’ll try another, and another, and another.

Plus come on, Kitty beat Xavier, THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL TELEPATH, at chess, in a move he never saw coming, WHILE PITCHING HERSELF.

Kitty Pryde is amazing and if you don’t agree, you’re wrong.

OC Hour: A Gentle Heart
  • Penny: My sister is delicate.
  • Everyone: *remembers the day Kitty beat the fox within an inch of her life, dropped her mangled body on the table during dinnertime, declared herself Queen, and dared anyone else to question her authority*
  • Everyone: *glances nervously at Kitty*
  • Kitty: *loafing in a sunbeam, thinking about donuts*

imagine vixx eating breakfast. leo has raisin bran which he has picked all of the bran out of (it’s just raisins), n is eating the leftover bran, hyuk eats Trix but only after it’s sat long enough to turn the milk a cute color, hongbin has a hello kitty bowl full of raw meat, ken has a bowl of lucky charms marshmallows. if ravi wakes up he eats unfrosted mini-wheats because he’s boring.

  • Blake: It's over, Torchwick! You're not going to escape this time!
  • Roman: Who said anything about escaping? *pulls out cane*
  • Blake: Come on Torchwick, you can't honestly think that you can beat me in a fight.
  • Roman: Oh, I can definitely beat you, kitty cat. Easily.
  • Blake: Really? And how do you plan on doing that?
  • Roman: *smirks as Neo appears behind Blake* With my secret weapon.
  • Neo: *tugs off Blake's bow and starts to scratch behind her ears*
  • Blake: *gasps and falls to her knees, shivering* N-No! That's not f-fair!
  • Roman: *steps up to ruffle Neo's hair* Admittedly, I didn't expect that to work- but good plan, kiddo.
  • Neo: *smiles brightly* .........!
  • Blake: *sighs, trying to fight the urge to purr at the feeling of her ears being scratched* Well, t-this is embarrassing...
  • Roman: *chuckles, folding his arms over his chest* I don't know, kitty cat- it's kind of adorable.
  • Neo: *nods in agreement*
  • Blake: *rolls eyes, feeling her face flush* Don't look at me...
Best Albums of 2015 (so far) + Songs Mix

This is my 10th year of music blogging and I’m being spoiled rotten by how much great music has been released (it’s actually a bit overwhelming). From landmark albums from seasoned artists like Sufjan, Father John Misty and Kendrick to incredible debuts from Natalie Prass, Leon Bridges and Jamie XX, 2015 has it all, and looking at the upcoming release calendar, I doubt it’ll be slowing down any time soon. As usual, I’ve listed my best albums chronologically below and you can listen to my favorite songs in this ongoing Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

Best Albums of 2015 (so far)

Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper (January 9, Domino)

Belle & Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance (January 19, Matador)

Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass (January 27. Spacebomb)

Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear (February 10, Sub Pop)

Dan Deacon - Gliss Riffer (February 24, Domino)

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly (March 15, Top Dawg)

Hot Chip - Why Make Sense? (March 19, Domino)

Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell (March 30, Asthmatic Kitty)

The Mountain Goats - Beat The Champ (April 3, Merge)

San Fermin - Jackrabbit (April 21, Downtown)

Blur - The Magic Whip (April 28, Parlaphone)

Other Lives - Rituals (May 4, TBD)

The Tallest Man on Earth - Dark Bird is Home (May 12, Dead Oceans)

Jamie xx - In Colour (June 2, Young Turks)

Leon Bridges - Coming Home (June 23, Columbia)


Honorable Mentions

The Staves - If I Was
Purity Ring - Another Eternity
Shamir - Ratchet 
Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit


Best Songs of 2015 (so far) Mix

Click here to listen to my ongoing Spotify Playlist. Here’s my 30 faves below…

Alabama Shakes “Gimme All Your Love”
Beirut “No No No”
Belle & Sebastian ”Play For Today”
Blur “Ong Ong”
Chromatics “In Films”
Courtney Barnett “Depreston”
Dan Deacon “When I Was Done Dying”
Destroyer “Dream Lover”
Eskimeaux - Broken Necks
Father John Misty “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”
Hot Chip “Huarache Lights”
Jamie xx “Loud Places (ft. Romy)”
Kendrick Lamar  “These Walls”
Leon Bridges “Coming Home”
Mas Ysa “Margarita”
The Mountain Goats “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero”
Miguel “Coffee”
Natalie Prass “My Baby Don’t Understand Me”
Other Lives “2 Pyramids”
Panda Bear ”Crosswords”
Purity Ring “Heartsigh”
San Fermin “Emily”
Shamir “On The Regular”
Shura “2 Shy”
SOAK “B a noBody”
The Staves “Steady”
Sufjan Stevens “The Only Thing”
Tame Impala “Let It Happen”
The Tallest Man on Earth “Sagres”
White Reaper “Make Me Wanna Die”


Most Anticipated of 2015 Still To Come

Destroyer - Poison Season
Frank Ocean - Boy’s Don’t Cry
Chromatics - Dear Tommy
Tame Impala - Currents
Beirut - No No No
Kanye West - Swish
Beach House - Depression Cherry
Disclosure - Caracal
White Reaper - White Reaper Does It Again

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find a good flower, my little ladybug

summary: Sometimes, all it took was one, single phone call to make someone’s day that little bit brighter.
a/n: So, did you know that a number of Chinese adoption sites, books, and other such related items often use ladybugs on them? Considering Marinette is a Chinese-French teenager, I decided to write this. Hope you all enjoy! 

Winter had embraced the city of Paris overnight, wiping the slate clean and the cobblestone streets in flakes of white. Grey overcast clung to the once-blazing Autumn sunsets, and whilst rare, the canopy of stars that dotted through the skies suddenly vivified tenfold. 

Marinette clutched the cup of tea closer to her chest as she watched the slow snowfall. The steam rose up, making her chest warm, and she could almost forget about the city aging before her. 


She smiled as she felt a pair of large, warm hands on her shoulders, and a chin resting atop her head. 

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I'm DEADASS my guy. I want you to ride me into sunset, go for some tacos, hit up disney world in Japan, and beat that kitty UP. I WANT YOU.

fuck that!!!! i dont want nunadat!! I just want 50k in my bank account nigga💯💯💯

Adrienette April day 14: Theme: Buff

Coming up with excuses for things that Marinette gained due to Ladybug was a very difficult task. For instance, a few days ago Marinette was fighting an akuma as Ladybug, and Chat Noir accidentally whacked her right forearm with his baton. Marinette still had an ugly, purple bruise to show for it.

“Woah, that looks painful. What happened?” Alya inquired.

Marinette chuckled nervously. “Oh, I was babysitting Manon and she accidentally knocked me into a table! Kids, right?”

Adrien and Nino, overhearing this conversation, turned to join in. By now, they had become a regular part of Marinette and Alya’s lives. Marinette immediately noticed Adrien staring, mouth gaping, at the bruise. She shifted her hand over her arm to conceal the embarassing wound.

Alya and Nino began chatting about the latest akuma attack. Tuning out from their conversation, Marinette was about to go fill up her water bottle when Adrien spoke up.

“Hey, Marinette, you haven’t seen Chat Noir recently, have you?”

Her face flushed. Just remembering the last time she was with that silly kitty made her heart beat pound a little faster. “U-uh…no? Not recently. Why do you ask?”

“Oh,” Adrien breathed, still gazing at the spot her bruise was in, “no particular reason…”

“Speaking of Chat Noir, Adrien! I had no idea you had such big biceps, dude!” Nino exclaimed.

Adrien opened his mouth as if to say something, but no words came out. Glancing down at his arms, he exhaled forcefully. Nino was right; the blond’s arms had become more toned, along with his leg muscles, recently. Marinette averted her attention to her own arms. To her slight dismay, she was gaining considerable muscle, too.

Glancing at Marinette’s arms, Adrien caught her gaze and smiled. “It looks like you’ve been gaining arm muscle, too, Mari!”

She grinned in return.

Before anyone could say anything more, the history teacher strolled through the door. Adrien and Nino swiveled around to face him, and Alya and Marinette payed attention to his greeting. Well, for the most part. Marinette’s mind still swirled with the knowledge that she had little biceps growing, from being Ladybug. 

Hearing her teacher begin his lecture, she snapped out of her thoughts.