Dean was watching T.V. when he heard it. It was a strange, very quiet sound. Low and gutteral—a growl?

Dean scooped up the remote, squinting until he found the mute button and punched it pointedly. And he heard it again, but this time it sounded even more faint, reminding him of the quiet sounds of a motor attached to a fan. Then, footsteps. Wet. Sloppy. Heavy steps trudging across the tiles of the bunker.

Dean stood, wrapping a hand around his gun still resting against the small of his back.

The sounds were closer. Closer. Closer. Then…


“What the hell, Cas?” Dean said, letting go of the cold metal in favor of a glare at the puddles forming at the base of Cas’s shoes. In fact, Cas was completely drenched with the runoff from the blizzard outside, leaving him looking like the soggy end of a mop.

Dean gestured to Cas’s wet form: “Dude, you’re making a mess, what, did you roll around in the snow?—” then, Dean paused, holding up a finger, “wait, shh.”

Cas scowled. “Dean, did you just shush yourself—”

Dean held up a hand with a stern face. “Shh!” he said again. And, there it was again. The quiet growling… no, purring?

Dean looked Cas up and down suspiciously, noticing for the first time that the angel’s hands were hidden behind his back as if he were hiding something there.

Dean raised his chin, suddenly looking down at the angel like a child, who was, incidentally, avoiding eye contact.

“Cas,” Dean said carefully. “Baby, what’s behind your back?”

Then, in the background, a mewl.

Dean’s eyes widened, his tone changing immediately.

“Cas, please tell me that is not a cat behind your back right now, or I swear to God…”

But Dean didn’t finish because, in a second, the angel was stomping, wet and furious towards his boyfriend, blue eyes cold and hard. And, at that moment, Dean could swear Cas’s vessel was taller than him because he didn’t usually see the angel look so intimidating—outside of the bedroom.

“What, Dean?” Cas said. His voice was calm and collected, but there was a chill in it that sent shivers down Dean’s spine. “You swear to God, you’ll what?”

Suddenly, Dean backed up against the couch with a thump. And, Cas looked smug.


“Dean,” Cas said confidently, acting as if his ass hadn’t just meowed. He took another step forward, as if he were about to kiss his boyfriend, but instead, brushed his nose along his jawline until he was whispering in Dean’s ear. “I’m going to pull my hands from behind my back and I want you to think very carefully about your next words. Do you understand?”

Dean closed his eyes briefly at the skin contact, swallowing, then nodded.

Then, as if he hadn’t just threatened Dean with the wrath of God, the angel’s face broke into a soft, curly smile as he pulled a wet, scrawny black cat from behind his back. The angel tickled under the cat’s chin, cooing with crinkly eyes, bumping his nose against the cat’s pink one.

Dean’s eyebrows raised as he eyed the black, patchy fur ball. The thing was starved, dirty and frankly, hideous. And yet, Cas looked as if he were adoring a new born baby and not a mangy cat.

In contrast to his gruff voice from only a moment ago, Cas spoke sweetly to the cat while directing his words to Dean:

“This is monkey,” he said. “I found her behind a dumpster.”

And Dean started to crack a smile as he watched his boyfriend who looked like an adorable wet mess himself, cuddle the scraggly cat until it purred in his arms.

“This is your new home,” Cas purred back.

This snapped Dean back to reality: “Cas,” Dean started to protest, but was cut off quickly when Cas’s head snapped back up to Dean, expression fierce in warning.

Damn Cas, Dean thought, how the hell can you manage to be both adorable and scary as hell?

“I’m talented like that,” Cas said smugly. Then, when Dean’s eyes widened comically, “Dean, you should really watch how you address me in your thoughts, some of them smack very close to prayers and I’m pretty good at tuning in to those.” He finished with a wicked smile that made Dean’s cheeks heat up.

Dean cleared his throat, then stared at the bundle of dirty dripping, fluffy masses in front of him with a sigh.

“Ok,” Dean finally consented. “Welcome to the bunker monkey.”

“Thanks,” Cas said, leaning forward and giving his boyfriend a wet kiss. When he pulled away, the cat started crawling up to Dean’s shoulders, purring heavily as he cuddled against the warm, dry heater he’d found, soaking Dean’s shirt.

Dean sighed again, but this time he was smiling at the way Cas’s face lit up at the situation.

“You’re welcome,” Dean said, pulling Cas in close to him. “I love you, you monkey.”

Cas smiled and kissed Dean again.

When they pulled away: “Just to be clear,” Dean said. “I meant you.”

Cas reached up and pet the cat again with a relaxed smile: “I know,” he said. “I love you, too.”

Serendipitous Sneezes

REQUEST: Since you and @wheresthekillswitch seem to be the causation of all the wonderful crack on my dash, would one of you take a crack request? Where the reader hunts with Sam and Dean and is allergic to things like cats, dogs…. and especially werewolves. - @kmb99t

Warnings: Slight language, sneezing, allergenic grossness, cat shenanigans

Word Count: 1,943

A/N: I hope I did this justice for you, babe! Much thanks to Lee and Han for giving me ideas and editing my tired brain errors on this!

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything that I write :)

As soon as we stepped foot into the motel room, my nose started to twitch. I felt a familiar itch start to grow around my eyes. Well shit.

“There have been cats here,” I hissed, slowly backing back off of the moldy green carpet and out of the doorframe.

Dean looked over the room and then back at me standing a good few feet into the parking lot, “It looks clean, Y/N. I’m allergic, and I’m not sneezing.”

“I can sense them,” I whispered, resisting the urge to furiously rub at my irritated corneas.

Dean rolled his eyes, “Don’t be ridiculous.” He came out into the lot and took my elbow in his hand, slowly leading me back inside the room, “You’ll be fine.”

Famous last words.

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A Punch to the Heart (Roman Reigns x Reader)


Word Count: 2,001 (oops?)

Warnings: Language (but like shit and crap so basically not a warning)

I opened the front door, full of excitement and full of energy. I decided to join the WWE Company because I spent 6 years in gymnastics and 3 years in the wrestling company back home. But I wanted to get out of that town and luckily WWE accepted me.

Stephanie McMahon greeted me warmly together with her husband Hunter. “Welcome to the WWE Melanie.” She smiled as she shook my hand. “Thank you.” She gave me a tour around the building and showed me where my locker room was and most importantly the catering area. “This is the men’s locker room. You won’t be coming in here.” She opened the door and didn’t realize that there were the Superstars present. My eyes landed in a tall, dark man; his long wet hair was put up in a bun, he was wearing a pair of grey sweat pants; revealing his V line that God knows where it ended and he had no shirt on, his rippling abs glistening from what it seemed like water. Enjoying myself so far. He sent a sweet smile. I felt my cheeks burning and I smiled back. I felt someone slightly shoving my shoulder as he got past me. “Sorry sweetheart.” He looked at me again. “Hello. I’m Dean Ambrose.” He winked at me and looked over his shoulder as the men in the locker room scoffed. “Back off Ambrose.” Stephanie said sourly. “Don’t mind him. So let’s move Melanie.”

“Oh Melanie. Nice name, I had a cat name Melanie. She died a few years ago. Now I got a plant…called him Mitch.. But hey…the job for a kitty is still open.” Dean bit his lower lip and winked back at me. I laughed at Dean’s compliment. “Thank you?” A two toned man walked towards us. “I’m Seth Rollins, I am the Architect of The Shield.” Dean scoffed at his friend’s introduction. I looked at the tall man behind him who was laughing too. “Nice move Dean. But you need to up your game.” As the two of them were busy trying to out do each other, a tall, pale man approached us. His red hair was gelled up and his red beard. “I’m Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior.” Stephanie’s phone began ringing. “I need to get this Mel. I’ll come back in a minute.” She left. Behind Sheamus was another two men staring at me. “I’m King Barrett but you can call me Wade Barrett.” The other man pushed Wade back and introduced himself. “I’m Alberto del Rio. Eres hermosa como una rosa en la naturaleza.” I cocked my eyebrow as I did not understand a thing he said. “Rusev is not here yet.”

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“Can’t you see you’re confusing the girl?” The tall man split through the men. He looked at me as I pursed my lips. “I’m Roman Reigns.” Holy shit. “Welcome to the men’s locker room.”

“Thanks.” Steph returned from her phone call. “Well, in like 10 minutes be at the arena because I need to talk to you all.”

“Bye Mel.” The men said in unison.

We walked to the women’s locker room. “Girls this is our new Diva, Melanie.” A tall pale woman approached me together with a blonde woman. “I’m Paige.” She introduced herself. “This is Natalya.” She pointed at the blonde woman. “Nice to meet you Melanie.”

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“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled and we began talking. “I’ll leave you girls alone.” As she walked out of the door, she popped her head from the door frame. “Girls meet me at the arena.” She left. “I’m Becky Lynch.” The red head shook my hand and grinned. I got out my phone and looked at it. “I have to go and settle in my locker room. It was nice meeting you girls.” Natalya’s eyes widened. “What room are you?”

She asked all curious. “Umm…B13.”

“That’s next to mine! I have a new neighbor!” She began jumping up and down. “Calm down Natty.” Becky giggled.

Natalya and I walked down to my locker room. As we were about to enter my locker room, a tall blonde man wrapped his arms around Natalya. “Oh Mel, this is my husband Tyson Kidd.” He shook my hand with one arm still wrapped around Natalya’s waist. “Hey Mel!” I heard someone calling my name from behind me. I turned around and saw Dean waving at me. “Hey Dean.” Seth was with him. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“Well you see me next to my locker room.” I turned around and I was taken aback when I saw Roman smiling. He was wearing a shirt this time. But he was still sexy as Hell. I pursed my lips as I looked down to hide my burning red cheeks. I swallowed (which I think everybody heard) and looked at Natalya who was too busy with her husband mouth. “Hey umm…Nat. sorry to interrupt but umm…we need to go.”

“Right Melanie.” Someone gripped tightly on my hand and pulled me away from Roman. It was Paige. “Now you boys better behave yourselves and you’d better not mess with my girl.” My cheeks turned even brighter.

As we arrived in the huge arena, we saw that everything was settled for the show that was going to take place that night. I sat down between Paige and Becky. Paige looked across the room. A tall blonde woman was holding the WWE Diva’s Championship belt around her waist while on her left she had an old man with white hair that was thrown back. He had a wide smile that reached both ears. “That’s Charlotte.” said Becky. She climbed up the stairs proudly as the Divas and the Superstars cocked their eyebrows and shook their heads. As she walked past our row, she stopped in her tracks and looked back. Shit. “You must be Melanie aka Bane.” She chuckled.

The arena went quiet and all eyes landed on me. “Listen up Melanie.” She spitted. “You won’t last long in this business and you will never win this.” She raised the belt in the air. I got up and faced her. “At least I didn’t bring my grandpa to support me.” The people in the arena giggled from under their breaths. “This is my father! Ric Flair!” I gave her a confused look. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” The man’s face turned red. Stephanie and Hunter got in the ring. “Okay everyone settle down.” I sat back down; I saw Dean nodding at me. “So tonight we have a special match; it’s a mixed tag team match. We groups of Superstars are going to choose a Diva to fight with them. The team are The Shield and The Wyatt Family since there had always been a feud between you two. And also That’s all. Run along.”

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“That was the whole news?” Paige whispered. She sighed and got up. “So Mel, what are you going to dress for the match?” She asked. “You’ll see.”

Paige, Natalya and Becky followed me to my locker room. I opened my bag and got out a badass gear. “Oh my God! I love it!” She moved in front of a huge mirror and began posing with the outfit in front of her.


I got dressed up and went to meet Nat who was next door but someone called my name. “You must be Melanie.” Two twin sisters said. “Hi I’m, Brie. This is my sister Nikki.” They greeted. “You’re waiting for Natalya? I saw her in the catering area.”

“Thank you.” I smiled and left. As I entered the catering area someone pulled me away from the door. “Goddamn!” I saw The Shield smiling. “Hey Mel.” said Seth grinning. “What was that for?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that but we want you to be the Diva to join our team.” My eyes widened. I immediately looked down and but my lower lip. This was Karma doing its job right. I didn’t give it much time to think about it. “Yeah…sure. But next time don’t pull me like you’re going to hustle me.” They chuckled and I went back in the catering area. Nat began waving from the other side of the room. “I saved a chair for you.”

“Thank you Nat.” As I was about to sit, a crew member said “The Shield, Wyatt’s and the two Divas chosen please come with us.” I sighed and got up. “Good luck Mel.” Nat hugged me and I left with the crew member. “Okay so Melanie you go out with The Shield. Charlotte you go out with the Wyatt’s.” Charlotte? I had to fight that bitch? Her father, Ric Flair threw a death stare at me. “Got something in your eyes Flair?” Sheamus came up from behind me, which made me jump. “Did I scare you?” He asked.

“Yes.” He smiled. “I’m here to tell you good luck against Charlotte. You can beat her.”

“Thanks Sheamus.” The Shield arrived made their pep talk and we walked down the ring. The crowd’s screams almost made me deaf. I saw posters all over the arena like Sheamus in a mayonnaise jar, ‘Yes’ signs, even a ‘Kiss me Roman’ poster. I pursed my lips to hold in the laughter as I saw the poster. We got in the ring and the lights went out. The crowd had their phones in their hand. The lights went back on. Two men were wearing a black and white sheep mask respectively. The other two members had their face uncovered. They circled the ring but where was Charlotte? She walked down the ring with her father by her side and the Championship Belt on her shoulder. The referee came and we took our places. Dean went out first against Luke Harper.

Charlotte’s stare was about to grip on my throat and shove me down the ring. Luke was thrown out of the ring and he hit the barricade, Erick went after Dean who were both thrown out of the ring. Bray looked scared so he got out the big guns…Braun Strowman. As Roman went for a punch, Braun grabbed Roman’s neck and choke slammed him. Seth got on the top rope and jumped on Braun. I looked down at Roman who reached for the bottom rope. He looked up at me “Are you ready?” As I reached my hand out, someone pulled me off the apron. The referee managed to put everything in order. I got in the ring and Charlotte threw her leg at my face but I caught it and twisted it. She let out a scream. I let go of her leg and slapped her. With a Suplex I put her in submission. She began tapping on the mat.  Her father pulled her out and placed the Heavyweight Championship over her shoulder again. The Shield’s theme song came on. “Good job.” Roman suddenly hugged me tightly making me weak to the knees. He gently released and giggled.

We went backstage. I heard scream. Paige and Natalya came screaming at me and hugged me. “You did it! Holy crap!” They released me from under their grip. “Well Melanie we shall leave you and your girlfriends here to fangirl. Good job Melanie!” Dean hugged me and they left. I watched them leave. A shirtless man walked past them. “Shield.” He said.

“Randy.” They kept walking away until they got out of sight. He walked towards me. “Hi, I’m Randy Orton.” He was covered in baby oil and he was hot. His blue eyes made me blush. I looked down at my shoes and smiled. “I’m Melanie.”

“I know who you are. I saw you fighting. You’re really good.” His tattooed arms crossed each other and he smirked. Nat and Paige cleared their throats. Randy was snapped back to reality. “I have to go Mel. Here’s my number.”

He wrote it on a piece of napkin and gave it to me. “Call me.” He winked and left. As he got out of my sight, Roman who was in the background, saw everything. Shit. “Mel, I think we should go.” Nat put her hand over my shoulder and we left. I felt bad for Roman. All night my mind was constantly running through the expression on his face. The corners of his lips fell and his eyes frowned. I closed my eyes but his Roman’s face kept flashing in front of me. His beautiful face, his cute smile and his muscles and cologne…don’t get me started. After what seemed like an hour, I managed to sleep.

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On the subject of new Pop lines

Hey, guys, Little Pop here.

We see your requests and suggestions for new Pop lines on social media, and we know the excitement that comes from wanting to see your favorite characters in Funko form. We get it cause we’re fans too!

The thing is, we can’t possibly do all your requests as lines or collections. Our R&D process is expensive for us and creating the prototypes you see online takes a lot of time and resources, sometimes that we don’t have as “we” is a one-person operation during whatever spare time there is between jobs and raising Kitty Dean (and he can be a handful).

We aren’t Funko. We don’t have the resources they do and all our figures are custom made, hand painted, and whatever additions or subtractions you see are all done by one pair of hands. We know it can be frustrating waiting for Funko to release your favorite character (look at how long it took the SPN Family to convince them to make an Impala Pop), but we can’t really fulfill all the requests as a custom Workshop.

This isn’t to say we wouldn’t make your favorite character from that show you really like as a custom request Pop. That is always an option. It just means that creating and developing large collections like our Bones, Castle and Timeless sets take a lot of time and resources that we might not have and we ask you to be patient with us.

Thank you!


Read Part 1 here!

“Hey, you’ve seen (Y/n)- I mean kitty?” Dean snickered and Sam did the same, looking up from his computer screen.

“Uuuh no, now that you’re talking about it. No idea.” Sam shrugged inoccently.

You growled - a littel adorably actually - wanting to scratch at Dean’s feet but only pawing at them.

“Oh (Y/n)! There you are! I didn’t see you! It is kinds hard, though, considering your size” he chuckled as he bent to pick you up.

You growled at him, showing him your teeth but it actually made him laugh even more. He took hold of your one leg as you were about to scratch at him - if you actually could - taking hold of th other one as well with his other hand.

“Hey I saw a video with a cat and she could extend her body so much that it got insanely long, can you?” he held you by your paws.

You wanted to snap at him but it only came out as a quiet adorable ‘Meow’

“Huh? What was that (Y/n)? I didn’t really get it. Sorry I don’t speak cat-ish” he snickered, earning though a bitch-face from Sam and a roll of eyes from him.

“Look at you. Ain’t you cute, huh?” he grinned cheekily, moving you back and forth.

You really wanted to speak and snap at him but it only once agian came out as a ‘Meow’

“You know I was gonna throw you in the air” his words made your eyes widen “But I really don’t wanna have to deal with Sam’s bitch-face for the rest of the day while he tries to get you from up there”

Both you and Castiel let a small sigh of relief.

“Dean I really think you should stop teasing her. This is not funny” Castiel defended you and for the first time you could not be more thankfull about him.

“Hey you’re saying that because you did not see your face when she fell asleep ON it. Literally it was so much like (Y/n)! Sprawled all over your face literally!” he could hardly keep his laughter.

“Really? How did I miss that?” Sam could not keep his laughter either.

“It happened this morning, when you were out for supply run. You should have so seen him!”

“I just did not want to wake her up. She was comfortable, and I had not noticed it either when I was watching a show. She was next to me, I hd just fed her and was petting her at that moment. She wanted to sleep next to my head but then moved more and more and yeah.” he shrugged with a small smile.

“R-really?!” Sam exclaimed, unable to keep his laughter “Please tell me you go that on a photo!”

“Hells yeah!” Dean exclaimed.

You only glared at him, although he couldn’t really see it, but as you pawed at his hand you finally magaed to scratch him a little bit wich of course caught his attetnion. Maybe not the way you really wanted to though, because as he exclaimed at the small pain his grip on you immediately loosened which resulted in your falling. You first tried to hold on his shirt but your nails would just not come out now and the end result?

You landed in a place that if you did not have a furr you would be certainly blushing fifty shades of red.

“Whoa easy (Y/n)! Moving a little fast aren’t we? I mean it is completely fine by me but maybe we could wait till you are fully human again?” you certainly wanted to wipe off that smug grin from his face but you were too embarassed to care about that at the moment.

You only opted to growl at him, in a quiet adorable way let’s not forget that made him laugh more, but you moved away from there as quickly as you could and up to the table and away from him.

Sam did laugh a little but he still sympathized with you “Come on, Dean. Stop teasing her. Come here (Y/n). Promise I won’t do anything”

You were reluctant but you did decide to do as he told you and slowly, with steady steps - still not sure on how you should walk on four, until you finally made your way to him.

“Here” he smiled warmly at you, taking you in his big arms that made you feel all the more small and vulnerable.

“It’s ok. You’ve had a big day, maybe you could use some sleep” he sais softly, his chest lulling you even more to sleep as he held you against it. The warmth by both his hands and chest made it even more hard to resist sleep. His heartbeat only adding to it.

“Just sleep. We’ll take care of you” his low voice made it impossible for you to keep your eyes open and so you didn’t.

A sly grin spread on both their faces as they locked eyes. This was going to be a long week.



Can you please write a one shot where the reader gets turned into a fierce animal, such as a tiger, while hunting a witch and the winchesters have to deal with the reader in the bunker, constantly knocking things over and lying on their laps, even though the reader is quite big as a animal?


“Damnit where is this bitch?” Dean grunted as he searched around for the witch.

The boys and I were on a case that took us at least a week to finally figure out who and what we were hunting.

We could hear laughter from afar, and before I knew, I was being dragged out of the abandoned house and into the woods.

“Get off me you bitch!” I yelped, trying to pry myself out from her grip. Her nails dug into my back as we came to a halt.

Her eyes were pierced onto my face and chuckled to herself.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get what’s coming to you.” The witch spoke words that sounded as a spell. Her hands still holding me down.

I squirmed around, hoping I’d get free.

“Get off her you fugly wicked witch of the west.” Dean growled. Sam followed close behind.

“Oh it’s too late.” She whispered a word under her breath, and in a blink of an eye, I could feel myself change.

‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself. I stared intently at the boys, as they looked back, eyes wide.

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words were visible, only a loud roar. I looked down and saw orange fur. ‘What the hell was going on?’

I walked toward the boys.
“Hey woah y/n. Calm down it’s ok. We’ll find the witch and get you back to your normal self.” Sam muttered. “L-let’s just go home and figure out where she’s at.”

“How the hell are we going to take her home Sammy? Have you seen her? She’s freaking huge!” Dean croaked. “And don’t get me started on her ruining the backseat.”

I growled at dean and nudged him with my head. He grunted and scooted away nervously.

“I don’t think she liked that very much.” Sam chuckled.

“Yea whatever. Let’s just go. But I swear, you tear one little scratch in baby, I will kick your tiger ass, got it y/n?” Deans voice was harsh but also light as he patted my head.

The boys and I made it to the car. Dean slid in and Sam opened the door to the backseat. I looked at the seat then back at him, tilting my head to the side.

“Come on y/n. We’ll be back home in no time.” Sam whispered. He opened his door and placed his gun on the dashboard. In that moment, I jumped inside and plopped down next to Dean.

“What the hell y/n.” He groaned. “No no no this isn’t happening. Get your ass in the back.” I laid my head on to his lap, and purred. My eyes locked with his. I saw him begin to soften and flash a gentle smirk.

“Ok fine. But don’t move. You’re so big, I can barely move my arms.”

Sam chuckled and slid in beside me. His body squished in between both myself and the door. “This is going to be a fun ride.” He exhaled.


We arrived to the bunker, and the boys were ecstatic to jump out of the car and stretch their arms and legs.

I walked into the bunker and walked straight to my room. The room seemed smaller and everything felt so close together. Where ever I walked, I knocked something over.

I growled into the air, becoming frustrated of the situation. The boys ran to my side. Their breathing became heavy.
“What’s wrong?” Sam panted.

Dean scanned the room, and belted out a laugh. “Is the box too small for the kitty?”

'Go fuck yourself dean. I swear when I go back to my normal self, I’m going to kick your ass.’ I thought to myself.

I pushed passed the older winchester, making him fall to the ground.
“Damnit y/n. I’m sorry!” He grunted.

Sam couldn’t help but chuckle and help his brother up. “Come on, let’s go figure out where this witch went so we can change y/n back.”

They walked over to the library, where I laid on the floor, tired from the hunt. Sam began escaping into the laptop while his brother did what he always does best; eat.

The food smelt incredible and it was driving me crazy. I walked over to dean and roared, hoping he would realize just what I wanted.

“What?” He moaned, mouth full with food.

I stared intently at the empty plate. Groaning as my stomach began to flutter.

“I don’t speak tiger!” Dean grunted.

“I think she’s hungry.” Sam pursed his lips. “But what are we supposed to feed her?”

“I don’t know, It’s been a while since I’ve owned a tiger.” Dean muttered sarcastically.

The younger winchester huffed and made his way to the kitchen. Leaving Dean and I alone.

I laid my head in his laps, as he gently groomed my fur. And honestly, it was the most relaxing sensation I have ever felt. No wonder animals loved being petted.

“You know, for a giant cat, you’re still the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.” He whispered.

If I could, I would start blushing. My heart rate increased and I felt incredibly flustered.

“Maybe she can eat this?” Sam stammered. He had a plate of steak in his hands, the smell made my stomach growl.

As he placed it in front of me, I inhaled the food, no time to savor the taste.

I could feel their eyes glued to me as I continued to gobble down every piece.

“Damn she can eat.” Dean chuckled.

“Yeah.” Sam was disgusted from the sight, and returned to his research.

As the night went on, Dean and I played around, chasing after each other, and tackling one another. It wasn’t forceful, nothing to the point where someone got hurt. But enough to where one of us got knocked down.

“Dean, stop playing with y/n, I think I found the witch.” The winchesters pulled their coats over their shoulders and made their way to the impala. I followed close behind.


The night was cold and dreary, something I hated especially on hunts. We climbed out of the car and ran inside the warehouse.

“Are you sure she’s even here?” Dean hissed.

As he asked the question, the witch ran across the hall disappearing from our sight. “Yeah I’m sure.”

We searched around for the witch, dean looked in the basement, as Sam searched outside. I looked around, wanting to clench my teeth into her neck.

Her laughter became clear, and I followed the noise to her destination. Her eyes locked with mine, and she smiled.

“Look who it is.” She yelped. She through a dagger toward me, but I dodged it as I jumped on top of her, holding her down with my claws. I roared as loud as I could, hoping the boys could hear me.

The witch tried to wiggle her way out, but it was no use. She paused for a moment, then began to spew out another spell.

“Y/n!” Dean yelled as he and Sam reached my side.

The witch hurried her spell and I could feel myself begin to change.

My strength became weaker and I was back into my human nature. My body was exposed from returning to myself, and I felt embarrassed as the boys stared at me. I rolled over, and pulled my legs up to my chest.

“She’s getting away!” I yelped. The boys snapped back to reality.

“I got the bitch.” Dean grunted.

Sam nodded and threw his jacket over my body. “Keep warm. Well be back.”

I smiled and watched him escape the room.


The boys returned, hair a mess and their clothes filthy.

“What happened to you guys?” You laughed.

They shared a long disapproving look. “Don’t want to talk about it.” Sam stammered.

Dean pulled me up, his eyes scanning my body. “I’m going to miss you being a giant fur ball.” His eyes softened.

“Shut up.” I huffed, feeling my blood rush up to my cheeks. “I’m glad to be back in my own body.”

He looked down at my legs. “Me too.” He whispered.

“What?” I asked.

“Uh nothing. We should get going.” He cleared his throat.

Sam shrugged his shoulders and lead the way to baby.

“That witch was crazy.” Dean exhaled.

“Yeah. And strong.” The younger winchester stretched his arm. “But at least she’s gone now.”

“Thank god.” I muttered. “Now let’s go home so I can take a long shower.” I chuckled.

The boys nodded and we skid off the dirt road, driving back home for the night.

My eyes met Deans from time to time, and honestly it drove me crazy. Every time he looked at me, my breath hitched to the back of my throat.

What was this man doing to me? I bit my lower lip, and snuggled up into Sams jacket, making sure my body wasn’t visible.

'Why am I so in love with you?” I thought to myself, lingering my eyes on to the back of Deans head.

“Hey y/n, you can say you had the eye of the tiger!” Dean croaked, teasing me.

“Shut up!” I cackled, rolling my eyes and pretending to be angry.

I could see Dean mumble something under his breath, and returned his gaze back to the road. Here’s to a long week of smart remarks and bad jokes of my day of being a tiger.

SPN 11x04: Let’s go home!

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to write something about 11x04. I always try to write meta a couple of hours after an episode has aired or at least the following night. However, this episode was so perfect that I didn’t even know where to start. In the end, I’ve decided to focus on Dean’s and Sam’s definition of home and how this is giving us the endgame for Team Free Will.

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This scene showed in a very clear way that even though Dean loves Baby, the Impala doesn’t represent home for him anymore. Home equals the Bunker for Dean, but not for Sam. However, that’s NOT something new. Robbie Thompson told us the same thing two years ago. Or have you forgotten the conversation that took place in 9x04?

CHARLIE: [about Sam’s bed in the Bunker] Man, this bed is about as comfortable as a brick. Any plans on moving in anytime soon?

SAM: I am moved in. This is just my style.

DEAN: Yeah, this is his, uh, style.

SAM: Well, I’m sorry I haven’t hung up the, uh, “Hang in there, kitty” poster yet, Dean. Feel free to redecorate.

DEAN: So, what, our home’s not good enough for the “Hang in there, kitty” poster?

SAM: This isn’t our home. This is where we work.

Later in that same episode we got this:

DEAN: Why haven’t you moved in?

SAM: Is now really the time for this, Dean?

DEAN: Well, just asking.

SAM: Look, I never had what you had with mom and dad, okay?

DEAN: What are you talking about?

SAM: I don’t have any memories of home. And whenever I’ve tried to make a home of my own, it really hasn’t ended well.

DEAN: Yeah, but a lifetime of abandoned buildings and crappy motel rooms. I mean, this is about as close to home as we’re gonna get, and it’s ours.

In that episode, it was very clear that “home” for Sam meant his own family, “a home of [his] own.” Whenever he thought about a permanent place, he was thinking about the apple-pie life, a wife and probably kids. He was NOT thinking about his brother, and of course, he wasn’t thinking about his parents either. Whenever Sam thinks about his home with Dean, what comes to his mind is the Impala. That’s where he’s spent most of his life with his beloved brother. On the road. That was always theirs, not the crappy motel rooms, but the car that has always meant so much to Dean. Why doesn’t Sam want to call the Bunker home? It’s simply because when Sam Winchester calls a place home, he’ll be talking about the house where he will have the ‘something more’, the ‘normal life’ he has always wanted.

Dean, on the other hand, has loved the Bunker since the very beginning. Dean “I’m-Nesting-Now” Winchester labeled the Bunker ‘home’ since 8x14 (written by Andrew Dabb), when he personalized his bedroom and discovered they had a kitchen. The Impala is his Baby and will always be, but it’s not his home anymore. Home means his own bedroom. Home means his memory foam mattress. Home means having his own kitchen. Nevertheless, home also means not being alone! Home to Dean means family. Why do I say this? Because in 10x22 (another episode written by Mr. Dabb), Dean told the Stynes this: “You took someone from me. Now I’m gonna take everything from you. Your home… Your family.” If we believe Dean equals home to family, it’s easy to understand why, back in season 9, it upset him so much to know that Sam didn’t consider the Bunker home. That was something Robbie tried to tell us a long time ago. Dean wants to be in the Bunker, but he doesn’t want to be alone. The problem is that Sam doesn’t want to be there because the place doesn’t mean home to him.

In 11x04, Robbie tried to tell us that the relationship between the brothers is definitely going to be better. They’re going to be more honest with each other, and they’re finally going to have a brother/brother relationship, not a parent/child one. But Robbie also told us something very important. There’s one thing that hasn’t changed and will probably never change: The Bunker is NOT home for Sam. In fact, Robbie was very obvious about Sam’s endgame in this episode: Sam is going to start looking for his “something more”, his “normal life.” That’s why we saw him flirting or saying he tried to give his phone number to the girl he hooked up with.

What about Dean? Sam himself told us Dean’s endgame. Dean won’t be alone. He will have someone, not marriage or whatever, but he will have something with a hunter, someone who understands the life. Sam was not talking about a friend or a hunting partner; Sam was talking about some kind of romance. Dean will have someone who will help him hunt, but not only that, he will have someone who will be able to call the Bunker home, too.

WHO CAN THAT SOMEONE BE? Robbie Thompson, Andrew Dabb, and Robert Berens have been giving us the answer little by little. (That’s probably why they’re my three favorite writers even though other writers have contributed a bit, too. It’s pretty obvious the whole thing is part of the narrative because too many coincidences are impossible.)

1. In 9x06 (written by Berens), human!Cas said this:

I wanted to be thorough with inventory, so I worked late last week, and taking a nap here was easier than going back home to my bed. Which I-I have, of course – a bed… and a home.

That was the first episode where we saw Cas after Dean kicked him out of the Bunker. It was the episode where Castiel was supposed to be a jilted lover (as requested by Jeremy Carver, the showrunner). I’ll mention some synonyms of “jilted” for those whose native language is not English: rejected, ditched, abandoned. Cas felt abandoned because Dean asked him to leave the Bunker. Poor Cas didn’t have a bed… or a home.

2. In 10x18 (written by Robbie), Metatron told Cas this:

Listen to you. Still spitting out the company line like anyone cares. Like we’re actually a family?

That was right before Metatron started demanding answers from Cas about who he was because he wasn’t an angel anymore. Metatron even mocked the idea of Cas going back to Heaven and asked him what his mission was. But we already knew that Castiel’s mission was Dean. Cas himself told Hannah in 10x03 “this mission is everything” and mentioned “getting to Dean” as his priority. Later in the season, it was pretty much obvious that “saving Dean” was Castiel’s mission because Cas told Dean in 10x22 (written by Dabb): “If there’s even a small chance that we can save you, I won’t let you walk out of this room.” But Metatron didn’t know about Castiel’s “mission”, or most likely he did, but he was teasing Cas as usual. The point Metatron got right is that Heaven and the angels are NOT Castiel’s family anymore. In case that wasn’t clear enough in season 10, Andrew Dabb emphasized it one more time in 11x02, when the angels who were torturing Cas said he’s not their brother because he always chooses the Winchesters. If we are to understand that family and home are very closely related, then we have to agree that Castiel’s home is not Heaven anymore. Who is Castiel’s family? 10x18 showed us that his family was at the Bunker. His family was Dean, Sam, and Charlie. Unfortunately, Charlie is not alive anymore, and one day Sam will have a family of his own. What will happen to Cas, then? He won’t be able to go back to Heaven because everybody hates him for choosing the Winchesters. He will have to stay home. And what’s the place Cas calls home? The Bunker. Why do I firmly say that Cas calls the Bunker home? Because…

3. In 10x22 (as I already said, written by Dabb), when Sam asked Cas where Dean was going after killing all the Stynes, Castiel’s answer was: “Home. Dean’s coming home.”

Where was Dean actually going? He was going to the Bunker. Why didn’t Cas say “he’s going to the Bunker”? The answer is simple: Cas said “home” because he knows that’s what the Bunker means to Dean, and that’s probably why that’s what the Bunker means to him, too. Dean has been Cas’ role model for a very long time. If the Bunker is Dean’s home, then it can easily be Cas’ home as well.

In conclusion, my three favorite writers Robbie, Dabb, and Berens are spelling out the endgame for Sam, Dean, and Cas so clearly that I still don’t understand how some people can miss it! Everything I’ve said in this post is not exactly new because I’ve been talking about the endgame for Team Free Will for a while now. However, there’s one thing that is new and fills me with hope. The fact that Dean and Cas are endgame doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be romantically involved; they can just hunt together, “no homo”. HOWEVER, (and this is what gives me hope) Sam Winchester himself, in addition to Dean’s confession in season 10, is telling us that Dean’s endgame will include romantic love. So, make of that what you will.

Update 166: ‘F*CK IT!’ Spoilers ahead!

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