Hyung line and Maknae line of my Hybrid Au

  • Park Jimin - Samoyed (dog breed)
  • Jeon Jungkook - Dutch rabbit
  • Kim Tahyung - Labrador Retriever
  • Min Yoongi - Mixed Cat
  • Jung Hoseok - Red Panda
  • Kim Seokjin - Fox
  • Kim Namjoon - Wolf

I used the YNWA era for this but i’ll probably change it bc they change their haircut and colors every day OFC THATS A SKETCH THATS WHY ITS MESSY

anonymous asked:

A teammate helps Steve groom himself while his arms/hands are injured.

This is Steve’s third attempt at getting help brushing his teeth.

Clint had told him to open his mouth and then poured toothpaste and a bunch of water in. While Steve’d choked, he’d told him to gargle it. Steve had spat and left, ignoring Clint’s shout after him of, “It’s just like brushing!”

Tony, unsurprisingly, had called over DUM-E. Not that Steve didn’t appreciate the little droid’s help – it was kind of cute, after all, waving around a Little Mermaid toothbrush and squealing in a distinctly excited-to-be-helpful way – but after it had jabbed him in the back of the throat twice and he’d had to fight back vomiting, it had been time to find someone else.

So here he is in Bruce’s patchouli-scented apartment, letting the man talk to him about Tony’s latest attempt to split him from The Hulk – something about trapping The Other Guy in a mirror – while he gently scrubs Steve’s teeth with a toothbrush he’d unpackaged specially for Steve.

“How long did Dr. Cho say your hands would be out?” he asks, helping Steve wipe his face after he’s spat.

“Just overnight,” Steve says. “She says I need at least eight hours of sleep, but I can’t fall asleep without clean teeth.”

“Routine.” Bruce nods. If anyone gets it, it’s him. “Do you need help with anything else?”

Steve shakes his head and jerks his head, trying to gesture at himself. “Clint helped me change and JARVIS will help me with the lights,” he says. “Thanks, Bruce.”