Comatose-Chapter 15

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Logan Stares at you stunned. “Wha?” he mutters.

“Well, look at you. The almighty Wolverine at a loss for words?” you tease, trying to defuse the tension.

He grips you by the back of the neck, resting his forehead against yours. “Do you mean it?” he asks.

“Yeah, I do. I love you, Logan.” The answering smirk you receive has you rolling your eyes. “Alright, wolfy, let’s get going. Tony is going to be pissed we skipped out.”

Logan chuckles darkly as he pulls open the door, checking to make sure the coast is clear. It isn’t. “Barnes,” you hear him mutter.

Freezing at the name, you begin to panic. How long was he out there? How much had he heard?

“You two done?” comes the steel hard voice of Bucky.

Regret makes a momentary appearance when the pain reflected in his eyes claws at your insides. Fuck.

“Tony received intel and needs everyone in the meeting room in twenty.” His voice is emotionless. Winter Soldier mode saving him from further hurt.

“Bucky,” you whisper. His eyes seem to look into your soul.

“I don’t need explanations, (Y/N),” is his reply, his face hardening more. “You aren’t…mine,” he spits out.

Logan draws himself to his full height. “Listen bub, this ain’t none of your business, so fuck off before we go another round,” he grits out.

Placing a gentle hand on Logan’s forearm you address Bucky. “I’m sorry this is hurting you, James,” you say as gently as you can, his face softening slightly at the use of his first name. “But I told you what you and I had is over.”

He snorts out a laugh. “Ya might want to tell your body, baby girl. The way you responded ta me out there told a whole other story.” He smirks at you.

Logan snarls at the chocolate haired man. Taking a step forward, you stop the inevitable fight before it can begin.

“I’m trying here, Barnes, but I swear to all that is holy if you speak to me like that again I will stop playing nice!” Prodding him in the chest you continue. “This is on you. Us not being together is on you! Accept it! I am not going to melt into your arms because you said sorry! I am not going to come running back because you feel bad!” Tears make an unwanted appearance in your eyes. “I am with Logan!” You enunciate every word, trying to get it to sink into his thick skull. “You and I will never be together again. It is over!” you say as you push past him. “And another thing, keep your red headed bitch on a leash!” you spit, eyes turning red with anger. “I am done playing these stupid ass games with the both of you.” Turning on your heel, you stride away from both men, trying unsuccessfully to keep a lid on your flaring anger.

Muttering profanities under your breath, you ignore the wolf whistles filtering to you from various Avengers and X-men. You had, undoubtedly, been louder than you thought, and it had you groaning, stalking toward your bedroom, fists clenched at your sides.

“Sestra,” comes Wanda accented voice.

You stop and let out a sob, running to the red witch, and flinging your arms around her.

“I missed you, sestra,” she murmurs as she rocks you back and forth, not saying anything else as you break down in the middle of a hallway.

“They are men,” Wanda comments. “Men are often foolish and stupid.”

After you had finished crying, you had moved into your room. Wanda was currently sitting on the sink while you took a shower.

“They are going to have pissing contests until you leave,” she chuckles dryly. “That Logan though.. His mind is dark.”

You snort. “He’s been through a lot, but he’s still a good man.”

She smiles softly. “I did not say he was bad. I meant that he has so much pain in his past, it causes me pain to be near him.”

You nod in understanding as you reach for a towel. “I know, it’s a lot to take in when you are unaccustomed to it. Eventually it becomes background noise.” She regards you skeptically. You laugh out loud. “I promise, it was way worse a couple of years ago. He’s changed so much.”

She smiles widely at you. “You are in love with him,” she states matter of factly.

“Yes, yes I am,” you reply seriously before you and Wanda burst into a fit of giggles.

Ten minutes later, you are strolling toward the conference room, chatting animatedly with Wanda. Rounding the corner, you spot a sullen looking Bucky, and an absolutely murderous looking Logan. You snort out loud causing both men to regard you sheepishly. Moving toward Logan, you take a seat beside him, squeezing his hand, letting him know all is forgiven. The corners of his mouth lifts minutely, shoulders relaxing. You chance a look at Bucky who is scowling at the conference room table, and sigh. You knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

Tony claps his hands together, “Alright ladies and gents. We received intel about an hour ago. We have located the base where the op to take, (Y/N) and tin can is being run from.”

Logan chuckles briefly at Tony’s jab at Bucky. You nudge him hard in the ribs. “Don’t be a child!” you whisper angrily. He has the good grace to look slightly guilty.

“The base is heavily guarded. At least a hundred agents protect it, along with anti-aircraft weaponry and various other booby traps.” Tony gestures at Steve, who stands from his chair.

“The X-men will go in first. Storm will create cover, while (Y/N) disables the booby traps and weaponry.” You nod in understanding. “Logan, Colossus, myself and Bucky will engage in the front, while Tony, Sam and Vision take the sky.” He pauses to look each person in the eye. “Kitty will take Clint, Natasha, and Wanda through the back to disable whomever is inside and destroy the op specs.”

Dread fills you at the mention of Natasha. You don’t trust her to do this. You swallow down the panic in your throat, turning your attention back to Steve.

“Everybody understand?” he asks, receiving affirmative responses around the room. “Good. Everybody get some shut eye. We leave in twelve hours.” He dismisses you with a wave of his hand.

Logan pulls you from your seat, ushering you down the hallway to your bedroom, receiving a harsh glare from Bucky as he holds your hand possessively. You did not have a good feeling about this.

Tags: Here we are, last chapter of fluff before the shite hits the fan!

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alvaseneca answered your question: Thinking about writing a few drabbles. Any prompts…

IronPanhter eventually? Sleep-depriven Tony is petting T'Challa and waiting for the purring sound. Because hello! He is like a panther. So he should purr. And everyone else is like: Tony stop it, don’t pet the wakandan King. And T'Chala is amused?

[Edit: A/N: I just realized I forgot to add the purring bit to this. I hope the story is still enjoyable though.]

Tony stumbled into the debriefing room with gray bags under his eyes and a steaming mug of coffee in his hand. He took one look at the Avengers circled around the table and pivoted toward the exit.

Tony was almost out the door when Natasha walked through it, grabbed him by the elbow, and steered him toward the table. “Not today, Stark.”

Tony grumbled and ran his hand through his mussed hair. “This is a nightmare. A boring, boring nightmare.” He yawned and covered his mouth as Natasha placed him in front of his seat.

Tony blinked. There was a newcomer to the table. A cute and familiar newcomer that his sleep addled mind refused to name.

Tony stared at the cutie, whose reaction was to give a subtle yet knowing smile.

The image of a man in a black panther costume came to mind. “Kitty,” Tony mumbled.

“Tony.” Steve kept his voice firm; although, he was looking a little exasperated. “Please, take a seat. We’ve discovered that—”

Tony patted Kitty on the head. “Nice, kitty.”

Clint choked on his coffee.

Rhodey hid his snickers behind his palm.

Sam gave Steve a knowing and defiant glance that Tony interpreted as: “See. I’m not the only one.”  

Kitty gave Tony a curious look. “You are really exhausted, my friend.”

“So soft.” Tony stroked Kitty’s hair.

“Tony, please stop petting the king of Wakanda,” Steve asked.

“Mufasa,” Tony mumbled and took his seat next to T’Challa. Right, T’Challa. Cutie king with access to all kinds of tech and a genius too. Tony certainly wouldn’t mind being his boyfriend.

“We can talk about dating later.” T’Challa smiled.

Tony blinked. “Did I say that aloud?”

Clint face palmed. “Dude, if you only knew how much you just said that you probably thought you were only thinking to yourself.”

Tony sipped his coffee and eyed T’Challa. “Did I mention you have a great ass?”

Buttercup’s Bad Day

[[ For those who have been following me for a while, you may remember Buttercup, the Murder Queen! I decided long ago I wanted to write a story featuring her various adventures. Today I decided to write one based on a line from the first story, in which Buttercup defends Tony from a kidnapping attempt. This is mostly lighthearted silliness, so I hope you enjoy! Link to the original fic ]]

“You know, I’ve been thinking.” Clint declares early one morning, watching with barely concealed amusement as Buttercup quite obviously herds a barely awake Tony around hazardous furniture.
“I thought I smelled burning,” Natasha offers with a smirk and Clint flips her off.
“No, seriously. I think Buttercup thinks Tony is her kitten.” Natasha’s eyes narrow consideringly, and then twitch as she fights off a smile. Tony is oblivious to their discussion, staring hopefully at the coffee machine while Buttercup sits patiently on his socked feet. Marigold struts into the room a moment later and leaps gracefully into Clint’s lap where she begins to loudly meow for her breakfast. Clint fends the persistent cat away from his toast with one hand, scowling at Natasha who makes no secret of her laughter.
“Cut it out, beast!” He squawks, and then gives up entirely when Marigold succeeds in getting her sharp little teeth around the edge of his toast. With her prize claimed, Marigold promptly abandons Clint’s lap and disappears underneath the table, leaving her human to sulk.

[[ beware the cut, mobile users! ]]

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Pink (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Request: How about a fluffy drabble with Steve where the reader keeps painting his shield pink and puts Hello Kitty stickers on it just for the heck of it? :))

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 831

Warnings: Slight swearing.

A/N: Okay this request made me laugh, so I hope you like it, Anon! I drifted away from the prompt just a bit, so I hope you still like it! Requests for everything are still open!

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

It was a normal day at the Avengers facility in upstate New York. And when you say normal, you mean a completely out of control prank war. This prank war started out harmless, really, only with making Clint’s room into a huge nest. But now, things were personal. Someone, and by someone you mean Steve, your boyfriend, had painted your fighting batons bright pink. You didn’t really mind pink, but seeing as you were a stealth assassin, you couldn’t have bright pink batons strapped to your back during a mission. To put it in simpler terms, you were pissed at Steve for doing this to you. Time for a little revenge, you thought to yourself, grinning wickedly as you sneaked off towards the weapons shed. 

Sneaking in, you glanced around the shed looking for your victim. Bingo, you thought, seeing Steve’s glistening shield proudly mounted on the wall. Oh look, you thought, he just polished it too, seeing the polish on the ground. Grabbing it from the wall, you try to hide it behind your back as you move through the hallways, trying not to get caught.

“Oh, what do we have here?” Tony’s voice rings out, causing you to stop dead in your tracks. Turning around, you see Tony smirking at you, hands crossed over his chest. “You wouldn’t be planning to do something to Steve’s shield, would you?”

“Why, I have no idea what you are suggesting, Anthony,” You say with a smirk, watching his smirk fall at the use of his full name. Taking your chance to leave, you start backing away slowly. “You didn’t see anything.”

“Not a single thing,” Tony replies, smirking at you, before turning to walk in the opposite direction.

“(Y/N)!!!!” You hear Steve yell in frustration, causing you to grin wickedly. The rest of the team’s eyes dart towards you, wondering what you did. They soon got their answer when Steve stormed into the living room, holding his bright pink shield with Hello Kitty stickers plastered all over it. Fuming, he stares you down. 

Unfazed, you reply, “What ever is wrong, darling?” 

“You know damn well what is wrong, (Y/N), my shield is pink. Pink!” He shouts, gesturing to his shield.

“Don’t forget the Hello Kitty stickers, Steve,” Clint remarks, earning a glare from Steve.

“Fix it. Now.” Steve demands, thrusting his shield into your arms.

“Um, no,” You start, standing up. “Fix my batons first! It was you who started this whole thing!” You yell back, as your teammates watch you both. 

Confused, Steve just says, “What are you talking about?”

Huffing, you stomp away to retrieve your batons. Showing him, he just shakes his head. “I didn’t do that. I wouldn’t touch your batons, I know that you would kill me if I did.”

“Well, then who did?” You ask, starting to glare down your teammates. They all just stood there, looking between each other, waiting for someone to step out and admit their wrongdoings. 

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Bucky asks, strolling into the living room. 

“(Y/N) painted my shield pink because she thought that I painted her batons pink, when I didn’t. But we don’t know who did-” Steve stops, eyes drifting towards the pink paint that is on Bucky’s hands. “It.” 

All eyes flash towards Bucky, who just stands there sheepishly. Eyes glaring at Bucky, you mutter out “You. Are. So. Dead. Barnes!” right before he bolts in the other direction. Before you start your chase after him, you turn towards your boyfriend, who is looking at his shield dejectedly.

“I just polished it too…” He mumbles out, making you frown a bit. Walking over to your boyfriend, you tilt his chin up towards you, since he was sitting down.

“Steve, darling, I’m so sorry. I thought it was you who did this to my batons because you are the only person who knows the code to get into them, or so I thought, so I assumed it was you. I’m sorry.” You mumble, staring into his eyes. He sighs, and nods his head, accepting your apology.

“I understand. I forgive you,” He says with a smile, causing you to light up at his words. Ecstatic, you press your lips onto his, smiling into the kiss. Pulling away, you rest your forehead on his. “C’mon, lets go hunt down my best friend, then we can go clean up my shield.”

“I love you so much,” You say, smiling at him. 

“Love you too, doll,” He replies, while standing up and taking your hand. You both walk out of the room, holding hands whilst looking for Bucky.

“Amazing…Truly amazing,” Tony mutters, shaking his head while watching the two of you walk off together.

“What?” Nat asks, quirking up an eyebrow.

“Barnes didn’t paint her batons. I did. I just framed him. Never thought that she would’ve believed it, considering she is a trained-assassin,” He replies, still shaking his head.

“Stark, you are so stupid.” Clint breathes out, rolling his eyes.
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Good fences make good neighbors. Good friends become great lovers when Steve’s daughter plays Cupid.

Tumblr prompt: Person A is a single parent whose life is very busy with their full-time job and their child(ren). Person B is someone they’ve known for a long time and they are very close and Person B is good at helping out with Person A’s child. One day, Person A’s child announces to Person A that Person A is in love with Person B. (Bonus: Person B is currently in another relationship. Possibly with Person C.)

@trappingsofzed Hope you enjoy it, kiddo.

Another young Natasha headcanon

(Set in Nat’s early days at SHIELD.  I think she’s in her mid-teens here.)

Clint: Hey, Nat, one of the analysts’ cats had kittens.  You want one?

Natasha’s internal monologue: Oh crap oh crap what do I do?  Is this a test?  Nobody told me if pets are allowed or not.  What if it’s against the rules?  What’ll happen if it is and I say yes?  But Clint did ask me.  Is this an offer or an “offer”?  If I say no, will this mean I’m Not Being A Good Team Player?  Why would they want me to have a cat anyway?  Something to tie me to SHIELD?  A hostage for my good behavior?  What am I supposed to do?

Natasha: *suspicious glare*

Clint, to Coulson: What did I say?

Fury: Okay, let me sort this out.

Fury, to Natasha: Listen.  SHIELD does not play whatever convoluted head games you’re thinking of with our own employees.

Natasha: *dubious* Yes, sir.

Fury: We don’t.  It’s a waste of time and it’s bad for morale.  This is not a test, Tasha.  Now do you want the goddamn baby cat or do you not?

Natasha: I would like a goddamn baby cat, sir.

Imagine the Avengers reaction to there new neko member, you

Originally posted by littlewitchk

Fury: “this is the new member of the Avengers 

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Steve: “what? … oh! … NO hahahahaha!

Originally posted by duckbuttt

Tony: “seriously?”

Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

Bruce: “a cat?”

Originally posted by dinahslaurelance

Natasha: “what’s wrong with you guys! I like cats”

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Clint: “Hi kitty”

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Thor: “This midgardian creature! I like it

Originally posted by 7-passion

Originally posted by jupiter2

You: “looks like I have some new scratching posts”

dada and poppy

It’s a little known fact that Steve’s godmother is actually a Faerie Queen.

Okay, so actually, the only person alive who knows this is Bucky Barnes.  But that was because on the day Bucky and Steve decided to move in together, though considering the time period, it was, on the surface, just two bachelors trying to save money and pool their resources.

Of course, that didn’t keep Bucky from imagining that Steve was actually going to be his husband.  And maybe, just maybe, he’d pretended it was an actual proposal when he gave Steve his Ma’s ring.

To pawn, he said. Just in case. 

Although he knew Steve would always keep it safe. 

So Steve takes him to see his godmother, to this place in Central Park that nobody really went to, to a Certain Tree that seemed to grow greener and taller than the rest. 

The Queen had smiled down at Bucky and somehow, he was dead sure that she understood everything

And she approved. 

Seventy years later and after a great many adventures, both grand and terrible, Steve would let Bucky know that he still had his Ma’s ring.

Also, Steve had a great many things to say about secret proposals, because honestly, how was a fella supposed to say yes, I’ll marry you, James Buchanan Barnes if the question wasn’t asked in the first place. 

It was an enjoyable argument.  Bucky rather liked how it ended, which eventually led them to breaking Steve’s bed.  Also, the round of applause that Nat gave them the next day was rather gratifying too. 

So Steve and Bucky were rather enjoying wedded bliss, in between mad scientists, supervillains, the occasional alien invasion, HYDRA and all the assorted shenanigans that came with being an Avenger. 

That was until one day, a Faerie Queen showed up at Avengers Tower with a tiny, blonde, blue-eyed baby in her arms. 

Thor was the first one she met and the Prince of Asgard did his mother proud with the gracious welcome he offered the Queen.  The Queen was very pleased when Thor gave the child his own blessings.  So Thor would always have the friendship of this Queen and her Court, which was, on the whole, a good thing. 

The child was a foundling.  The child, just like Steve, was the Queen’s godchild. 

The child needed parents. Really, as much as the Queen adored the “little beastie,” a human child needed human parents and an anchor in the human world.  And she could think of no better person to entrust her little one to than her godson and his husband. 

“Well,” Bucky sighed, looking down at the little one currently cuddled in Steve’s arms, waving a certain teddy bear in her direction and making her laugh and reach for the toy.  “At least she and Corporal Bucky Bear are getting along.  No sibling rivalry here.”

“Nope,” Steve grinned.  “Not in this family." 

They would later decide that Steve would be "Dad” and Bucky “Papa” but Aurora Rogers-Barnes had other ideas once she learned to talk. 

Steve got to be “Dada."  Bucky was "Poppy."  And there was "Tetya” (Nat), “Pippa” (Pepper), “Kitty” (Clint), “Ony” (Tony), “Or!” (Thor), “Samsam” (Sam) and Boo (Bruce). 

Dada and Poppy accepted their new names graciously.  The rest of Aurora’s doting aunts and uncles were pretty happy about their nicknames, except Clint, who still wasn’t sure where “Kitty” came from. 

- tbc -

It's a long, long, long story. Part 3

You turned to the three men, holding your chin up. “Call the rest of the team. It’s time you know the truth.”

“I’m a X-Man, I’m an Avenger. I am me.”

You never knew that you could have been more uncomfortable than you had been thirty minutes ago. By this time, the rest of the Avengers had arrived and the rest of the main X-Men team had piled into the room. You could hear all these thoughts in the room, and Jean cast you a sympathetic look. Just cast them all out, her voice whispered in your mind.

Easy for you to say. Everyone’s thoughts in this room are pointed at me, you thought back in annoyance. The red head only thought back positive vibes, and you could pick up the thoughts of support from the rest of X-Men. You sighed inwardly. If only the Professor had admitted you to tell the Avengers that you were part of the X-Men, like you had done with your fellow mutants. But the past was in the past- this was the present. And in the present you had to deal with a huge problem.

“Thank you all for coming,” you started off, your voice hoarse and small. “T-this should have happened a long time ago.”

Damn right,Tony thought, the man crossed his arms. Shoulda told us she was a purple haired mutant a long, long, long time ago. The level of distrust and anger was so hot in Tony’s mind that you flinched.

“Like always Tony, you are right,” you admitted out loud, and you could see his eyes widen. “I should have told you I was a purple haired mutant when I first met you.”

Your Avenger’s team mates thoughts were in turmoil, their minds storming with hurried thoughts. But, you shut them all off, your eyes narrowing in concentration. “You have more powers than you told us, Supernova?” Natasha asked accusingly, using your code name from the team.

Logan growled by your side, and you squeezed his hand in reassurance. You didn’t have to read his thoughts to tell he was bothered by this different code name. To him, to the X-Men, you were always Celestial. But before you could say anything, Kitty interrupted you.

“You call her Supernova?” she asked, wrinkling her nose. “Celestial is soo much better.” Kitty said in her most annoyed voice.

“Yes they do, Kitty,” you answered before Clint exploded again, giving her a pointed look. “And yes, Natasha, I have more powers than I told you.” you admitted, fiddling with your necklace nervously.

The only person not looking surprised was Wanda. She had knew there was something different about you when she couldn’t read your thoughts. Wanda gazed at you curiously, tapping her lip. “What are these extra, ah, abilities, друг*?”

You flashed her a grateful smile, greatly appreciative for your friend’s support. Maybe this a good way to start, you thought to yourself. “My extra abilities as Wanda put it,” you shot her a smile. “were, ah, hidden by the glamour I had.”

“What do you mean by glamour?” Steve asked, the blonde man’s eyes thoughtful. You were glad he had calmed down, and was no longer looking at you with disgust in his eyes.

“Glamour is had to explain,” you started off, furrowing your eyebrows. “It was my way of concealing my true appearance from you guys. And by concealing my true appearance, it muffled some of my abilities- like, let’s say my telepathy. There are so many different things I can do now that I’m not in that glamour.” you explained.

Pietro raised his hand, the usually talkative man silent. “So, (Y/N), you could have been a man all along?” he asked, and the tension in the room broke. You let out a snort, and even your sullen boyfriend chuckled.

“Who are you really?” Tony blurted out, gazing at you intently.

You lifted you chin up, your purple hair flickering brightly. “I am no different than I was a week ago. I am an X-Man, I am an Avenger. I’m me.” you stated, and you felt a rush of relief go through you.

The room was silent for a moment, but you broke it. “Let’s go to the Danger Room,” you said abruptly, standing up. “I’ll show you what I can really do.”

agentpaxieamor  asked:

Fic prompt: Foodieverse, Steve is going to be taking his truck to NY ComicCon, Tony decides he has to have a truck there too. His truck is... Interesting.

So, I also got an Ask from @katisatotalnerd in this vein:
I was walking over to Powell’s City of Books today, and I got caught up in the Portland Rose Festival parade. There were lots of food trucks around. Which got me thinking, are there any parades in the Foodieverse? Does Steve drag Tony to the parades? Do Steve and Sam set up their trucks along the parade path? Does Steve badger Tony to set up some sort of promotional table for TOBRU?

I don’t often go to parades or conventions so I’ve never truly encountered food trucks at them, but I was intrigued by the idea of a TOBRU food truck. BEHOLD THE RESULT.


“Tadaa!” Tony repeated, when his first tadaa! elicited no reaction.

Steve was standing in the parking lot of TOBRU, hand over his mouth. Sam, next to him, had his thumb pressed to his mouth with his knuckles tucked under his nostrils, eyes wide. Bucky, who had weaseled one of the new experimental “hot dog croquettes” out of Sam, was chewing industriously, seemingly indifferent to the monstrosity before them.

“Is that an RV?” Steve finally asked.

“It was an RV. Now it is TRUCKBRU, the mobile eatery,” Tony said proudly.

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anonymous asked:

AU where Nick Fury runs a pet store and the Avengers people are some of his regular customers and he's basically established personality profiles of everyone in his head based on the pets/pet products they adopt/buy there

  1. Nick’s pet store is actually a shelter/carespace for abandoned pets, specializing in getting them to a healthier place. The slogan is “I still believe in heroes” and even though he doesn’t LIKE all the people who sometimes foster these animals, they make the world a better place.
  2. Phil handles the paperwork. Jasper handles the money. Natasha is responsible for schmoozing with all the people they need to get money from. Clint and Melinda spend a lot of time keeping the puppies and kitties occupied. Everyone agrees Clint and Melinda have the hardest and most important job. (Melinda’s job is harder than Clint’s, because she also has to stop Clint from feeding them pizza. I DON’T CARE IF THEY LIKE IT BARTON THEY ARE DOGS.)
  3. When llamas and alpacas and goats and other exotic animals come in, they get sent to Tony Stark. No one understands why, but the billionaire offered a lot of money- a LOT of money- if he could be the one to help foster those animals.
  4. Dr. Banner takes care of aggressive dogs that need to learn to accept love. He works miracles with them, but when asked his secret, he says that they’re helping him as much as he’s helping them.
  5. Under Thor’s expert eye, any animal from the hugest St Bernard to the yappiest chihuahua becomes a noble steed. The animals he fosters are always ready for homes with children.
  6. Steve Rogers in a kitten pile. Just take a moment to think about that. Do you really need an explanation beyond that? No, because Steve Rogers is in a kitten pile. (His roommate, Bucky, maintains that he hates kittens, but all of them ADORE him. Steve has an entire album of pictures of Bucky in a kitten pile. He plans to blow them up and wallpaper the house for Bucky’s birthday.)

inverbiusverum  asked:

So what were the Tepes Girls' reaction to Kitten America? Or are you not accepting plot bunnies?

I’m on the fence as to whether I want to place this as an offshoot of the Count Buckula ‘verse. 

I mean, Kitten America is slowly wreaking havoc over the Avengers and what remains of SHIELD due to the sheer power of Cute. 


Hulk:  Hulk love Kitty Cap.

Phil:  ** squee **

Skye:  Aw, come on, Sarge, let me hold him.  I won’t break him, please?

Pepper:  Oh lookit his widdle jelly bean pawsies.  I’m so sorry Steve! I can’t help it!

Sam:  Dude, I am so done with you guys.  Stop it with the sad eyes, Cap.  I mean it.  AW HELL.

Clint:  …. did Kitty Cap just turn my dog into a puddle of squee?  Did my life just turn into a Loony Tunes episode?

Nat:  ** attempts to talk to Kitten!Steve in cat **

Clint:  Really, Nat?

Nat:  Shaddup, he understands me, don’t you, Steve?

Thor:  Indeed he does, Lady Widow.  ** also talks to Steve in cat, because Allspeak **

Kitten!Steve:  Mew.  ** purrs **

Bucky:  ** facepalms **

schwartzkatz  asked:

Felicia started immediately when she heard the noises from the other room. The sight wasn't much better. Whatever it was, it had to be bad with all that thrashing. She just hoped pinning his arms down wasn't making things worse. "Hey, wake up."

It was a growl that escaped his throat at her holding him down, head shaking from one side to the other in an attempt to breathe, to get some air into his lungs and get out of this trap. He tried to get free, but all his claws and bared fangs didn’t help, he was trapped. Eventually, the violent shaking turned softer, into pathetic whines as the cat relaxed under Felicia, slowly opening his eyes back up to see her instead of someone who captured him the first time, and immediately, steel blue eyes filled with tears.