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She writes quickly, ‘SERIOUSLY?! I’ve been planning what I wanted to do for this party since I was a freshman. And you really thought trying to steal my thunder was A GOOD IDEA?! Have you met me?’

Klaus casts her a look that seems almost apologetic, before he bends his head to write. 'Desperate times. I just wanted you to talk to me, Caroline.’| Party For Your Life by


kc mates · maybe I came on too strong, maybe I waited too long, maybe I played my cards wrong

Dear Caroline
From a young age I always hear my mother talk about love and mates, what a great thing is the day you find your mate, just like the kids when they first falling in love, sweet and pure.
She also talk about the respect you have to give your mate, she or he would be your equal, not someone under you; someone that will share your life to years to come, who will children with you, share problems and secrets, keep you in your toes. Your everything.
I lost the faith in find my mate so long ago; but then, there you were, by fate or chance, you look at me and I didn’t want to look at anyone that weren’t you. You were stronger than anyone I know, beautiful, full of life, so perfect. 
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me. I felt in love with you the moment you crashed the bottle in my head, I never told you because I didn’t want to scared you. I know I was a dick, but I didn’t know who made you see me, more than the alpha mate, more than your mate, I only wanted you see as Nik.
I tried made you see that I could make you happy, not because we were mates, because I wanted to share my life with you, make you laugh, dance with you barefoot at 3 in the morning. It was my only wish. But I failed, like I did so many times in my life.
By the time you read this, I’ll be in my way to New Orleans, you never hear about me again, I’ll respect your wishes. But know that I’ll always be for you, I’ll try to protect you the best way I can. 
If you find someone who love you, who you want to be, do not heists, you deserve than a more. But if you find in you that I deserve a chance, I’ll make my propose in life make you the most happy person ever. I’ll wait for you however long it takes.
I will always love you, Nik.


me in the club……this absolutely bangs…..

anonymous asked:

Where are the jewels of Caroline Bonaparte today?

I don’t know very much about the jewels of Caroline Bonaparte, who was one of Napoleon’s sisters and later Princess Murat and Queen of Naples.  There are a few pieces floating around the internet mostly cameo, coral, and lapis jewels that are attributed to her but I haven’t done enough research into the subject to know if that’s accurate.  If they did belong to Caroline then there doesn’t seem to be any one person that owns a large number of the jewels like a descendant of hers but instead they are scattered between different museums and private property.  Here’s my favorite of the jewels that are said to have belonged to Caroline.


kc series: until kingdom come // even if that was possible we were just kids with active imaginations then. memories and pieces always had been missing from my childhood oddly enough but i… don’t remember you. (happy birthday, @howeverlongs! ♡)