🌞🛠 How to make a LDR work and more real. 🛠🌞

In my experience many DD/LG relationships are LDR (long distance relationship). The following points should help you guys to get some new and helpful ideas.

Daddy or Mommy

🦁 Read bedtime stories every now and then to your little.

🦁 Give your little useful tasks. Like that your little has always something to do what reminds her/him of you.

🦁 When you cook something make every now and then some for her/him. When you do groceries buy something just for her/him.

🦁 Make a rule about texting. Like she/he has to text at least every hour.

🦁 Use your little like the dirty little fucktoy she or he is.


🐈 Draw or color something nice for Daddy/Mommy and send it per post mail.

🐈 Do dressing up for your daddy with new cloths that you bought for that.

🐈 Send nice pictures without Daddy or Mommy asked for.


💑 Have a special date ever month. Eat something together with candle light.

💑 Send each others presents or ohter meaningful things.

💑 Find a game that you can play with your little. For example a online game.

💑 Skype with each other as much as possible. Every day would be the best.

💑 Text with each other for example every hour. Keep you guys updated with important informations.

💑 Buy the same candy or any food and have it at the same time on skype.

💑 Watch a series together. Should also be a series just for your little.

💑 Use a app like for example “couple” or “WithU”. With that you guys have another more special way to keep connected.

❤ In my opinion a LDR is really doable and also a bit more demanding then a relationship in person but really worth it. Don’t give up guys because you can make it work and going. ❤