commanderliaras  asked:

Hi! When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy and then send it to the last ten people in your Recent Activity list. [if you want to! <3]

1. The Bestie @32memories booked her flights for her October visit last night, I get to squish her at least once before she comes for Christmas.
2. I may use almost all of my leave by July but I get to spend it with the most awesome people going to the theatre, conventions and concerts.
3. My kitties, one of which is snuggled into my side as I type this and the other is running round the house like the nutcase she is. 
4. Being stuck in fandom holes and knowing that some of your closest friends are there with you, enabling each other deeper and deeper ;P
5. Coming home to packages. Tbh I was struggling to think of something and then remembered that a Jemma DVD got delivered today <3

This is my cat!! 

She is about 7 weeks old now. Her name is Opal May Adele (Katy) Weasley. You might ask why this little kitty has so many names, well…me and my sister are sad people Opal stands for our initials, OP (hers) AL (mine,) Adele because every time I hold her and she looks out the back door, she looks so longingly at outside I start singing Adele, also….she is sassy, which is also like Katy Perry, (which is just an honorary name, no…I’m not kidding, me and my sister HAD this conversation and decided this.) And then there is Weasley, which is her last name, because of the Weasley twins, as she was born around their birthday, so that’s when we decided to celebrate it. Also, she is bad as hell and a little trouble maker, so it fits.