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11 Feb 2017

Okay, I take it back. The ground is still really hard even in the super-suit. Especially when it’s three stories below you, and then suddenly RIGHT THERE. Screw it… Plagg wins. I’m DONE.

…it was a flawless plan. FLAWLESS, I SAY! It was my last day to look, and I just needed one quick glance…

I mean, Mari totally seemed to adore Chat when that whole date-with-an-akuma thing went down, so why WOULDN’T she be overjoyed to help me out?!

I mean, she’s like, my ONLY fan…

So, the plan was simple:

  1. Go to Marinette’s
  2. Explain that I have a bet with my Kwami, and it just requires her to turn around for a few minutes.
  3. Quickly and unobtrusively check out her adorably firm bottom
  4. Possibly win bet.


But then IT GETS BETTER! Cause I get over there, and I see her outside on her balcony! ALREADY BENT OVER WATERING FLOWERS!! SCORE!

I can get a gander, tease her a bit, then off I go. 

Except it wasn’t Marinette.

And it turns out she learned that throw from earlier today… from her mom.

…my back is totally bruised, as is my ego.

-Adrien Checked-Out-My-Friend’s-Mom Agreste

vividfizz  asked:

14. Dream job?

14. Honestly I just wanna get paid for art in some form. 8D Concept artist sounds like fun! Dream job is just making pony blogs for a living but how that gonna work. 

Or working at a cat cafe. That sounds p neat. 

Never Say Never Pt. 12: The Only Omega

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: violence, talk about nakedness

Word Count: 2.3k

Heads Up!: @ackles-got-snackles @alittlewerewolfgirl @alphaabucky @amazing-fandom-freak @anitavalija @bro-the-avengers @boom-boombang @bxtchybrie @cassiopeiassky @c-maximoffs @chisatowa @cxffeeshxpsoundtrack @deanskitten @harleyqueen7 @harleyscheekheart @heavenforebid-captain @heismyhunter @fairysquaddmother @fandomtainment @florenceivy  @flowercrownsandmetallicarms @iamwarrenspeace @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @i-had-a-life-once @i-lost-my-shoe-down-a-drain @justarandombanana @luciesvg @missallpony1234 @misspadfoot02 @miss-mcbotty @nopevilleluas @realsebstantrash @sammedrano @seirensou @sgt-jbb-107 @supernatural-fanfic @thatawkwardtinyperson @thecynicalnerd @the-girl-with-no-plan @thisisthelilith @waywardimpalawriter @yourfilthyundeadmaggot  

You found that life with Bucky was a dream come true. You had never felt happier. Unfortunately, peace seemed to only be around when Bucky was around. As Bucky prepared and left for a week-long mission, you found yourself facing adversaries you didn’t know existed. You and Bucky thought that everyone was happy about your relationship (everyone except Wilcox at least), but the truth seemed far from it. Eventually, you figured out that dissatisfied omegas that were once Bucky hopefuls really disliked you. They demonstrated their hatred of you small in ways: they threw dirty looks at you during lunch, they made jokes about you in their circle, made passive-aggressive comments, etc. Usually, you ignored them and focused on Bucky. But with Bucky gone, they found that it was high time they showed you their discontent.

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a study in rosie

So to recap (correct me if I’m wrong on any of this):

1. Mary is always wearing that blue shirt throughout setlock and in promo photos, save for the AGRA bits in the trailers, and the setlock photo of her and John at Mint and Mustard

2. In addition to the same shirt, she also has the same long curly hair (grown out since the tarmac) in the supposed-birth-in-the-tunnel scene, the baby shower footage, the six month old pink bunny baby footage in the market. 

3. She’s always slim. Not a pound of post-pregnancy weight.

4. Sherlock’s on his phone at the shower and the christening, standing in the same position. The Telegraph announcement makes a joke about him being on his phone. 

5. Newspapers are fairy tales. In this show the press is full of bullshit. (Kitty, Cam.)

(5a. The headline is about Dr. Watson’s secret, which is not a baby. In the past he’s been “John” or “John Watson” in the papers. His secret is his full name, John Hamish Watson, which represents his sexuality as he kept both secret from Sherlock, but which Sherlock deduced in TSoT – and now everyone else is about to find out.)

6. No promo pics of the baby. Baby could be a cantaloupe in a pink blanket. The only time we saw a real actual baby was that market scene, with the dog and the bunny costume and the whole Scooby Doo vibe.

7. Rosamund Mary Watson. RW, Rachel Wilson, stillborn daughter. The real Mary Watson was also stillborn. Rosie for short––so cute! Rosie pink, pink blanket, pink bunny, study in effing PINK. And just in case we missed all that, the word LEINSTER is right next to the announcement. What happened at Leinster Gardens? I must have blacked out…

8. Weird Colbert clip where John is “uh yeah fine good”ing his way through Greg’s questions about fatherhood.

9. Hilarious family photo where Mary is dressed like Sherlock (or Jim, and I think the ambiguity is deliberate, you or me? I am you). Can’t actually see the baby. Cryptic congrats to the happy couple….tweets from crew. Amanda RTing that they look dead and hollow.

10. Honestly is anyone out there still not a TEENY bit suspicious that maybe, just maybe, this baby is not real?

leina does a thing; masterlist/guide to playing japanese charactersayo….. so in light of the recent discussions in the rpc i decided to infiltrate the comm with more poc!!! yas! oh and also since i hit 800 today, this is a thing i did for that so… go me!!! anyway i decided it would be a good idea to make a sort of…. thing for ppl interested in playing japanese characters a little better?? this includes male/female names, last names, some fcs you can play, and my own notes about japanese culture. before u ask, yes i’m half japanese and i do speak u dickstick. :)))) pls enjoy,,,,, どうぞよろしくお願いいたします!<3

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I’m actually getting really pissed at how the white tumblr/sjw community is completely ignoring the actual Japanese input on Avril’s video and telling them what to be offended by. On one hand you’re accusing her of using them as props but at the same time you’re ignoring all of the Japanese writers and directors who worked on it, the Japanese fans she wrote it for and Japanese pop culture in general. (Have any of you broads *seen* a J-pop video? This shit was awful but tame.) There’s a post right now outright dismissing the actual Japanese input, completely brushing their say about something that’s supposedly offensive to them aside, devaluing their say as if they’re ignorant children, getting major support. And yet Avril is racist for making a tribute to this particular fandom over there? Nigga please. Stop infantalizing an entire culture so you can feel intelligent and offended because you all look like assholes.

anonymous asked:


where was your kitty equality bullshit when my mother Meredith was being dragged left and right for her unwillingness to conform to Taylor Alison’s criteria of the perfect cat? where was your kitty equality when my independent queen Meredith was scorned and betrayed by the public when she dared show her true colors and reveal herself to be a symbol of strength and defiance–a feminist icon. where was your kitty equality then?