kittie banks

  • Aries: Arsonist
  • Taurus: Weed Grower
  • Gemini: Cannibal
  • Cancer: Kitty/Puppy Kidnapper
  • Leo: Bank Robber
  • Virgo: Bomb Maker
  • Libra: Crack Cocaine Trafficker
  • Scorpio: Serial Killer
  • Sagittarius: Meth Cook
  • Capricorn: Grand Theft Auto
  • Aquarius: Pick Pocketer
  • Pisces: Insurance Fraud

Studio Ghibli is Releasing a No-Face Coin Bank!

The official name of this why-hasn’t-this-been-done-sooner contraption is the ‘Spirited Away Kaonashi Musha-Musha Coin Bank’, and it’s modeled after No-Face from Spirited Away!

Similar to the way that great Itazura Kitty Coin Bank worked, it’s activated when you place coins on the sake saucer. No-Face’s arms then raise that saucer to its mouth and your coins fall into the depths of its stomach. It even makes that “Ah” sound when it’s activated, and then burps once the movement is complete.

It’s set to go on sale online and at Donguri Kyowakoku shops, the official retailer for Studio Ghibli goods, on May 20, 2017 and will retail for 4800 yen – or appr. $42 US.

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Okay, time for some inspirational Gambit ideas! These are some of the places that really jumped out at me during my visit, so if you need any ideas for your stories feel free to use any or all! And if you have any questions, my inbox is a click away ;)

1) Pirate Alley runs alongside the St. Louis Cathedral. It actually has very little to do with pirates- instead you’ll find lots of bookstores and unique shops. However, Remy, being the kinky bugger that he is, would probably have paid a visit or ten to the lingerie boutique on the corner.

2) Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo on Bourbon street. Every wall is completely covered with voodoo related charms, pictures and gris-gris, and there’s a ramshackle room in the rear of the building for private readings. Tante Mattie would probably turn her nose up at the touristy-ness, but Laveau wasn’t known as the Queen of Voodoo for nothing.

3) The Business District consists mostly of skyscrapers, a large portion of which are headquarters for big-name banks. It’s a section of New Orleans that’s sandwiched between the French Quarter and the lower Garden District; for a thief, there is a cornucopia of vaults and private art galleries to raid on the way home.

4) French Quarter Veterinarian, located on Royal Street. The doctor is available around the clock, though business hours are typical 8am-6pm. Got cats? Got a bunch of assassins and villains bent on destroying you and/or your belongings? You’ll need the vet’s number at some point, guaranteed.

5) Fischer Gambino’s, also on Royal Street. Just to give you an idea of the price range on their furnishings, I bumped my head on a $30,000 chandelier as I was checking out a $15,000 chair upholstered in 3 types of animal and studded with gold plated buttons. Even if Gambit didn’t steal from here, I’d be willing to bet the place would be one of Rogue’s guilty pleasures. Don’t forget: They both had a substantial amount of money packed away at one point- him from stealing and her via inheritance from Destiny.

6) Court of Two Sisters. Quite possibly the most romantic and charming restaurant in the city, it’s also very, very old.

7) Adventure Traveler on Toulouse Street. Kind of run down, but specializing in luggage and leather. A Cajun who goes through trench coats like a baby goes through diapers could have a contract with such a place for his custom gear.

8) Moonwalk, the riverside promenade of the French Quarter. Overlooks the mighty Mississippi, the docking area for the Natchez steamboat and the Crescent City Connection bridge. Perfect place to mope about and get philosophical or just kick back on a steel bench and enjoy a sunset on a balmy fall afternoon. There are often bums begging for food or change as well as youngsters playing violin or guitar for a spare dollar.

9) Rayne Methodist Church, Garden District. I know it’s not Catholic, but it’s imposing as all get out. For a thief with parkour skills, those majestic turrets would be irresistible- especially with an assassin or two in hot pursuit.

10) The Royal Jewels collection of the Mardi Gras exhibit in the Presbytere. While I think Gambit has enough pride in his hometown that he wouldn’t steal these (they’re also not nearly as priceless as, say, Britain’s crown jewels), I could see it being Thieves Guild tradition for tilling candidates to snatch something during peak business hours. Imagine the exasperated guard who has given up reporting a missing crown because inevitably it’s returned the next day… and it happens every year.

Hope this helps you fellow fans and writers. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

here it is, almost a year after the first one


explicit sexual descriptions in eat eat and S.O.A.P., f-slur in living gud eating gud, self harm mention in dirty gold (i haven’t been able to catch anything else, please let me know if i’ve missed anything and i’ll add to this caption and on my 8tracks).


1. eat, eat - house of ladosha 2. soda - boody & le1f 3. cybiko - princess nokia 4. living gud, eating gud - cakes da killa 5. xsatansxangelx - quay dash 6. 1991 - azealia banks 7. S.O.A.P. - will sheridan 8. dirty gold - angel haze 9. real mvp - siya 10. spotless - sasha go hard, kitty, & tink