kittie banks

  • Aries: Arsonist
  • Taurus: Weed Grower
  • Gemini: Cannibal
  • Cancer: Kitty/Puppy Kidnapper
  • Leo: Bank Robber
  • Virgo: Bomb Maker
  • Libra: Crack Cocaine Trafficker
  • Scorpio: Serial Killer
  • Sagittarius: Meth Cook
  • Capricorn: Grand Theft Auto
  • Aquarius: Pick Pocketer
  • Pisces: Insurance Fraud

Studio Ghibli is Releasing a No-Face Coin Bank!

The official name of this why-hasn’t-this-been-done-sooner contraption is the ‘Spirited Away Kaonashi Musha-Musha Coin Bank’, and it’s modeled after No-Face from Spirited Away!

Similar to the way that great Itazura Kitty Coin Bank worked, it’s activated when you place coins on the sake saucer. No-Face’s arms then raise that saucer to its mouth and your coins fall into the depths of its stomach. It even makes that “Ah” sound when it’s activated, and then burps once the movement is complete.

It’s set to go on sale online and at Donguri Kyowakoku shops, the official retailer for Studio Ghibli goods, on May 20, 2017 and will retail for 4800 yen – or appr. $42 US.

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lilypaw  asked:

My mother once had these dvds of an animated Hello Kitty series that I'm pretty sure was released sometime in the 90s? Like it was soooo adorable. The mini episodes were like 25 minutes. I remember one was based off cinderella and another was based off alice in wonderland. It fed into my obsession with hello kitty things. Like I had a hello kitty bedset and piggy bank and kiddie jewelry box

i remember those! i watched the snow white one and the alice in wonderland one at a neighborhood friend’s house

here it is, almost a year after the first one


explicit sexual descriptions in eat eat and S.O.A.P., f-slur in living gud eating gud, self harm mention in dirty gold (i haven’t been able to catch anything else, please let me know if i’ve missed anything and i’ll add to this caption and on my 8tracks).


1. eat, eat - house of ladosha 2. soda - boody & le1f 3. cybiko - princess nokia 4. living gud, eating gud - cakes da killa 5. xsatansxangelx - quay dash 6. 1991 - azealia banks 7. S.O.A.P. - will sheridan 8. dirty gold - angel haze 9. real mvp - siya 10. spotless - sasha go hard, kitty, & tink

3 Gifts

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*A set of some silly ties, to remind him to smile
*A #1 Dad Mug
*Two tickets to Disneyland for him and Jack

*A pack of colorful socks with fun patterns he can mix and match
*A Star Trek chess set
*A handmade book just filled with pictures of kittens

*3 custom teddy bears to resemble him and his family
*One of those gun coffee mugs because you thought it was funny
*A jar filled of random facts Spence wrote so he’ll always have his dweeb little brother around


*An ‘I like my cat better’ throw pillow
* A ‘feminist as fuck’ mug
* A wine glass that says ‘Behind every strong woman is a glass of wine’


*One of those kitty coins banks
* ‘Nevertheless She Persisted’ clutch
* A sweatshirt with Sergio’s face on it


*Scotch in a custom bottle that says ‘Pasta Dad’
*A new watch inscribed with ‘guardiano’
*Homemade Lasagna (which, of course, is not as good as his)


* 2 Day Passes to  a spa (treat yo self)
* “Be Bold” pin
* Tickets to Lion King on Broadway for her and the boys


*DogTv as a gag gift (but he secretly loves it and keeps paying for it long after Christmas
*K9 H20 water bottle for when he goes on runs with Roxy
*A plushie replica of Roxy (you thought it would be hilarious if all his gifts were about Roxy)


*This pansexual pin
* ‘cunning linguist’ pendant
* ‘World’s Goodest Linguist’ sweatshirt along with a ‘Words Matter’ mug


* “There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish -Michelle Obama” tote bag
*’Practice Self Love” pencils
* ‘girl gang’ shirt


*’ World’s Most  Badass Mom’ mug
*Creative Curse Generator
*Money Soap ( it became a competition in the house to who would get to the money first without cutting it open )

Getting a cat
  • *1 hour later*
  • Me: You can just go in my bank, kitty. I'll take care of you.
  • *6 years later*
  • Me: Goddamnit why does this freakin' cat take up valuable bank space

Ryden has been resurrected and you cant stop it we are going to be getting new material like never before new info at light speed i bet all of the change in my hello kitty piggy bank on it