{ ♚ } kittensandalchemy

A blue haired male could be spotted out from a distance with what looked like a large pout on his lips. Kyle mumbled under his breath as he shoved his hands into his pockets, though only seconds later did he take one out to fiddle with his beanie which was used to conceal the pair of furry dog like ears that decorated his head. While doing this the male hadn’t noticed the figure that was in front of him, and before he could really react Kyle had already bumped into him. “Shit! Sorry about that!” The bluenette started taking a few steps back, blinking bright aquatic hues at the golden haired male. “You alright there?” He asked, something he’d gotten out of habit from his sister. Funny how if he bumped into someone he’d apologize, but if it was the other way around the mutt would probably only start some sort of fight.