kittens nursing


Dixie and her babies.

Sadie came over for me to groom her & we both forgot that she was an adult cat so she nursed for a while. Are they supposed to nurse at 7 years old?!


Rare Egyptian Bronze Cat Nursing Kittens, Late Dynastic, C. 712-343 BC

A cast bronze fragment of a piece that was perhaps a cuff or applique.

The ancient Egyptians, rather uniquely among the world’s civilizations, had an obsession with cats, both tame and fierce, large and small. Cats were domesticated to help protect crops from pests in Cyprus or possibly Mesopotamia (it is difficult to interpret the archaeological record on this matter for a variety of reasons), but the Egyptian’s love of cats seems to have gone above and beyond that of their contemporaries. The cemetery at Hierakonpolis includes a cat skeleton in a pre-Dynastic tomb (c. 3700 BC) that had a broken left humerus and right femur that seem to have been set by a human and allowed to heal before that cat’s ultimate death.

The first illustration of a cat with a collar comes from a 5th Dynasty (c. 2500 to 2350 BC) Egyptian tomb at Saqqara. Cats were the most frequently mummified animal in Egypt and there were multiple feline goddesses, including the domesticated cat-form Bastet. Bronze statues like this one may have been direct offerings or appeals to Bastet.

I had A Day™ at clinical today.

You know, the kind of day where you realize you’ve never actually put nasal prongs on someone before until you’re standing in the room with your patient’s lungs both collapsing and he’s getting transferred to the ICU and the nurse’s preceptor student is your childhood bestie’s room mate and it’s chaotic and the doctor’s on the phone needing vitals stat and you’re super embarrassed???

Yeah. That kinda day.

And I forgot my phone, and was late getting out because I needed a new patient so I sat at the tim’s in the hospital doing nothing but eating a bagel and being sad for myself.

But hey. The sun was shining and it was above -10C even with the windchill, and I got a coffee and pumped out my assignment due Sunday night and my cat was stoked to see me when I got home.

“Was it a bad day, or was it a bad ten minutes you milked all day?”


Wild clouded leopards are extremely secretive and elusive, which means we know very little about their mating and parenting habits.  In captivity, females give birth to litters of one to five kittens, though the most common number is three.  Wild clouded leopards hide their kittens in nests made of dense clumps of vegetation hidden in the tree tops.  In contrast, captive clouded leopards are often poor mothers, tending to abandon their kittens or even kill them later, so most are taken away and raised by hand.  

These kittens nurse for three months after birth, and become independent at the age of about ten months.

Karl Blake of Lemon Kittens, Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle. Danielle Dax of Lemon Kittens, John Fothergill of Nurse with Wound (silent presence), Phil Oakey of the Human League, Genesis P. Orridge of Throbbing Gristle. Boyd Rice of Non, Nash The Slash (sans mask), Cosey Fanny Tutti of Throbbing Gristle. Anthony and Paul of the Two Daughters, Tremble and Tanith, alias Throbbing Gristle’s dogs (sniffs and rustles), Adrian Wright of the Human League. a photographer, a DinDisc press officer and John Gill.

kilerya  asked:

ok but the real reason I asked about Elektra's pet preference, we have both Elektra and Vladimir as dog people so imagine, au in which the murder bros take care of a dog shelter, they're those rival friends that kinda hate each other but will definitely work together on a common goal (n this case making sure dogs get good homes) and they can even meet their significant others in there when they come adopt a dog or with a friend that comes to adopt a dog or something

I’m now just thinking of Claire trying to buy a kitten. Or Foggy bringing Matt to get a puppy. And Elektra drops a bag of dog food. Vladimir drops the bird food.

anonymous asked:

Okay kind of a dumb question, since sphinx jack has nipples does that mean kittens can nurse from him? And I'm going out on a limb here and ask did gabe give birth to his kitten jesse and sombra? It's a really unique au. Keep up the amazing work 👍

it’s not dumb!! just like any animal that lactates jack can too…he has to take something to encourage them to house milk tho. it’s like how most mammals have nipples even though they will never nurse.

thanks! and gabe did give birth to both cubs


This, is Mr. Dork. Who began life as Mr. Dark, a reference to one of my favorite Ray Bradbury characters, and experienced a slight name alteration when it became obvious he was too big a goofball to pull it off.

We learned yesterday that Dork is in the early stages of renal failure. WHICH, for a cat of 15 is not necessarily unexpected. It does mean however that he’ll be on a prescription food for the rest of his life (as well as supplements to help with his arthritis). He also has been diagnosed with a fairly serious arrhythmia, and serious arthritis.

I’m thinking I may take a couple portrait/bust commissions this week, to offset the cost (and to ensure we can buy the largest bag/bulk supplements which is more cost effective long-term). These would be pay-what-you-can sort of things, flat colours. You can drop me a note if you’re interested. :)

More important Dork facts:
- Dork tries to nurse any kittens he comes into contact with. Yes, he is a neutered male.
- Dork will find anything small enough to fit in his mouth, and sing it a song. Every song is different, and we’ve experienced everything from install-disk-song, to empty-tampon-box-song, to business-card-song.
- Dork purrs with his mouth open
- Dork used to refuse any and all human food, until we had to put down his companion, who ate ANY human food. Suddenly, Dork started eating any human food on offer.
- Dork once tried to play with a possum.
- Dork likes to be held like a baby, and will grab your face (gently) and pull it down for kisses.
- Unfortunately he has rotten crayfish breath.

This has been a Dork PSA. Thank you for reading. :3

PSA because I see this often;
Please do not feed nursing kittens on their backs. Unlike humans, kittens will inhale their milk and can drown or catch pneumonia from it. There are many videos where people have kittens on their backs but as cute as it is, it is incredibly dangerous.

Please only feed kittens on their bellies and only put them on their back if you are giving them an after-feeding rub for digestion

I want this...

Okay, so while at work, I thought of a little “what if" on Marinette’s father.

You know those photos or videos of huge manly men being sweet to cats and loving cats and kittens? And they cuddle them so gently in their arms, even it looks like they could break the poor little thing with their muscles?

Yeah, what if Papa Dupain was walking home from buying supplies and came across an abandoned little kitten on the side of the road? And since he is a sweet and nice guy, who loves the sweet and cute (ahem. Mama Cheng is sweet and cute and DAMN), he picks up the little kitten and takes him home. Papa nurses the kitten at home and Marinette is all “Awww! It’s cute!”. And almost immediately, she is reminded of Chat Noir. So for a moment, she makes that face like “Oh right… Him”.  But in the end, she gets mixed feelings about the cat because it is cute BUT reminds her of her flirtatious partner.

And so the Dupain-Cheng family ends up adopting the cat. Over time, Marinette eventually starts to grow close to it, because the cat would stay in her room a lot, for some reason.

And eventually, as Ladybug, Mari would make jokes like “I already have a Chat Noir in my life. And he’s cute and stays with me in my room all the time.”

At first, Chat actually thought that Ladybug had a boyfriend but eventually finds out that it was just a cat. And so the battle for her affection begins!!

“NOW, you like cats?” cHAT WOULD SAY.

Chat VS Cat