kittens in jam

Mindless Jam fluff +kittens

Jay sighs tiredly, fumbling for his keys as he walks up the front step to the house he shares with his roommate and boyfriend, Tim. Its been a really long day and all ghe wants to do is cuddle and maybe order takeout.

Even before he gets the key in the door, he hears a meow from inside the house.
A smile curls his lips and he turns the key, opening the door and edging inside the house, careful not to step on the five week old grey kitten just inside the door.
Oops. Looks like one got out.

Jay closes the door and bends down to pick up the little mewing fluffball, cradling it close. He opens his mouth to call out to Tim that one of their fosters was loose, when another kitten, a grey and white one, runs past him into the living room.
“Two got out?”
He follows the kitten and stifles a laugh.

Tim is asleep on the couch, fast asleep—and there are all the kittens they took in crawling all over his chest, the tortoiseshell mom cat curled up on his legs and purring contentedly.

“Sasha,” Jay says with a smile, and sets the small kitten against her side, where she promptly begins washing him. “You need to keep a better watch over your babies.”
He looks down as the grey and white kitten starts climbing his pant leg and gently dislodges its claws before putting it on Tim’s chest with the other three, two of who were asleep, rising and falling with his steady breath.
Jay smiles again and takes a seat in the recliner since the couch is obviously taken.
His day may have sucked, but by golly was it getting better.

anonymous asked:

I would really like to see Kitten in violent mode and G try to calm her (fighting or talking). It can be cool, isn't it?

If Kitten were to go in violent mode with Don G, the end won’t be pretty…as in, Don G would have to kill or be killed (hah!) by Kitten.

Seeing how it went with Little Pup and Sans, YOU SURE IT’LL BE COOL???

It’s the ‘made of jam kittens and rage’ one that always gets me laughing. May the road rise up to meet you, funny-brained user of search engines. And this was probably before John was even MORE tortured by loss as each season broke him down (it’s what Moffat does, destroy his fans via his characters’ *horrible* experiences, because he CAN. A little like that George R. R. Martin fella’… and what was wrong with just being George Martin? Why the R’s? Mysteries of life…).

Damn. Now it’s less funny.

Just kidding, this is and will always be hilarious.

“And the President kept saying shit that we’d already heard
so we kept the TV off, and I kept on writing songs
that I knew you’d come to hate if you ever knew what they were about.
Don’t shout at me like I’m across the room when I’m right here,
when you’re right this time.
We’ll do better in another life, in another time, with another.”

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