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Hey guys! I came home and the dogs were intrigued by something under the house, low and behold found this little guy! I did see a cat scurry away, I will try and trap her and get her fixed, haven’t seen her since. This guy looks to be 4wks old, takes formula well, has some scrapes and scabs on his feet, tail, and nose- was probably being chewed up by rats or something.

Anyways, I have enough on my plate with my own three cats and my ADHD puppy, so I’m looking for a home for this guy! He’s gray and white, fluffy, so may be a medium or long haired kitty? Still has blue eyes. If you want to wait until he’s weaned I can do that! He will come with food and whatever I’ve done to him until then. Please PM me if you’re interested! I am located in the Jacksonville Florida area!

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I don't know how to get to your master list on the app can you link me to it?

If youre on the app I found out that the link doesnt not work so youd have to copy and pate the link into a browser but a lot of people (including myself) are too lazy for that so I’ll just give you the masterlist right here xx :)

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Hey guys! My dad is getting evicted and we don’t want to take these lovely cats to the pound. My dad only has until the 15th to leave. He lives in South Florida. The kitten is only under a year old her name is Bubbles she’s fixed, has her shots and aloof but very sweet. The other cat is Jaegermiester he’s ten fixed, has his shots and a big mush that will love you forever! He had crystals in the past so he needs to eat wet food about three times a day. Jaeger also likes to eat cheese and lunch meat. Bubbles loves laser pointers and ribbons for toys! Please contact me through tumblr!



Help. I found these two little angels abandoned by their mother out in my backyard. They where in pretty bad condition and if not helped would of died. I’ve been taking care of them for the past couple if days, Bottle feeding them Krm milk and just keeping them well fed, warm and happy. But I cannot keep them so if anyone around the south Florida area would like to give these two little girls a home I would be forever grateful. They are the sweetest little girls and need a loving home to go to.

Thank you everyone who’s been spreading the word to find these two little rascals a home. They are the absolute sweetest and I would keep them if I could. I truly cannot express my gratitude towards you guys and just the tumblr community who’s listened and is trying to help. Hopefully soon these little girls find a loving home thanks to you guys. Again thank you for giving this simple post so many notes, i cannot express how happy i am you guys care.

PS. Please ignore my stupid smile and face lol :D



Well, it’s time. 

As most of my followers know, I’ve been raising these two lil kittens since they were born (and chronicling their life under this tag ) and now it’s time for me to start looking for forever homes for them. 

While I cannot feasibly keep them throughout their lives, I’m going to be incredibly picky about who they go to and can afford to care for them until I find suitable homes. They would be free to a loving home, though I am considering charging some sort of vetting fee that would only cover their spay/neuter and set of vaccinations at the lowest cost I could find. I would take them myself and provide receipts/invoice of the vetting.  

I’m looking for homes that could:

-(Preferably) adopt them together, though they would be fine in separate homes as well

-Keep them indoor only with supervised outdoor time (they’re harness trained for a reason)

-Provide a safe home with no cat-aggressive cats/dogs/people

-Provide regular/as needed veterinary care (and flea control!)

-Keep them at a reasonable weight (TRUST ME you don’t want a diabetic senior cat if it’s at all preventable) 

-Love them unconditionally for the next 10-18 years of their lives. 

If you are not confident that you can absolutely do these things that’s okay, but these kittens are not for you. 

Interested? Here are some things you should know:

-Hazel is the tortoiseshell female, Badger is the mostly black male. They respond to their names.

-They really like napping anywhere near/on top of people.

-They’re litter trained.

-They’re harness trained (though they’re still a tad small for store-bought harnesses and the outside is still a scary place most of the time. We’re working on it).

-They’ve grown up with other cats and dogs and while wary of them, have no issues with dogs

-I’m going to require they be spayed/neutered before/asap after adoption.

-I have all of their vet records and will provide copies to whomever adopts them.

-They’ve been de-wormed (Pyrantel Pamoate) and treated for coccidia (Albon/Marquis paste) and had their first fvrcp booster at 8 weeks, two days. 

-I work as a vet tech and will be more than willing to help you out with any questions about their vetting/health before/after adoption.

-They’ve been on blue buffalo wilderness/purina pro plan dry kitten kibble and a mix of the occasional science diet/iams/purina pro plan wet kitten food since being weaned. 

-They’d come with any toys/towels/food/litter I have for them. 

-I’m looking for adopters in the Central Florida area (that is where I am), though I’d be willing to drive an hour or two out of the way for the right home. 

-I don’t want to stick in any return/refund clause, but if for any reason after adoption things just aren’t working out, please contact me before re-homing them and I’ll take them back. Within a reasonable amount of time I will also refund any money associated with their spay/neuter.

I’ve had these guys since day one. They were dropped off in a shoe box at work with their umbilical cords still attached. They were so weak they couldn’t even eat. They most likely never had any of their mother’s milk, so their immune systems aren’t as great as they could be (hence the strictly indoor stipulation). They had to be tube-fed for the first two weeks of their lives. They’ve survived horrible bacterial infections and never once gave up. I have held Hazel in my hands as her body was trying desperately not to shut down. I have syringe-fed her 3cc of formula at a time every hour, on the hour, day and night, for three days. They’ve been poked with more needles than most adult humans. And they’re alive and healthy and happy and deserve the best homes I can find. 

I am an individual person using my personal funds to care for these kittens. I am not a rescue group and am not directly affiliated with one. I will make no monetary profit in this. 

Questions? Want more information? Know anyone who might be interested? Feel free to contact me at (put something about kittens in the subject).

Any reblogs would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


So as you folks know, me and my fiancee adopted two kittens from the dumpster behind the hotel I work at. They’re still very young and loving, but unfortunately, due to financial reasons - we cannot keep both. Jack is a very excited and happy black and white cat who loves to cuddle and play, but doesn’t do well in our apartment because we are not home often. Mimi, our tiger stripe kitten, is more relaxed and doesnt mind being home all day while we’re at work! But we just need to find Jack a home where he can be his best self - I don’t want to punish him for being him.

Jack is actually a she, but the name just stuck. She’s a female white and black kitten, maybe just over a month old now. She’s not a picky eater but she does like to have toys to nibble on - we’d be happy to hand her over with some cans of food and her toys, since Mimi is fine with lounging with me and Lucy while we’re home.

We’re looking to find a safe home for her. She does play well with other cats, after she’s introduced! She could be friendly with dogs as long as it’s a controlled environment - she’s never met one before.

We need to find her a new home quickly though and I would hate to leave her at a shelter - she’s so sweet and loving and playful and good for kids. I would like her to go to a home with multiple cats or at least one other - she’s very social, but as long as you give her love and attention you should be good to go!

I currently live in Daytona Beach and would be ABSOLUTELY WILLING to give her to you even if you live in Orlando or St. Augustine. I’ll drive three hours to make sure she’s got a good home. Jack is fine with just water, she doesn’t need much. We’ve been feeding her Purina Kitten Chow, which they both like just fine, with a can of wet food every now and again as a treat - which I’d be happy to let you have, too. Mimi likes solid foods so she won’t mind a scarce can from now on :)

I’ll be posting pictures of my sweetie soon. I’d love to hear from you, I have a day off soon and I’d love to find Jack a good home.

Please reply or email me at! Thank you so much. I’d hate for her to be back out on the street.