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(Snuggle meme ofc)

Beleg stumbled into the room, bumping into the bed with a muttered curse. He’d been gone over ten days on patrol, sleeping only a few minutes here and there. He could think of nothing better than crawling into a warm bed, but his was sadly cold. Turin’s on the other hand had a toasty mortal heating the blankets. He flopped down, nearly dozing already. 


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My asexual ass blushes at really cute girls all the time, same as I do with other cute things like kittens. My male gay friend blushes at cute girls too, but he admits that he;s only attracted to males. From my personal experience, I don't associate blushing and calling someone cute as a crush. It's not 100% definite proof that Yuuri's bi. Yuuri being bi is as much of a headcanon as Yuuri being gay. Queer Yuuri is 100% canon tho.

yuuri is gay

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Late night cuddling! Since you reblogged the cuddly yoonmin earlier XD

jimin quietly shuts the door behind him when comes back from taehyung and seokjin’s hotel room, and instead of going to his own bed on the other side of the room, he makes his way over to yoongi’s. “hey,” he whispers with a gentle nudge to the elder’s shoulder. “move over.”

yoongi seems half asleep, bless him, but he moves over anyway and even picks his head up so that jimin can lay his arm there for him to use as a pillow. “you took your time,” he sighs when jimin pulls him closer and sneaks a hand up his shirt to rest on his hip. “i’m tired.” it’s a tight fit considering they’re both huddled together on a single bed, but that only serves to make it cosier. 

the younger boy laughs as he threads his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair. “then go to sleep,” he whispers. yoongi only nods in response, turning in jimin’s arms to face him with his eyes still shut, and jimin watches in amusement as yoongi brings a hand up to grope for his face, thumb brushing over his lips before he guides him forward by the chin to press their lips together.

“love you” he smiles against jimin’s lips, kissing him one more time before turning back around so that they can spoon. “g’night.”

jimin scoots forward with a grin; pulls yoongi back to his chest and throws one leg over him to make himself comfortable. yoongi’s so damn cute when he’s half asleep. “i love you too,” he whispers, and dips his head down to nuzzle his nose into the crook of yoongi’s neck, making the elder squirm under him with a quiet whine. “night, hyung.”

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Cosmo can do that cute viral kitten thing and I am a very proud kitten mother - jas  

headcanon that joly is just obsessed with cats but bossuet and musichetta are not really into it because they feel like if they accepted to have one joly would keep bringing more and more cats to their apartment until the point they would live in the hall and the cats would take over their home

anyway, joly brings one little kitten to their apartment for an experience (against bossuet and musichetta opinion) and he keeps doing all sort of cute things accompanied by the kitten: he takes pictures of both of them face to face and then send to bossuet and musichetta while they are working with the subtitle “someone here wants to be loved, love us please” or he would let the kitten get into the middle of them while they are sleeping and then it would start licking musichetta and bossuet’s face and they would go like “is that you joly?” and he would answer “no but it could be if you guys addopted this little baby. see? dino (yes, he already named him) already knows you and everything you like”

then one day joly would arrive at home and musichetta would be sitted on a chair with bossuet right beside her and dino would be on her lap and she would go like “we have to talk about this” and then joly would be like “fuck, they are going to ask me to take him away” but he would say “okay” and then sit on the chair next to them. bossuet would calmly say “you have to leave this cat, joly…” and musichetta would complete by saying “you have to leave dino with me and get a new cat for you and another one for bossuet because this cutie pie over here is mine now”

and that’s the begining of the story of how they ended up having four cats, two dogs and a birdie living with them