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How would RFA+ Sarean and V react to their S/O having ADD

ARGH I’M SO mad I was almost finished with the last ask but my freaking pc decided to go bananas and post the incomplete post. ARGH, then when I was trying to edit the screen went crazy again and deleted it ugh. RIP my laptop

Anyways, the last ask was Rfa+ Saeran and V react to their S/O having ADD


  • If you told him you had ADD he would be a bit confused at first
  • Chagiya you don’t look like someone who’d have ADD
  • He’d end up doing a research
  • He just doesn’t want to accidently say something that offends you
  • In he’s research he found some things to cure some ADD symptoms
  • Oh? Exercising is one of them? Chagiya~
  • He’d only help you with all the things if you wanted him to
  • He’d be even more protective than what he already is
  • Zen pls
  • If anyone ever made fun of you because you have ADD
  • They better fucking book it
  • This man will end them
  • He’d do anything for you, anything


  • He’d be pretty chill about it
  • Hoo-Boy
  • Will research about ADD just to see if there’s anything he can do
  • Oh there are some medicines? Kitten have you tried this?
  • Well shit he bought them anyways
  • Will get you a personal trainer, nutritionist and anything he thinks could help
  • Kitten the website said you needed 7 to 8 hours of sleep, get in the bed
  • Don’t ask me twice then ohoho
  • If anyone dares to say something negative about you this man is already hunting them down
  • You know damn well he has the power to do literally all you’ve ever wanted
  • And he will fucking do everything


  • This sweetheart wouldn’t care less if you had ADD or not
  • You are a goddess in his eyes
  • You saved him from his dark loneliness, he won’t ever see anything wrong with you
  • But if you really wanted therapy he would get the best goddamn doctor okay
  • He’s a rich fucking photographer ok
  • If he feels like he needs a bit of help he’ll ask Jumin
  • If someone say disrespects you at all he’s calm nature is fucking gone
  • He just wants to see you be happy and not care about any difficulty
  • He’ll always support you
  • He just loves you so much


  • You know?
  • I kinda head canon that he has ADD too
  • So I guess he really wouldn’t care?
  • I mean if you want to get rid of it he’d probably ask seven what to do
  • Bad idea
  • We know this guy would fucking wreck anyone in a heartbeat
  • Now if that anyone was being an asshole towards you
  • Oh gosh
  • Hope that anyone runs fast af
  • They’re dead
  • Or he’ll just leave them somewhere close to death
  • No one can mess with you
  • You saved him from mint eye
  • Now all he wants to do is protect you, with everything he’s got


  • Momma Jaehee here
  • Will research it right away
  • “well dear, this website says nutrition is important so we’ll have to work on that
  • If you want to get a treatment she’s with you 24/7
  • Fuck Jumin and his cat projects
  • Momma Jaehee has no chill if she hears someone making fun of you
  • Mate she knows Judo
  • Whoever offends you is going down
  • She loves so much
  • If you ever feel bad about yourself because you have ADD, she’ll sit you in the couch wrap you up with blankets and cuddle with you until you feel better
  • She wishes she could make you see how perfect you are and how this ADD thing doesn’t make you any less than a queen


  • This babe
  • He fucking asks seven what he’s supposed to do know
  • If you ever feel bad about yourself he’ll do ANYTHING to cheer you up
  • He’ll even wear dog ears and act like your puppy if that’s what you want
  • He won’t ever let anyone offend you
  • If someone does
  • Since nutrition is something that’ll help you
  • No more takeout
  • This boy will cook for you 24/7
  • He’ll probably let you have a cheat day
  • He’s such a sweetheart
  • He’ll never look down on you, you are a fallen angel for him


  • I mean
  • This boy found out everything about you
  • Even that you have ADD
  • But he loves you too much to even care about that
  • He’ll don anything he can to help you
  • And if someone ever makes fun of your ADD
  • He’ll act cool at that moment
  • But when you get home
  • He’s hacking everything
  • He’ll ruin that asshole’s life
  • You are the love of his life
  • And he’ll try his best to make sure you know that

Ah~ i repeated so many things didn’t I, sorry i just feel like they all would be supportive and love you even if you have ADD.

I hope this was what you where expecting, i’m sorry i accidentally deleted everything ;-; any ways i hope you all have a great day - Mod Nin

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Cake Boss was filming at the Steampunk World’s Fair! They made a truly amazing cake that is the first cake I’ve ever seen that needs to be plugged in. No further spoilers, I want people to see the show.

I didn’t get filmed, I think, but I did get one of the very last slices! The outside was that standard kinda-chewy fondant, and those little bitty gears were made out of something like edible ricepaper, but the inside was super moist and good.

And now I’ve eaten famous cake.

Feline Leukaemia Virus

I’d just like to start by saying sorry for the lack of recent posts! May and June were a whirlwind of revision and exams but I’m all finished now and awaiting my results! I’m currently working at my local Blue Cross centre on the first of three summer placements. If you’re not from the UK, The Blue Cross is a rehoming centre for animals that are either stray or can no longer be looked after by their owners. My local centre deals with finding homes for dogs, cats and rabbits. This week I was situated in the cat block which at this time of year has a fair few kittens! Cats are seasonally polyoestrous meaning they have many oestrus cycles but only during certain seasons, this is extremely different to dogs who in theory have two cycles a year making them dioestrous. In reality the gap between cycles differs per canine breed and per animal. Cats cycle when there are twelve or more hours of daylight, hence the kittens inundating the rehoming centre at this time of year in the UK!  

When brought in to the centre all cats receive a full veterinary health check including a blood test to check for illnesses such as feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukaemia virus. This week a cat tested positive for feline leukaemia virus, a very rare occurrence, so I thought I’d look in to the illness a bit more in to order to empathise with her and what her body is going through.

Feline leukaemia virus is a retrovirus, meaning it contains single stranded RNA that inserts itself in to the animal’s cell’s DNA using the enzyme reverse transcriptase. Feline immunodeficiency virus is also a retrovirus and the two are often confused. It has an enveloped structure meaning it is surrounded by a host-derived phospholipid bilayer. This means enveloped viruses often leave the host cell by ‘budding’ through the cell membrane instead of causing the cell to burst, leading to more persistent infections instead of the chronic infections more typical of non-enveloped viruses. Enveloped viruses are weaker than those without envelopes and are killed easily by disinfectants, heat and desiccation. Due to its characteristics the virus can’t survive for long in the outside environment meaning the disease is transmitted through nasal secretions and saliva. This could be through a bite or through something a lot friendlier like mutual grooming. As suggested in its name, the virus can cause cancer of the blood, specifically white blood cells called lymphocytes. Cats can either fight off the disease and become immune, be an asymptomatic carrier and infect other cats, or develop signs of the disease and a compromised immune system (similar to feline immunodeficiency virus but through different mechanisms). With these last two, where the virus is persistent and not fought off, the cats are likely to die within 3 years of exposure through tumours or secondary diseases derived from a reduced immune system. Signs of the virus are broad including recurrent bacterial infections, lack of appetite, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and weight loss.

The stages of viral spread are as follows:

1)      The virus enters the animal, usually through the pharynx, and infects epithelial cells before being filtered in to the lymph nodes

2)      It then enters the blood stream and circulates the body. A virus in the blood is known as viraemia. At this stage an immune response can still be produced, fighting off the virus and preventing disease

3)      Lymphocytes (white blood cells responsible for antibody production and other key immune responses) are next to become infected

4)      If the cat’s immune system cannot fight the infection, the bone marrow becomes infected. This is where lymphocytes as well as other white blood cells important in immune responses are formed. Once the virus infects the bone marrow it is with the cat for life

A very low percentage of cats are persistently infected (I’ve seen figures quoting from 0.5%-3% varying per country) however around 35% of pet cats contain an antibody that shows they’ve been exposed to the virus but successfully fought it off. Kittens can be born with it if infected in the uterus from an infected mother. There is a vaccine available but it doesn’t offer 100% protection. It is a highly recommended vaccination for outdoor cats but is not a core vaccine in the UK. Treatment for the disease is highly limited with prevention (vaccination, preventing contact with infected cats etc.) being the key to the control of this virus.

So there we go, that’s feline leukaemia virus. I’ll try and do a post on feline immunodeficiency virus soon as it is often confused with the leukaemia virus. The Blue Cross has also given me a few more post ideas related to training techniques and such like, so watch this space!

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Hello! I was wondering why x-rays are commonly done on pregnant animals, when they're considered dangerous for pregnant humans?

Loving this question! In general I don’t approve of radiographs on pregnant animals either, and neither does the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals–for the mom, not the puppies. This is because her hormones during this time can cause joint laxity and even luxation during positioning. And you are right, there are risks to exposing the fetus(es) to radiation. But there is one specific time when I do–and just took one yesterday, in fact!

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you have a Chihuahua that was bred about a month and a half ago–she’s at the 48 day mark, in fact! Well, around day 45 the skeletons of the pups inside her have begun to ossify. Prior to that they were cartilage models, present but utterly moot when it comes to taking radiographs because they blend in with the other soft tissues in mom’s abdomen. Day 50 is when they should be at their strongest, so I like to try and wait until then until radiographing.

Now, a Chihuahua is a tiiiiiiny dog. Her puppies surely can’t get so big they’d cause a problem, right? Wrong. If the breeding only resulted in one puppy (and sometimes often does), that puppy doesn’t compete for any nutrition or room in the mother’s abdomen. She still swells up because the puppy grows so big! So in Chihuahuas (or small breeds in general, or breeds with big heads, like Bulldogs (who don’t even whelp naturally in most cases but that’s another rant for another time)) it’s important to know if there’s only one puppy in there, or several. We can measure the widest diameter of their skull against the most narrow point of the mother’s pelvis to make sure the skull can even fit through the pelvis. If it can’t, the pup would get locked in place during a natural delivery, forcing an emergency c-section rather than a much calmer planned one where mom isn’t already stressed from trying to deliver the puppy and exhausted from failing to do so.

That’s really true of any breed, but more obvious in our tiny or otherwise weird looking ones. So why, yesterday, did I take a radiograph of a Goldendoodle?

Still for the puppy count, but for planning reasons. Without radiographs, if mom had stopped whelping after puppy nine at home, how do you know there isn’t a tenth puppy? With a radiograph, we can give a reasonably accurate head (or spine) count so that if mom stops whelping (and isn’t just taking a break) we know that something’s going on. Maybe the next puppy is stuck, maybe the next puppy is dead or even mummified, maybe she strained so hard to push the last puppy out that she ruptured her uterus and now the other puppies are actually IN her abdomen. It’s basically a way to know for sure that everyone is out. In humans, ultrasonography is pretty good at doing a head count and actually identifying problems with babies. And before the skeletons come around, we veterinarians can use the ultrasound to diagnose a pregnancy and to check fetal heart rates, which can indicate stress. But it’s really sucky at doing head counts. There isn’t as much of a “window” around the fetuses to differentiate them from the abdomen or each other (less amniotic fluid, that is), especially late in the pregnancy. And that’s why we go with the radiographs.

Annnnnd sometimes there’s water babies who defy predicting the odds, but that’s another story.


Hiya Tumblr universe, I’m reaching out hoping that some of you will be able to help, even just by reblogging. I am trying to raise some money with a Go Fund Me account for this stray kitten I am fostering:

Meet Hunter! He is a 10 week old stray kitten we found outside the back door in Needham, MA, where the feral cat population is simply out of control. Hunter was crying, barely able to move, running a very high fever and seemingly close to death. The vet at the free clinic we took him to told us he MIGHT survive if we took him to the ER and got him an IV. Unfortunately it was a very expensive process that we were not prepared to take on. When we asked if we should surrender him, the vet was very honest and told us that he was certain if we did, the MSPCA they would euthanize him. We were determined not to let that happen! My wonderful friend Elena spent 4 days feeding him, giving him water in a syringe, and cleaning all the mats out of his fur as she could. When this clearly hadn’t been enough (although it most certainly kept him alive and he was showing signs of getting better) we knew we needed something more and took him to the MSPCA ER. We bit the bullet and paid the $180 it cost to have him seen and to receive antibiotics. It turns out that the mats she couldn’t get out were actually covering bite wounds from another cat that had grown massive infections, the real cause for his sickness. 

Hunter has been home with me for almost 48 hours now, and with his medicine and the wounds opened and cleaned, I am starting to see him act like the kitten he should be at this age! I still have to give him antibiotics twice daily and clean his wounds, which he does not like AT ALL, but i truly believe this whole experience is helping him become a wonderful addition to wherever his furrever home ends up being. Which leads up the reason for our GoFundMe. 

Hunters care has already put a financial strain on Elena and myself, which neither of us can really afford at the moment. Non the less, i refuse to let Hunter be put down for something so treatable. We are asking for donations to help offset the following costs:

$150 ER appointment
$30 Antibiotics/IV fluids
$200 XRay (potential necessity)
$70x 3 follow up appointments (I just spoke with the vet, kittens need to be vaccinated every two or three weeks, so when we bring him in he will need to come back a few times)
$30 kitten play pen
~$50  kitten food/ litter/medicine for ear mites

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