kittens as medicine

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Did you have any pets when you were in vet school? Would you recommend a vet student have an animal?

I had the family pets back home, but I didn’t acquire a pet in vet school. I mean, sort of.

Vet school makes you very time poor. It’s hard to find time for any social activities, and keeping a pet on top of that can be a significant time commitment. Between traveling back home each weekend it wasn’t something I had time for, and they weren’t allowed in the on-campus accommodation anyway.

Some students that rented a house together ended up with a cat, but these cats were acquired ‘accidentally’ from people who didn’t want them, and vet students had a hard time saying no.

I wouldn’t go out of your way to look for a pet in vet school. If it’s going to happen, the pet will find you.

Vet clinics have a semi-steady supply of animals that for whatever reason need a home, if only they could find one. A vet student with no current pets is a prime candidate, and it’s not uncommon to see vet students adopt the abandoned whatever to get it the treatment it needs. Also things like the goldfish used to teach ornamental aquarium management need homes after the practical classes, so someone inevitably ends up with more goldfish than they ever planned for because if vet students have a weakness, it’s animals.

One year on an internal medicine rotation I accidentally ended up with a stray kitten, because the medicine nurse told us it would be put to sleep if we couldn’t find a home for it. So I took it to find it a home, even though I was living on campus and not allowed any pets.

I only had him there for a fortnight, but he was our Big SecretTM and the warden’s weren’t to know about him until I could smuggle him back home to find a real owner for him. My friends and I named him Evidence.

As in “The warden’s are coming. Quick! Hide the Evidence!”

Poor Anders has some kind of a stomach bug probably (sorry, but also this is me confronting my emetophobia a little bit: my faves puke sometimes and it’s a fact), and Jay has to give the kittens whatever medicine they require that time. It’s smelly & Anders does not approve but also all the kittens are sleeping on him because he’s hot.

How would RFA+ Sarean and V react to their S/O having ADD

ARGH I’M SO mad I was almost finished with the last ask but my freaking pc decided to go bananas and post the incomplete post. ARGH, then when I was trying to edit the screen went crazy again and deleted it ugh. RIP my laptop

Anyways, the last ask was Rfa+ Saeran and V react to their S/O having ADD


  • If you told him you had ADD he would be a bit confused at first
  • Chagiya you don’t look like someone who’d have ADD
  • He’d end up doing a research
  • He just doesn’t want to accidently say something that offends you
  • In he’s research he found some things to cure some ADD symptoms
  • Oh? Exercising is one of them? Chagiya~
  • He’d only help you with all the things if you wanted him to
  • He’d be even more protective than what he already is
  • Zen pls
  • If anyone ever made fun of you because you have ADD
  • They better fucking book it
  • This man will end them
  • He’d do anything for you, anything


  • He’d be pretty chill about it
  • Hoo-Boy
  • Will research about ADD just to see if there’s anything he can do
  • Oh there are some medicines? Kitten have you tried this?
  • Well shit he bought them anyways
  • Will get you a personal trainer, nutritionist and anything he thinks could help
  • Kitten the website said you needed 7 to 8 hours of sleep, get in the bed
  • Don’t ask me twice then ohoho
  • If anyone dares to say something negative about you this man is already hunting them down
  • You know damn well he has the power to do literally all you’ve ever wanted
  • And he will fucking do everything


  • This sweetheart wouldn’t care less if you had ADD or not
  • You are a goddess in his eyes
  • You saved him from his dark loneliness, he won’t ever see anything wrong with you
  • But if you really wanted therapy he would get the best goddamn doctor okay
  • He’s a rich fucking photographer ok
  • If he feels like he needs a bit of help he’ll ask Jumin
  • If someone say disrespects you at all he’s calm nature is fucking gone
  • He just wants to see you be happy and not care about any difficulty
  • He’ll always support you
  • He just loves you so much


  • You know?
  • I kinda head canon that he has ADD too
  • So I guess he really wouldn’t care?
  • I mean if you want to get rid of it he’d probably ask seven what to do
  • Bad idea
  • We know this guy would fucking wreck anyone in a heartbeat
  • Now if that anyone was being an asshole towards you
  • Oh gosh
  • Hope that anyone runs fast af
  • They’re dead
  • Or he’ll just leave them somewhere close to death
  • No one can mess with you
  • You saved him from mint eye
  • Now all he wants to do is protect you, with everything he’s got


  • Momma Jaehee here
  • Will research it right away
  • “well dear, this website says nutrition is important so we’ll have to work on that
  • If you want to get a treatment she’s with you 24/7
  • Fuck Jumin and his cat projects
  • Momma Jaehee has no chill if she hears someone making fun of you
  • Mate she knows Judo
  • Whoever offends you is going down
  • She loves so much
  • If you ever feel bad about yourself because you have ADD, she’ll sit you in the couch wrap you up with blankets and cuddle with you until you feel better
  • She wishes she could make you see how perfect you are and how this ADD thing doesn’t make you any less than a queen


  • This babe
  • He fucking asks seven what he’s supposed to do know
  • If you ever feel bad about yourself he’ll do ANYTHING to cheer you up
  • He’ll even wear dog ears and act like your puppy if that’s what you want
  • He won’t ever let anyone offend you
  • If someone does
  • Since nutrition is something that’ll help you
  • No more takeout
  • This boy will cook for you 24/7
  • He’ll probably let you have a cheat day
  • He’s such a sweetheart
  • He’ll never look down on you, you are a fallen angel for him


  • I mean
  • This boy found out everything about you
  • Even that you have ADD
  • But he loves you too much to even care about that
  • He’ll don anything he can to help you
  • And if someone ever makes fun of your ADD
  • He’ll act cool at that moment
  • But when you get home
  • He’s hacking everything
  • He’ll ruin that asshole’s life
  • You are the love of his life
  • And he’ll try his best to make sure you know that

Ah~ i repeated so many things didn’t I, sorry i just feel like they all would be supportive and love you even if you have ADD.

I hope this was what you where expecting, i’m sorry i accidentally deleted everything ;-; any ways i hope you all have a great day - Mod Nin

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32W D3

The Braxton Hicks are getting more painful by the day. I literally have to stop what I’m doing even if it’s talking to someone at a store or at home. I’ve had to pull over my car so I can deal with the pain.

Since moving to Texas I’ve been trying to get seen by a doctor and they haven’t called me back or anything. Won’t even answer the damn phone, it’s always voice mail. Friggin tricare 😒

Went to Golden Corral (which I hate) today and had 4 plates of bread and macaroni 😂

My husband who hates cats showed up today with one. He named him Reggie Wayne Miller Jr. he’s black and super chill. He’s only 5 months old. Unfortunately Reggie like to scratch me and no one else. He better keep those claws to him self when my little monkey arrives.