kittens and books

Why do people think Lars could be immortal??

There’s nothing to even suggest lion is…? I thought the consensus was that the cat carrier from the storage unit episode was for keeping a young lion kitten. Buddy’s Book was 1) Steven’s imagination of how characters looked, so the lions looking like his is an illusion, and 2) none of those lions had to be lion, they very well could just be ancestors of him.


I have developed a love for tea in the past few months and although I usually just grab some camomile-lavender or other herbal teas at the grocery store, I have recently discovered the delight of tea shops! One of my good friends got me bunch of loose leaf teas for the holidays and now I’m hooked. But hey, according to this lovely book, February is just the month for visiting tea shops 🌿

Now to stop babbling on about tea and get back to my French reading….

Ps. If you’re also a tea drinker, I would love to hear your favourites/recommendations! ☕️