Enjoy the second installment of “Cat Talk” with Michelle & Jooney, who you might recognize from the book.

Written by Jim Tews, voices by Adira Amram​ and Ollie.

So im eating cheetos in bed (like every normal person, gotta get my cheeto fix), and currently its 11 at night. Its as dark as my sense of humor and i can barely see. Im sitting under my covers and i didnt wanna touch anything since i have a large amount of cheeto dust on my fingers and that shit spreads like the plague when it touches any surface. So i put my hand out of the covers and hold it above the stuff on my bed so it doesnt get dirty. Suddenly i felt something nibbling and licking my fingers. Naturally i flip out and flail my arm to get rid of the cheeto-craving creature. It flips out and jumps directly on my face that is hidden under the blanket. I take the blanket off my head and look for the animal and see wide reflective floating eyes by the door. I scream “ay dios mio” at the top of my lungs, and then i hear a loud meow. At that moment i remember that 1.) I have a black cat
And 2.) I just woke up my parents
My dad opens my door and i have to explain why im covered in cheeto dust on tumblr on a school night, and when he heard my story he just. Left.
And thats my thrilling tale for the internet that will get no notes and will be on my blog forever.

I just let the dogs out for the last time for the night.

A few moments later, I ear them yapping and yipping and whining.

Go outside to investigate.  Is it a deer?  A bear?  A pack of raccoons?


It was a kitten.  A lone, tiny, wide-eyed kitten, just on the other side of the fence.

My guard dogs, everybody.