Adult Braces

I’m about to lay down some truth here and I know it’s the truth because I have had the misfortune of wearing braces… in adulthood [or whatever you call your twenties; human metamorphosis time?].

“You look fine with braces on,”
“You can’t even notice them,”
“Dont worry you’ll have them off in a year.”

The above quotes are utter bullshit and if you get adult braces you should punch the person(s) who tells you these lies in their lying liar face. Immediately. Cause here’s the truth… Get ready. Sit down. Make sure you put down all sharp objects you may or may not be holding.

You look like a fucking CHILD with a capital C and a capital Hild.

But alas, on the horizon are the straight teeth you were born to have. Once those teeth staightening machines are yanked out you may find you are a completly slutty different person as one tumblr user [this one right here] found out.

Here’s basically what happens…

I’m not lying. This is not some 80s teen movie. John Cusack is nowhere to be found.

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