Dear Cat ( And those who read this)

I am shocked to read the shit that has been said to u & i cant even fathom why someone would even say such things.

Its clearer to me than ever before, that people will always put others down to make themselves feel better.

Dont ever doubt yourself, or who u are because ive known you for many years now & I am proud to call you one of my BestFriends.

Thank you to those who have been showing their support, saying kinds words & think she is wonderful like we do.

To those who hate her…a simple solution is DONT GO ON HER PAGE!

Cat,Im sorry they mentioned your Aunt in vain..but they will pay for that.

I promise u.
No one gets away speaking ill of the departed.

I Love You xo

anonymous asked:

Have you ever met anyone from Tumblr in real life?


Sophia & Dave aka cutest couple on all of the Earth. I went to England and hung out with them as well as Sam last summer.

I’m about to meet Caitlin in a few weeks. Which is blowing my mind.

And of course I know Nicole, Amber, Greg, Kirsten, John, Niko, and Libby in real life.