Performance Alter Ego

The Lead Singer. Those three words have been an elusive and private goal for me ever since I began playing and writing music. I have never before allowed myself to consider the position of being a lead singer. I figured it was selfish because I don’t always have perfect pitch, nor the range of some of my peers. I thought it was narcissistic to dream of being the center of attention if I didn’t have the chops. Up until this point, I thought my voice sounded like chainsaws or sandpaper, with maybe a tactfully placed lions roar if I was lucky. I am so thankful to the more experienced singers in this program who have given me the confidence to see that my voice is something unique, instead of the cry of some feral animal that resides between my vocal chords. Now the dream of performing as a lead singer dazzles much closer, almost close enough to grasp. Why not use an alter ego to make the transition?

First, the name. I’m hesitant to change my name and I wish I was just lucky to have a perfect one, but unfortunately Keden just doesn’t have any star quality ring to it. The amount of times my last name has been mispronounced and butchered in my life is definitely in the 8 digit range. Sara, on the other hand, means “princess” in Hebrew, which I think is fitting for the image that I’m going for. I chose the pseudonym Sara July, because I like the even distribution of syllables and I think that it’s memorable. July is also my favorite month of the year. I think it’s the most charismatic. Summer is my favorite season because it breeds happiness and good vibes; June is spent recovering from school, and August is spent cramming the rest of your summer bucket list in a matter of weeks. July though, July represents happiness and freedom.

I think that my alter ego would definitely dress boldly and beautifully. Lately I’ve been wearing lots of dark, plain clothing because of winter, but I bet Sara July wouldn’t settle for that. She wears unique, glamorous dresses and skirts to play up her femininity. She also wears bold and glamorous makeup. She manages to use her sexuality as a tool to enhance her performance without being overtly sexual. She also injects massive amounts of passion into her performances. She has mastered the complex art of clever stage banter. She has learned to dance gracefully in heels, but somehow always ends up barefoot. She can see flying water bottles coming from a mile away and deflect them without batting an eyelash. She can part the Red Sea. Can I become her someday? Maybe!

PS: I’m going to borrow my friend’s dress to take a picture in soon, and I posted a link of one of my biggest inspirations for this character, Chloe Chaidez, singer of Kitten.