Cat and Kittens

Cat and Kittens Date: late 19th century Culture: Japan Medium: Unglazed pottery (Banko ware) Dimensions: H. 4 in. (10.2 cm); L. 4 ½ in. (11.4 cm) Classification: Ceramics Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. V. Everit Macy, 1923 Accession Number: 23.225.26

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How would sf bros, us and uf bros react to their so being turned into a kitten by alphys/undyne by accident? What would they do while they wait for an antidote?

This is so cute! 



Black is naturally good around cats so when you get turned into one, he knows exactly what to do. Assuming that you still have your human mind, he doesn’t bother getting a litter for you, but he does spend a lot of time grooming and petting you. He knows all the right spots and knows the perfect way to make you coo and purr. Black doesn’t actually mind you this way, he can pet you while he’s doing his work to keep himself focused and he’s a great snuggler. Just be careful when you sleep next to him in your cat form. He has a tendency to kick and move around a lot, in your normal form, it’ll just give you bruises, but in a small, cat form, you might actually die. 


Rus is laughing so hard, he nearly falls out of his chair! You’re just so cute! Look at those little paws, and your little nose, too adorable! He’s taking so many pictures while gushing about how precious you are. Even if you do try to tell him to stop or that you’re getting annoyed, Rus just gets another nosebleed. You can’t even scratch him to get him to stop rubbing your stomach, he’s made of bones! Finally, when you’ve had enough, you hiss at him and oh god, you monster, what have you done. Oh man, Rus thinks you hate him now, he’s giving you the eyes, the puppy dogs, and he’s apologizing over and over like he’s brought disgrace upon his family. You nuzzle his cheeks to let him know that you’re not mad anymore. 



Blue is high key freaking out because you’re!!! a!!! cat!!! No!!!!!!! Why couldn’t you have transformed into a dog??? Dogs are much cuter!!! Not that Blue has anything against cats, he just thinks that they aren’t as great as dogs. He eagerly awaits Undyne to get you the antidote, but until then, Blue treats you a total pet, like going on walks, petting you whenever he can. Despite his reservations about feline creatures, He takes really good care of you until you’re back to normal. 


Your new home is his hoodie. Seriously, Stretch will carry you around everywhere and will buy one of those hoodies with really big pockets so he could carry you in them. He thinks that you’re hecking adorable, but he’d prefer your normal, real version, because sorry, he can’t make out with an animal. It’s just wrong. Because of your hyper sensitive nose now, Stretch does refrain from smoking around you, since he doesn’t want to cause you any discomfort, you but still pick up the scent and it’s gross and annoying, especially since you’re around him all day. Also, Stretch is the worst petter. He touches you in all the wrong spots and always does it a little too roughly. You have to hiss at him to stop, but he doesn’t catch on what he needs to stop, so he stops touching you all together. 



Red is high key freaking out and demanding that Alphys fixes you right this second! You can’t be a cat, you can’t be! It’s become 10x harder to keep you safe and there’s no way that Red is letting you wander off on your own. He actually keeps you on leash to make sure that you don’t run off, and he even goes to the store to buy cat food for you. Cat food. There’s no way you’re eating cat food, but according to Red, since you have the body of a kitten now, it won’t be able to process human food the same way anymore.  He doesn’t exactly know how to take care of a kitten, so he just lets you do whatever as long as he could see you. It’s overbearing, but he means well. No one except Alphys knows about your kitten status, but Red suspects that Fell thinks something is up. No one is allowed to touch you except him. 


Like Black, Fell is basically a cat whisperer so he easily tends to your every needs, treating you like royalty. He goes out and buys you the most expensive, tastiest cat food, toys, and best of all, bedding. Oh man, your bed is simply divine, like heaven stuffed into a cloud. He even buys you a pretty collar to wear around your neck just in case that you get lost. It might be a little weird, yes, but you look and feel pretty so you don’t care. Fell spends most of the day working, while you spend most of the day napping and/or avoiding Red. With your hyper sense of smell, you just realized how disgusting the other skeleton smells. When Fell gets back home, he immediately calls you to his side and showers you with nuzzles, pets, and kisses. He laid your bed right next to his, but on some nights, you hop onto his bed with him, and curl up beside his chest. Being a cat might not be so bad after all.  


For the well wishes and good vibes and prayers. It really means a lot to me that those I talk to on here on the regular thought of me and crossed their fingers and toes in my time of need and before I get all emotional and just write out a paragraph of my feelings… Let me tell you what happened during the last two weeks!

As some of you know I was going through a lot being unemployed since March. The past three months have been worse as well with me trying to get back to work and hearing nothing back or getting the interviews by not being qualified or best for their business as they put it. Up to now I’ve had about 8 or 9 interviews. Last week when I had those two interviews on the same day, I finally broke down. I drove to the parking lot and had a conversation with myself which left me in tears and an even bigger headache. Whatever, went to the interview, did what I had to do, and that was that. Hours later, drove across town to maybe an hour and a half away for the second interview at a restaurant that is not going to be ready to open until mid December. But they all said the same thing, we’ll call you.

Fast Forward Tuesday

I want to say three weeks back I get a call from the casino asking me if they could call me back to schedule a phone interview 😐 and I said yes. It was the same lady… 😐 I kept asking myself why didn’t she just interview me right then and there? We do the questions and answers game and I felt a bit easy seeing it was a phone interview. She can’t see me fidgeting or being nervous so that’s a plus. Great, I passed the first interview process. Process number two would come 2 weeks later… at this point I keep saying that I can’t be waiting til next month to have money, I need this now so I continue to look for more jobs.

Well, two weeks passed and Tuesday I show up at the interview at Horseshoe Casino for the Buffet Runner job. I’m not the only interview they have so I’m thinking it’s gonna go as usual and I’m gonna talk to them and I’m not going to get a call back. A little negative there, I know. All this time til now I just been positive. I’m just a very positive person and rarely do I ever show any signs of negativity or bring myself down even when the situation is bad.

They call us all in. Like 20 to 30 people. We get into groups. Our names and the job we applied for are on the tables that we are all sitting. Then they tell us we are going to do a group exercise and my head turns into anxiety mode because I have to talk to all of these people in the room.

Our first group work was read to us. The plane that we were boarding on crash landed in the Brazilian rainforest 😐 and there’s 6 of you. You look at luggages and purge stuff out but you can only carry 7 items. Help is coming but you don’t know when or how long it’s going to take.


So I turn into Jack Shephard and take over the whole team. Some of them want to take matches and a phone and I’m sitting there like we can make fire with sticks and we don’t need a phone, it will run out of battery, let’s take the compass… I’m surviving this season.

We did an awesome job working together as a team and that is what they were looking for. Round 1 is done. Round 2 is telling a story through pictures that were zoomed in only to tell an even bigger story. It was very detailed work shop. We passed that also because we communicated.

After a few minutes, they deliberated, and only three random people were cut. The rest of us we made it to the next part of the interview and that was to talk to the manager of the job you were applying. So usually it’s me telling them about myself but my soon to be awesome manager flipped it and told me about herself and what she wanted to represent. I told her about myself after, how I work, how I intend to work, and how I am under pressure. She liked me so much. She offered me the job to which was 3 to close from Wednesdays through Friday and 9 to 6 Saturdays and Sundays… I tried to get Saturdays only off but wasn’t in the books for me. So I may also be working holidays as well.

Interview took about 2 to 3 hours because paper work. Benefits if I were to work longer than 90 days I would get the casino benefits plus my choice of another job within the company. Also getting my gambling and liquor license which expires in about 3 years. I’m gonna be a bartender after this.

So that’s that. Lucky that I get to start training next Tuesday for four days and then start the actual work the second week of December.

I’m happy. As some of you can tell I’m just happy and excited and exhausted from this whole journey that took me to this point.

So thank you to everyone that told me to that I would get something soon. To keep trying. I never gave up looking. And here I am writing a long essay about how much this community is so well motivating and encouraging.

Thanks friends for sticking by me and my moods and my one word answers. I love you all like family.




















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Originally posted by squynhty

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| M O R E  M E M B E R S

| C O M I N G  S O O N~~~! 


Trans Erik Killmonger headcanon. 
 N'Jadaka is his dead name. When he left Wakanda he transitioned so it was all dramatic when he came back like a completely different person. Because he’s a petty extra trans.Tchalla welcomed him back with open arms like “Brother!” and he was like “Nah, New name, New Me, I’mma be King now.”  USURP! 

This headcanon will be confirmed in the movie when either Tchalla or someone else calls him “N’Jadaka” and he’s gonna throw a villain hissy fit. “CALL ME THAT AGAIN! DO IT! I fucking dear you black kitten.” 

Andfor wooby status making backstory he probably wanna take over Wakanda to avenge his father cuz thats the only way he’ll internally accept himself as a man or whatever. ANyway he’s my emo punk bitch trans villain now fangirls. 


And we’re back. 

2015 has me in the bushes working on a proper version of Scratching Pad both the foster home and as a platform to help shelters raise money and provide better feline education.

A few days ago I received an email from Caitlin asking if I can do an emergency foster for a slightly constipated gray kitten. I met Caitlin at the Cooper Square Veterinary Hospital. (Hey Doc! if you’re looking at this right now) When the kitten came out to see us he was a little purr ball and I quickly remembered why fostering animals is one of the most awesomely rewarding things you can do in your spare time. (Seriously, it’s kitten season - register with your local rescue group). 

A few notes about Ginsburg the kitten.

1. Was one of the tiny stars on the Rachel Comey cat rescue live stream. 

2. Took an antibiotic shot to the neck without flinching - boss kitten status.

3. If you nap anywhere there’s a 200% chance he’s curled up 1 feet away when you wake up. 

4. Will be up for adoption as soon as he outgrows his poop problem. 

Bill let’s go!”

“Just … one … second …” Bill grunted as he stretched his arm out under the bed, his fingers just barely brushing the backpack pushed up against the wall. Almost. Got. It.

“We’re already going to miss the previews! You know that I love the previews!”

“I said gimmie a sec, Pine Tree!”

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