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Esiste una via di mezzo tra tacchi alti e calzature flat? Per chi non va pazza per zeppe, plateau e tacchi stratosferici, una soluzione fashion è necessaria! I “kittenheels”: tacchi stiletto piccoli e sottili, alti dai 3 ai 6 centimetri, molto chic, dal mood bon-ton. Resi famosi dall’attrice Audrey Hepburn, i “kitten heels” strizzano l’occhio alla moda anni ’50 e ’60 e sono la vera rivelazione di stagione! Eleganza discreta, fascino retrò e linee armoniche, sono queste le armi di seduzione di questi tacchi “in miniatura”!

Da indossare con gonne a ruota e vestitini a trapezio, sotto il tailleur o un paio di jeans skinny, i “kitten heels” sono versatili e comodi, perfetti per chi non vuole rinunciare al comfort, pur indossando i tacchi.

Siete pronte per indossarli all day long?

Kitten heels Primadonna Collection 39,99€

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a scenario/drabble where Prompto falls in love with Noctis' female retainer, who has joined the on the trip?

OHHHHH Prompto!That little romantic. I went through 3 prompts before finally settling on this one, I think it’s the better of the three.


Prompto rose his camera to take a picture of the sleeping Prince in the backseat of the car, a little payback from the other taking those rather embarrassing pictures of him at the last rest stop. Only for his camera lens to turned to you instead, sitting between Gladiolus and Noctis, you didn’t appear at all uncomfortable.

If anything you seemed relaxed, your head resting against the headrest as you closed your eyes. Not asleep, but simply enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face.

You had joined the trip as Noctis’s retainer, unlike Ignis, you were there more a bodyguard for everyone, but also to ensure that no one killed themselves, as none of them had any medical training aside from the absolute basics that everyone was required in the Kingsglavie.

Prompto remembered the first time that he saw you, right as they were leaving for the trip, and Noctis mentioned that you were a late join. Prompto thought that they would be joined by an older woman, with gray hair, a large mole on her cheek, librarian glasses, and an outfit that had been out of date for decades.

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