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Sample photos of my surprise bags, read on for more details!

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First photo: $55.00
- Must have 2 random 16cm (standard size) plush
- One random 8cm phone strap plush
- One Latte Kitten keychain OR Marvel blind box
- random assortment of treats/candy
- 12 to 14 randomly assorted stationary sheets

Middle photo: $35.00
- Must have one random 16cm (standard size) plush
- One random 12cm (Chainball) plush
- One random 8cm phone strap plush
- Random assortment of treats/candy
- 8 to 10 randomly assorted stationary sheets

Last photo: $55.00
- Must have 3 random 12cm (Chainball) plushies
- One random 16cm (standard size) plush
- One Latte Kitten OR Marvel blind box
- Random assortment of treats/candy
- 12 to 14 randomly assorted stationary sheets

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anonymous asked:

How would the 2Ps react to finding out that they're leaning on an wall that has wet paint on it?

((oh my god xD this ask))

you: *is chatting with a 2P, you suddenly notice the ‘wet paint’ sign above the wall he’s leaning against and you point it out*

2p!america: what? no. nonono i’m too cool for this– *jumps away from wall, notices that the back of his jacket is covered with paint* uH *glares at you* iF YOU LAUGH I’M GONNA KILL YOU

2p!china: oh would you look at that. *moves away from wall, glances at the paint on his shirt* hmm… today’s your lucky day, kitten~ *winks at you and then proceeds to skillfully strip on the spot*

2p!england: *sCREAMS* OH NO OH NO WHAT DO I DO *grabs you, he’s close to tears* h-help me poppet! Q ^ Q look, i ruined the paint’s top coat… i’m a horrible person… *sniffs* a careless and horrible and very rude person…!

2p!france: *is trying so hard not to look embarrassed* ………….i know,

2p!russia: ah… well this is quite mortifying. it-it was oblivious of me not to notice the sign myself… *sighs heavily and takes off his paint-covered coat*

2p!italy: *blushes hard* i-i did it on purpose…! *face twists in fake fury* they didn’t go with the color i chose so i decided to ruin their stupid final coat… tchhh……,,,,,, *rolls eyes and is clearly lying to hide his embarrassment*

2p!germany: *after a few seconds of silence, he starts laughing like crazy* ahahahaha why does stuff like this always happen to me–

2p!japan: *emotionless voice* …i was wondering why the wall felt slippery.

2p!canada: oh. *takes down sign* hey allen, come here. *once he comes* lean on that wall. *he listens* good, now we match. *points to the paint on his back* ……. we had to share the embarrassment bro

2p!romano: *giggles* that’s a nice joke darling, you do know that is one of my worst fears, yes?~ *laughter turns nervous* er… you weren’t joking were you… *looks down at his soiled designer jacket* aaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH *takes it off and starts sobbing* dO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT’LL BE TO GET THESE STAINS OUT

2p!austria: *slowly peers at his paint-covered back* ….how inconvenient. however, the color goes nicely with my red attire and i can’t help but admire the paint splatter pattern~ it’s nearly as pretty and unique as i, yes? *grins modestly*

2p!prussia: oh… *tears appear in the corners of his eyes* th-this is so embarrassing… i… *fidgets nervously* i don’t know what to do– *starts to cry more and runs away* i-i’m sorry but i have to go…! ;; - ;;


After a bath, the finished product.  He has eaten to his heart’s content and is kneading all over us when we hold him and kneading the air when we aren’t.  We aren’t sure what we’re going to name him.

I was going to go to the Iron Maiden concert in Atlanta tonight, but I decided against it.  Since I wasn’t going, we set up the photo shoot we had this morning and that allowed us to save this kitten.  Things happen for a reason!