kitten wings

Posted on Deviant Art, also here.  A group birthday gift because I know I won’t have time to draw individual pictures for everyone who has a March birthday *sobs*  Posting here especially for meirannataku because you’re not on Deviant Art so far as I know.  To my March Birthday friends, please forgive me for not having a picture for each of you T_T  Hope everyone else gets a kick out of this Hot Guys With Kittens semi-ripoff.  :D

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just because certain political persuasions and attitudes are overwhelmingly represented on tumblr, this website’s frequently extremist political attitudes really do not represent most of the population, and are often incredibly erroneous and biased. Tumblr’s word is not law, and you are not a villain for occasionally disagreeing with it. Especially with the British election coming up, just please please please do your research far far away from this website before making up your mind! 

Whether Pigs Have Wings || [Curious Kitten]


Toulouse was just closing up the large art gallery. He’d been here by himself, after hours, simply wandering round and round. The bright, clear white lights helped him think. The natural light streaming in from the all glass walls and doors on either side had been good too, when the sun had been there, but as the sun had set, Lou’s eyes had adjusted.

The gallery was a long stretch of plain white walls, with rows and rows of hooks hanging at different heights all along the walls. The center of the room housed white square columns of varying heights on which perched sculptures. 

He was alone, or so he thought. 

When he came upon the blonde girl, he simply stopped walking, furrowing his brow slightly. He had locked the doors, hadn’t he? He was generally quite responsible (paranoid) about those kinds of things. Immediately, he was wary. But, could you blame him, in a town like this?

“Hello?” he asked, striding towards her purposefully. “The gallery is closed. You cannot be here.”

He was so caught off guard, that he didn’t even realize she was looking at his collection of paintings.

The Adventures of Kitten Anakin part 1


My friend @cabbagecultist wasn’t feeling so good today, so I wrote this in about an hour to cheer her up. There will be more.

Summary: Anakin gets turned into a kitten

Word Count: 1016

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives

Anakin wasn’t sure what exactly had happened to him. One second he had been jogging back to the shuttle, having finished up his investigation of the ancient Jedi Temple, and the next he was lying on the ground. Everything was a lot bigger, the trees, the grass, it was all so much taller.

Anakin couldn’t hold back his yell when he saw that his hands had become paws, except it came out as a squeak.

He froze, carefully taking stock of himself while drawing on the Force to stay calm. Four legs, a tail, whiskers, strong ears on top of his head, eyes that could penetrate the gloom of the forest much better than before, fur, retractable claws.

Oh Force, he had somehow become a cat.

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