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Posted on Deviant Art, also here.  A group birthday gift because I know I won’t have time to draw individual pictures for everyone who has a March birthday *sobs*  Posting here especially for meirannataku because you’re not on Deviant Art so far as I know.  To my March Birthday friends, please forgive me for not having a picture for each of you T_T  Hope everyone else gets a kick out of this Hot Guys With Kittens semi-ripoff.  :D

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azure-wing would like a post with Korean musician Kim Hansol, actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and fluffy kittens. Here you go!

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Kitten Cassian - October Fic Fest Day 1

Okay this is kinda late so I will be catching up for this coz it’s already the 6th 😂😂 but I will write 31 short fics with a Halloween theme this month :) I hope you enjoy! This is for - @iamthebonecarver

Fic 1:

Nesta sighed as she looked down at the tiny black kitten in her arms. Cassian. He was curled in a little ball and his fur was so warm and soft she couldn’t keep herself from stroking him.

He purred happily, and poked his head out of the little ball of fur he was to look at her. It was starting to get late, the sky was already dark and the stars overlooking the city Velaris had come out.

He yawned, and his eyes looked sleepy. He looked so adorable and Nesta squealed when he nuzzled his tiny, furry face into her chest. Cassian just meowed in contentment. Gods, that feisty fur ball seemed way too smart and way too cocky to be a cat.

Nesta gently placed Cass on the carpeted floor so she could start running the bath. He had some mud in his fur and he needed a good clean. She started the tap and made sure it is lukewarm before putting in the plug. She then lifted Cassian off the floor and placed him in the tub.

The cat began to fight against her arms and tried to climb out of the bath with no success because the edges were so slippery. He squeaked unhappily after he gave up trying to escape from the bath. Nesta slowly stroked his head with her fingers and he eventually started curling around her hand.

His entire body up to his chest was covered in water so she turned off the tap. Nesta started to scrub him with a sponge and soap and after thoroughly cleaning him, he looked like a drowned rat.

All his fur was dripping and soaked. He was meowing unhappily and looked at her with pleading eyes to get him out of the tub.

She scooped him up and dried him with a big, fluffy, white towel. The ball of fluff was bouncing up and down by the time she was finished.

She picked him up and held him against her chest. She felt his purring throughout her entire body and she smiled down at the tiny, black cat. She gave him a tender stroke down his back and he squeaked and started licking her hand.

He was so god damn adorable. His little black ears twitched and she stroked one of them. He let out a small whine and nudged her hand, begging her to continue. So, she continued to stroke her kitten’s ear. His little white paw found it’s way onto her hand and Cassian was smiling. Well, he seemed like he was smiling.

She got to her bedroom and slumped onto her huge bed. She opened the book on her night stand while her little cat crawled onto her head. He playfully stroked some of her hair as he rested his two back legs on the pillow behind her head.

Nesta just sighed and started to read with Cassian stroking her hair. Slowly, her eyes began to droop and she placed the book once again onto her nightstand and fell asleep to her feline’s soft purr.

When she woke up she looked down to see Cassian snuggled on her shirt, snoring softly and she didn’t have the heart to wake him up. So, she spent most of her morning reading with a fluff ball purring on her stomach.

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