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The last 22 seconds man

I’ll never phone it in. sometimes I can be sick, injured, homesick, heartbroken or frustrated. but playing these is my medicine + my therapy + my escape. being on stage with my best friend and in a room full of people who enjoy music like I do is unlike anything else. thanks for being a part of this together.
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So, you know how when kittens reach a good age for weaning, mom will like, bring them food, maybe go hunting and bring them a still live bird (one of our older cats when I was a kid tried to shove a bird through the mail slot to her kittens when we wouldn’t let her bring a live bird into the house). 

Well, Kit Kat is doing that rn for her kittens as they’re about 8 or 9 weeks old and have started eating solid cat food.

Except she doesn’t hunt outside. She hunts our dinner plates.

She attempted to bring her kittens a taco.