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    Tim was having a bad night.

    Not physically, of course. Patrol was quiet and almost boring. But a quiet city meant more time for him to wander the dark, empty alleys and rooftops alone, more time for his brain to twist a knife in his emotions while disassociation crept up his vaguely tingling fingers.

    He couldn’t even nail down exactly what was bothering him, which meant it bothered him more. Every noise seemed amplified, he jumped every time something moved near him. It was like his nerves were all on fire while he walked the silent roof’s edge, twirling his bo staff in one hand to give the numb and tingling fingers something to do.

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I’ll never phone it in. sometimes I can be sick, injured, homesick, heartbroken or frustrated. but playing these is my medicine + my therapy + my escape. being on stage with my best friend and in a room full of people who enjoy music like I do is unlike anything else. thanks for being a part of this together.
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Warnings: Sex, Smut, Daddy kink, spanking kink,choking kink,kitten kink.
A/N: pure filth you may want to go to church after this. Xx 🌸✨💜

“Y/N you are unbelievable.” Grayson, my boyfriend for four years, laughed at me.
I giggled and ran around the corner with his phone. He kept yelling,and yelling for me to come out from hiding and give his phone back to him.
I hid in the closet and typed in his passcode,since he was stupid enough to give it to me. The first thing I saw was a silly photo of me as his background. I rolled my eyes. Cliche boyfriend thing I guess. I went into his contacts and scanned for any,well, numbers that shouldn’t be there. Nope nothing. I thought to myself.Eventually,after five seconds, I found my contact. Kitten. It said kitten. I felt a rush of heat flow through my face and stomach.
“There you are!” Grayson yelled picking me up bridal style. I squealed as he threw me on the couch, jumping on top of me.
He pried the phone my fingers, and set his phone on the coffee table.
“You know I can’t let you get away with that.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off of me. He fell on the ground making a grunting sound. “What’s wrong kitten? Don’t you wanna play?” He stood up and looked at me with dark eyes. My heart dropped into my core. He never acted like this.
“Umm Gray I’m just going to make a quick run to the store ok?” I hurriedly grabbed my keys and ran out the door.
Thirty minutes laters I walked into our shared apartment hearing moans of pleasure. The fuck? I followed the sounds to Grayson and I’s shared bedroom. My jaw dropped. Grayson’s hair was all disheveled and his mouth let out the filthiest moans.
“Fuck Y/N, just like that.” He let out in a low groan. I was wet at the sight of him. The way he looked, and sounded was enough to make me come. Just the thought of it made me moan. Gray instantly turned around and smirked. I blushed heavily and rubbed my thighs together.
“ I , um, got you some tacos.” He looked at me with eyes clouded with lust. He got and up strutted towards me.
“I’m not hungry for tacos, kitten.” My mouth fell open. There it was again. Kitten. I whimpered slightly. He pressed up completely against me and laughed lowly. “You like that don’t you,” he wrapped his hand around my neck,adding pressure. “Kitten.” I moaned louder this time. Not because of the pet name,but because I felt his hard member rub against my thigh. His smirk grew. Grayson added slightly more pressure on my neck, causing my blood to rush into my face. “You seem tense kitten, let daddy take care of you.” His other hand reached into my shorts and rubbed my clit gently.
“Fuck Gray.” I moaned out. He raised his eyebrow and his eyes grew darker.
“What is my name?” He growled. The wetness that was happening in my panties grew as he applied more pressure on my clit.
“Fuck-daddy. Your name is daddy” He pressed his lips against mine hungrily. It wasn’t long before our tongues were in each other’s mouths. He broke the kiss, which made me whimper. “Jump.” He whispered before attaching his lips to my neck. I jumped into his strong arms, clawing at his shoulders. He threw me on the bed before ripping-actually ripping- my shirt and lace bralette off. I gasped and scolded him.
“Grayson Bailey, that shirt was expensive!” He removed himself from my neck and looked me in my eyes.
“That’s two kitten. Bend over my lap.” I looked at him confused and reculantly bent over his lap. He pulled my shorts and underwear off.
“What are y–” SMACK! His hand landed harshly on my ass before rubbing the spot.
“Count for me princess.” He spanked me again.
“What was that?” I gathered my breathe before answering him.
“Two daddy.” He smiled at me and rubbed the spot again before spanking me eight more times. He sat me up on his lap and wiped my tears away.
“Are you ok Y/N?” I nodded. He kissed my lips lovingly while laying me down on the bed.
He spread my legs and got in between them.
“Are you ready?” I nodded again then hissed at the feeling of his long member entering me.
He made sure I was ok before pulling out entirely and thrusting into me again. I was a moaning mess. I clawed up and down his back, drawing blood. He thrust into me over and over again like a madman. My climax creeped up to me quickly. “Gray I’m close.” He kissed me and slowed his pace.
“Come for me baby. Scream my name ,so that the entire complex knows it.” He moaned in my ear. Everything about that one moment was so sinful, yet the most perfect experience ever. I came all over his member before he came inside of me.
He pulled out of me and laid next to me.“ You know I love you right?” He asked sweetly. I cupped his face in my hand .
“Yes Grayson ,and I love you too.” He smiled at the small velvet box he had behind me. Tomorrow.

A/N: I hope y'all enjoyed it ❤️