kitten stickers

Guys, send me your photos with their boyfriends. Click here or on the image to send. You can also send via chat.

Tell when met, how long are together, a beautiful time that you have lived, if want to have children, or just say how much you love him.

please, do not have so many filters that somehow block the faces or that distort the reality of the photo too much.

Examples: snapchat/instagram filters (dog, rabbit, kitten), stickers (glasses, hat, mustache), captions or letters. So that the photos are as natural as possible.

I’m super anxious to receive the photos and know a little about you.



*pardon future me taking advantage of this old dead account*

I’ve opened up an Etsy where I’ll be selling of my collection of homemade stickers: Lemongellii Store on Etsy

There’s lots of original sticker designs, glittery stickers, and Osomatsu San stickers (for ya weebies<3)

I’m home for Summer break and am desperately looking for a new job with no luck so far. I have to make as much money as I can in the 4 months that I’ll be home so I can survive at college once I move back.

Anything helps, thank you for reading.