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Some interesting factoids I use to feel good about my fics:

1.) The average paperback book page is between 250 to 300 words long.

2.) The average adult reader reads 300 words per minute.

3.) 50,000 words is a paperback novel.

Use these numbers to get a real feel for how much more you’ve written than you thought.  Reblog with your count to feel better about how much you’ve done.


more kitten size references for you guys, all kits here are under 5months

remember that size is relative depending on breed, so if you put a maine coon warrior next to a abyssinian apprentice, the size difference is still going to be large despite the abyssinian being at their adult height

Oh my god

So for years we in my family have been making jokes about our ‘mighty hunter’ tomcat, Simon, trying to take on the deer who sometimes come through our yard. “One day I’m expecting to look out and see him hanging off the leg of a deer,” etc.

So I just get a call from my dad - “Come look at what Simon’s doing to these deer!” So I look out my window and see this teeny little tabby cat with three goddamn full-sized deer skittering nervously around him, one cornered by the fucking creek and afraid to pass him.


So I’m watching, absolutely dying laughing, as he eventually seems to realize, hrm, this won’t work, and makes a tactical retreat. The deer cautiously regroup and go back to their grass eating. He eventually trots back out and the deer sort of shuffle together and slowly walk him up the hill until he comes back inside.

And as he grows closer and closer, I realize suddenly - this isn’t even Simon. This is our almost-his-twin tomcat Oliver, who closely resembles Simon except for slight coloration differences and being half his size

The fucking snack size kitten just took on three deer

I’m laughing too hard to breathe send help XD

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Can you do one where katara brings home a kitten or something smol and fluffy and zuko HATES it but the critter wont leave him alone cause it loves him?

I think Zuko would be a cat person, but that’s just my headcanon. This also reminds me of my dad, he hates cats. Our cat, Piper, loves him though. It’s quite adorable. 

Zuko detested cats. No. He hated cats. Especially kittens, he couldn’t stand them, with their pointy teeth, and ragged claws. He just didn’t like them at all. They were completely useless to him, useless creatures.

The reason the whole subject of cats and kittens came about was because Katara brought one home. A small kitten about the size of his palm, maybe a little larger, but still very small. It had white fur, and bright blue eyes. He instantly hated the small thing. The little thing pounced at objects larger than itself, grabbing at it with its claws and teeth. Zuko held back a sneer, cats were definitely things to detest. 

Katara gave him a loving smile, and gave him a kiss on the head while the cat lay there, rolling around like a tiny fur ball. Zuko still glaring at the small kitten as it would unceremoniously fall over as it would chase its tail. 

“Welcome to the family, Snowball.” Katara smooched at the cat. Zuko couldn’t hold back the sneer then. Katara looked up at Zuko and scrunched her face up. 


“You know I hate cats, right?” Zuko stated. “And why did we get this one again?” 

Katara rolled her eyes and gave Zuko a pointed look. “Because I saw Snowball on the side of the road. Abandoned. All alone without a mother or other kittens. So I took her-”

“It’s a her?” 

“Yes, it’s a her, Zuko. Stay focused on what I’m saying,” Katara went over to Zuko and sat down in front of him. “She was all alone and I couldn’t just leave her to die.” Zuko snorted at this, Katara glared at him. “I just can’t leave a helpless little kitten out in the wild.” 

Katara cupped Zuko’s cheek, “Can we please keep her?” 

It was Zuko’s turn to roll his eyes. “Fine. Just this once. No more.” 

Katara squealed with glee. She leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Zuko kissed her back, but opened one eye to look at the kitten. The kitten–Snowball was staring at them with her fluffy white head cocked to one side, her blue eyes looking at them with wonder. Zuko rolled his eyes at the kitten and went back to kissing Katara. 

The days that went by were slow. The kitten always seemed to cuddle up next to Zuko, nuzzling into his warm hands, trying to crawl beneath his hands to feel his internal body temperature. It was quite infuriating. Zuko had to push the kitten– Snowball aside each time, wanting to have nothing to do with the kitten, but the kitten kept coming. 

At night, Katara would scoop the kitten up and lay her on the bed right before they went to sleep. Each morning, Zuko would wake up to Snowball sitting on his broad chest, purring loudly, staring at him with its blue eyes. Of course, he would push the kitten away and set her on the floor. Snowball would cry out and paw at his hand, Zuko would push the kitten away and lay back down on the bed. Trying to ignore the yowls and meows from the kitten. 

Snowball absolutely adored Zuko. She was completely in love with him, she would follow him around the house. Pouncing on his feet as he would walk around their house, sitting on his feet while he would be sitting, drinking coffee at the table. 

Zuko started to not mind Snowball, she was very cute, he did admit to himself. He decided to let the kitten lay on him, sit by him, and he even pet Snowball. Feeling its soft kitten fur beneath his fingertips, rubbing her jaws, and scratching her ears. Maybe having a kitten wasn’t that bad? 

Zuko started to love Snowball by the end of the month, he even started to like cats, they were cute and cuddly. Zuko especially loved to hold Snowball and warm his fingers as he held her, Snowball would instantly start to purr and nuzzle into his fingers. 

Katara noticed that Zuko had grown a liking to Snowball, she couldn’t help but melt a little bit on the inside when she would see her very masculine boyfriend hold their kitten. 

By the end of the year, Zuko adored Snowball. Snowball, now a full grown cat, loved Zuko. She couldn’t get enough of him, she would sit next to him on the couch, and rub against his leg when he would get up in the morning. Still enjoying being picked up by Zuko, still enjoying it when Zuko would warm his fingers around Snowball’s fur. Still purring instantly when Zuko held her. 

It was sweet. 

That was until one day, Zuko brought home four kittens on his way home from work. 

“What is all this?” Katara gazed at all the kittens in their living room. Zuko gave her a sheepish look. 

“I couldn’t just leave them to die.” He murmured, embarrassed. 

Katara laughed, she walked up to Zuko, and kissed him. 

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Steggy getting a pet please?

set in the same universe as Cake Knife

Cat Got Your Tongue? 

ao3 link: here

word count: 532

warnings: fluff

summary: Steve and Peggy adopt a pet.

Peggy can’t take her eyes off the sight in front of her, but it is proving too much to bear. “Please, Steve. We can’t, Steve. We really can’t.”

Steve pouts almost childishly from where he kneels on the cracked but clean floor of the kennel. There is a soft mass of fur settled on his left shoulder, the tiny kitten’s tail flicking back and forth lazily. Steve himself is gently clutching a calico kitten in his over-sized palms, his widened puppy-dog eyes turned entirely on Peggy. “Come on, Pegs. They’re adorable.”

She steels her heart against her husband’s antics. “We came here for one!” she exclaims. “One kitten, Steve. One.”

“They are siblings,” Steve insists. “We can’t separate them.”

“Our apartment is not even large enough,” Peggy states, attempting to talk her husband out of his furry crusade. “Where will they live?”

Steve finally reacts almost maturely, rolling his eyes. “Cats are independent creatures; they can roam the apartment. And.” He raises a finger to silence Peggy, anticipating one of her future arguments. “If we are away on missions, Sharon can look after them.”

“Why would my fourteen-year-old niece want to spend time looking after her aunt’s cats?” Peggy grumbles, hand unconsciously reaching out to pet the soft, fluffy fur of the cat perched on Steve’s shoulder.

Steve chuckles warmly, and Peggy further scowls.

“First of all, Sharon loves us; you’re her cool twenty-eight-year-old aunt. She’d give anything to help you, and we’d pay her, of course.”

“Michael will complain,” she counters.

“Your brother will be glad that his daughter is taking on more responsibility.” Steve pokes a finger in front of the calico kitten and watches as she attempts to bat at it with her miniscule paws.

Peggy attempts to hide her smile, but Steve catches it anyways, grinning triumphantly.

“See.” He points out eagerly. “You like them too.”

“Fine,” Peggy relents, sighing internally.

Steve is beaming as they carry the two siblings to Peggy’s Prius, and she gives in to the temptation to snap a quick picture of him and send it to the group chat they share with their friends from SHIELD.

Queen Carter

behold, my husband and your Captain. He won an argument to adopt two kittens instead of one.


guess, you do win battles against the Missus sometimes…

the winter snorer

you gave in, doll? I told you no one has been able to resist the power of Steve’s kicked puppy face since we were ten. Well, no one but Sarah


Aww..look at those cuties

Queen Carter

He refuses to tell me what we’re naming them so far


if you’re lucky, they’ll be nothing like Liho…I still have nightmares

the black widow

my cat is not a demon, barton!

Tony Stank

Is someone ignoring the fact that even Ice Queen Carter broke down against Rogers’s tactics? We should use him for interrogations…


Has anyone seen my gun holster again?

the winter snorer

I think Morita and Dernier were trying to get Barton and Monty into a prank war again


Damnit, I’m not getting involved

Cap’n America

We’re naming the kittens Holmes and Watson


As a fellow English-person, Ms. Carter, I approve


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