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Happy Holidays everyone!
It’s that time of year for gift giving and fun surprises, but that should NOT include a living animal. Many people think it is a good time of year to get a cute puppy, an adorable kitten, or some other small creature spontaneously. Please do not do this unless you have discussed extensively and in detail the addition of a new family member, with all members of your household. When the holidays are over and the newness wears off, these babies still need and deserve love and attention.
Finally, please make adoption your only option. There’s tons of animals looking for their forever homes in shelters and rescues everywhere.

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guys i got 2 new kittens

we found em at the storage place and theyre SUPER friendly and my dad asked the person wokring there abt them, she said the owners had left like a month ago and left the kittens without shelter or food or whatnot, and to please take them

so we did

their names are magnus & pyrrha


Meet two of my three kitty babies. Frankie, the torti on the left, is my bottle-baby that I raised from the time she was 2 days old. She was born on April 1st, 2016, and the next day, when she and her brother and sister were brought into the shelter I was working at at the time, it was either I foster them or they be euthanized- so of course I took them! Unfortunately, being so tiny when taken from their mother, her two siblings passed away, but with lots of love & care Frankie pulled through and became the lovely little monster that she is! Of course we ended up adopting her and she is more than happy with her two older kitty siblings and three doggie sibs! She is truly a unique and wonderful little soul, so though I know that it’s hard work and time consuming, I’d urge anyone who can to foster kittens from their local shelter. It is astonishingly rewarding and most shelters desperately need it!

P.S. Frankie is pictured here with her 14 yr old sister, Pony, who loves her so much even though we were so worried that she wouldn’t! ;)

Teacher 707 x MC - A Date? (sequel)

Happy Holidays everyone! I whipped this one up real quick as a little present for the lovely anon who requested a sequel to Teacher 707‘s short fanfic :D (I really hope you see this! :))

It almost became a daily routine, but never did it cease to make Seven’s heartbeat quicken. He passed by the cat shelter every morning to visit her… and the promised kitten, of course. The original deal of meeting once a week fell through because she was too busy to meet up outside of work (she also volunteered at a dog shelter). Seven, being devious in his own little way, noted that he could come by in the mornings, ignoring the fact that it was the opposite way to the school. He brought her coffee and even treats for all the kittens in the shelter - it became a pattern that Seven never wanted to break.

One day, during lunch, he decided to go visit and maybe even invite her go to on a lunch date. He was ready to strengthen their bond, and he felt that she was too. 

As he walked in, he heard the door chimes which now became so very familiar to his ears. 

“Seven!” she exclaimed, “what are you doing here?”

"I was just dropping by to ask if you’d like to have lunch with me?”

“Of course, I’d love to.” she beamed.

Perhaps he was seeing things, but she seemed to smile extra brightly after hearing that.

They left the shelter and walked towards the school because there was a good coffee shop who happened to serve lunch right across from it. 

They had so much it common it was impossible to believe, her love for animals were one, but she also happened to like computers and, surprisingly, also majored Computer Science in the same university he went to a year after he started. Could she be any more perfect? It was almost… almost destiny. Of course Seven couldn’t say it out loud, but he loved how they just… clicked

What Seven didn’t notice, however, were the students who were coming their way. MC paid no attention, but it was only because she hadn’t known that the students constantly teased Seven for his love of computers as revenge to his endless pranks. They always asked him “Mr. Choi, when’s the wedding between you and your computer? Make sure to invite us!!” Of course these were all harmless jokes, but it was enough to embarrass Seven to his wit’s end. I guess you could say he never really dated anyone - mostly because he was just too contained by his obsession for programming - but he always felt a little beat about it. There just wasn’t anyone who seemed to understand him… at least that was until she came along.  


Seven could only stand there with his mouth agape, cheeks turning a flushed red; he wasn’t ready to be teased, much less with MC right next to him. 

MC laughed in confusion and shook her head slightly. Seven was a little disheartened at the gesture but he knew why she did it - they were only ‘friends’ after all. Once he regained his composure, he apologized to MC and proceeded to shoo his students away. Unfortunately, his tactics did not stop them from shouting.

“DUDE I’M GOING TO TELL YOUR COMPUTER THAT YOU’RE CHEATING ON HER!!!” they laughed and teased Seven while he pulled MC away away from the chaos.

“Sorry, MC, they’re always joking around, saying that I date my computer and stuff like that.” he looked away, too embarrassed to look her in the eyes.

“It’s okay, haha, I’m just as passionate about computers as you are. But you know-”

"Sorry, I know it was totally awkward.” he started walking quicker, “What they said about the girlfriend thing, um, they didn’t mean it, really, please don’t feel-”

“Seven, it’s not that.” she added, grabbing onto his arm to stop him from running away, “What I wanted to say was that I- I wouldn’t mind being cheated on if your other significant love was your computer…”

Oh my honey buddha chips what did she just say?

He stared at her for a second.

“Ch-heated on?! No, MC I would NEVER CHEAT ON YOU BECAUSE I-”

heheh did you like it?? :D Anonnnnn I hope you’re satisfied LOLOLOL luv u <3

~Cherry L.

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