kitten revenge

Doge Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Doges tracklist:
Look Alive, Doge
Doge Doge Doge
Bulletpoot Heart
Pepetary (GO!)
The Only Hope For Me Is Poot
Doge Star And The Pepe Kid/ Traffic Report
Pooty Poison
Save Yourself, I’ll Doge Them Back
The Memes From Yesterday
Goodnight, Dr. Doge
Vampire Memes

Neighbour who parks on our lawns might have liked to know this piece of information.

We have a house across the road from another long-term resident, and both of us live next door to student housing that causes its share of problems, one of those being a fellow who parks his car on either of our lawns if he can’t get any other off-street parking. That’s gone as far as parking perpendicularly across my driveway and getting aggro when we’ve asked him to move.

He’s been parked on my neighbour’s lawn for just over four hours. My neighbour’s auto sprinkler system comes on repeatedly every 30 minutes. Idiot parker has two of his windows down.

I don’t know, my memory keeps failing me. I keep seeing it and thinking I should head across and warn him, but I just turn away and there’s new stuff on tumblr and I just keep getting distracted.

How about that new kitten picture guys?

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