kitten of the lord

Me and My Sister
  • Me: *talking about how I'm excited for when Dan and Phil grow old together and have a dog and how cute it'll be*
  • Me: Dan and Phil need to get a shibe, like now
  • My sister: it'll be two memes under one roof!
  • My sister: I thought Dan said he wanted a hamster, though
  • Me: *thinks about hat fic*
  • My sister: oh, I know why
  • Me: *in my head* dear god no she cannot know why how could she know why
  • Me: If you know, why do I not want Dan to get a hamster?
  • My sister: because you're worried about his old one that ran away
  • Me: ....
  • Me: yeah, that's why...
I need Sister Daniel to cleanse my soul now.

I made the decision to read The Hat Fic, The Hat Fic 2, The Skin Fic, The Skin Fic 2, The Chair Fic Prequel, The Chair Fic, The Chair Fic 2, The Milk Fic, The Custard Fic, The Placenta Fic, The Cherry Fic, and The Kitten Fic….

*takes a deep breath to compose self*

May the Lord have mercy on my soul and cleanse it.

The one and only Tom Marvolo Riddle (teen and evil as always).

I started drawing this an eternity ago when i was rereading (for the 3th time) Wand Cores by Lydia Kitten but it’s not based on her story (but could be). But i love her Tom Riddle and i need to give her some credit for inspiring me.

Right now i am stuck reading the Prince of the Dark Kingdom by Mizuni-sama which is by far the longest ff i ever read. Hope i will survive the epilogue of the 6th book.

Hey, I’m cleaning out my prompts and half started shit - question. Keep or pitch? Do more with?

The morning Sam Winchester woke up to find a small black kitten and a small brown tabby kitten meowing frantically at the door to his room in the bunker was the morning Sam Winchester seriously considering checking himself into the funny farm.

For real. They hadn’t been on a hunt in two weeks and yet, here they were, two very small upset kittens that were clearly his brother and a former Angel of the Lord.

At first, he didn’t believe it - couldn’t believe it. How the hell did shit like that even happen? No, it had to be a simple thing. Two kittens somehow got in the bunker and the pile of clothing they led him to with their increasingly frantic meowing didn’t mean that the two cutest little kitties he’d ever seen were Dean and Cas.

But then, the cute little black one with the stunning blue eyes tilted it’s head. And the little green eyed tabby gave him the most withering stare. “Ok, ok, so you’re Dean and Cas. Fine, I get it. How the hell did this even happen?”

Sam didn’t know cats could shrug.

Taurus Playlist

Alone Together- Fall Out Boy
Cathedral- Kitten
Don’t Wanna Dance- MØ
This is What Makes Us Girls- Lana Del Rey
Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey
Ribs- Lorde
Skinny Love- Bon Iver
How Can I- Charli XCX
Gold- Marina and the Diamonds
Samson- Regina Spektor
Safe and Sound- Capital Cities 
Sensible- Kitten
Hate To See Your Heart Break- Paramore
Demons- Imagine Dragons

Motherloving Legolas the Norwegian Forest Cat, based off of these guys. Thought he kinda fit.

what am I doing with my life

Leo Playlist

400 Lux- Lorde
Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
Boom Clap- Charli XCX
For A Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic- Paramore
G#- Kitten
Gods & Monsters- Lana Del Rey
Gold Coins- Charli XCX
I Don’t Care- Fall Out Boy
Just Desserts- Marina and the Diamonds + Charli XCX
Royals- Lorde
Immortal- Marina and the Diamonds
Hollywood- Marina and the Diamonds
Chandelier- Sia
Popular- The Veronicas

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