kitten not for cooking

things that 100% definitely happened after the end of call me beep me u can pry these headcanons from my cold dead hands

(call me beep me is an incredible fic by @gajeelredfox that i can’t link to rn bc i’m on mobile but the final update was posted tonight and i’m emo so have this)

-when they go trick or treating, the kids fall in love with keith instantly and are constantly chattering at him and tugging at his arms to show him things. by the end of the night keith is carrying a sleeping child home and lance’s heart is suffering.

-lance and hunk get to celebrate pidges 16th birthday! lance gets pidge a remote control robot car. (“get it? because its like the cliche thing to get a car on ur 16th birthday, but u like robots!” “yes i get it lance thank u.”)

-together, matt and lance make allura and shiro’s life a living hell. they can’t even look at each other without hearing exaggerating kissy noises.

-lance gradually helps keith and muffin warm up to each other and after a while they’re best friends. sometimes she’ll even lick his hand. shiro is pissed. (“i’ve been trying to get them to get along for years!!! and then this little shit comes along and within a couple of months she’s sitting on his lap!!! wtf!)

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Hello~ uhm... can I request a headcannon about the Lords on how they will react if MC is ignoring them for a week because she has a new pet like kitten or puppy? Thank you in advance.

Technically this one came in after requests closed, but I’m just gonna… do it anyway… because i think it’s funny lol. Kittens all around!

- Nobunaga will pointedly ask the retainers around him if he should put out word that he’s looking for a new cook. Then he’ll try to exile the kitten (and fail miserably). He sulks. Loudly.
- What are you even talking about? The kitten likes Mitsuhide more than it likes you. Good luck.
- Yukimura is devastated. W-what is happening!? How can he defeat a tiny kitten? Saizo, help!
- Saizo kidnaps the kitten and demands dango as ransom. He does this multiple times a day. The kitten doesn’t mind.
- Masamune is slightly upset and feeling neglected… But he also likes cats… So he ends up petting the kitten together with you. It’s family bonding time. Group snuggling and napping ensue.
- Kojuro is Jealous. Plus cats hate him. He can’t even talk to you without the kitten scratching and hissing at him (and he has the wounds to prove it). Tries to be mature about it, but ends up telling Shigezane, hey, there’s a REALLY cute cat at my house, you should come visit (and maybe take it away). You agree sadly. He suggests having a baby instead if you really want to take care of something.
- Hideyoshi bribes the kitten to stay on his shoulders, so you end up trailing after him… He’s pleased.
- Inuchiyo is also Jealous but doesn’t know what to do about it. Begs Hideyoshi for help but gets laughed at. You’re oblivious. He contemplates getting Mamechiyo to chase the kitten around, but realizes it’s a terrible idea.
- Ieyasu threatens to drown the kitten if you don’t bring him his daifuku right now. Tadatsugu tries to run interference for you, but only ends up losing more hair. You and Ieyasu both sulk. Tadatsugu is sad.
- Mitsunari shoves a pile of books at you and tells you that if you’re going to have a pet, you need to learn how to take care of it. The cat scratches up one of his books and he throws a giant fit.
- Shingen approves of cats and likes to see you happy. If he wants attention, he will definitely let you know. He’s also happy to hang out and pet the kitten and eat snacks with you. Has fun suggesting increasingly inappropriate names for it.
- Kenshin is getting the prettiest accessories for that lucky kitten. Will just follow you around and flirt with you relentlessly until you cave if he feels neglected (while Kanetsugu screams in the distance because none of the work is getting done).

RFA; jealous Mc

aaa hii :3 second one !! if you have any suggestions, please message of comment ^^


  • You overhear him talking on the mic, while you were decorating your office space with Polaroid pictures on the wall.
  • “Let me get your number!” You hear Yoosung say, as he quickly grabs his phone and inputs the number
  • Is that a girl he’s talking to?
  • Maybe
  • Probably
  • WhY
  • calm down, mc
  • “When are you available?” Yoosung asks through the mic.
  • You feel a grip on you chest.
  • While you were lost in your thoughts, Yoosung was fixing up his stuff, getting ready to meet up with this person.
  • “I’ll see you later.” Yoosung leaves, giving you a kiss on the cheek.
  • You then rush and put on your black dress, black sneakers and rush off to the mall, where Yoosung mentioned he was going to.
  • You spot Yoosung at this ice cream shop, waiting for someone.
  • Then, out of fucking nowhere, this girl comes and sits in front of him.
  • You rush home, and the rain starts pouring.
  • You get to the front of your house, and you realize
  • fuck
  • really?
  • You left your keys inside.
  • You couldn’t help but join the rain, and start crying.The tears fell off your face, along with the rain. Your hair was everywhere. So were your emotions.
  • After a few minuets, Yoosung comes back, getting out of the taxi, he rushes towards you.
  • “MC? What are you doing out here?” He asks you worried. He then carries you, unlocks the door and puts you down on the kitchen counter. He, like flash, gets you a towel. He helps you dry up, then starts heating water to make you hot chocolate.
  • “Are you going to tell me why you were out there?
  • You avoid looking at him, instead looking at the floor.
  • “I like your dress.” He says, stirring the mug of your hot chocolate. “I saw someone at the mall, wearing the exact thing, the same beautiful hair, the same sparkling eyes. Except, she wasn’t wearing the smile you wear.” He cups your cheek.
  • “Who was the girl you were with awhile ago?” You finally get the courage to ask
  • “Samantha.” He answers. “She plays LOLOL. I managed to save her in a battle and she wanted to treat me as a thank you.“ Your tears started flowing like a waterfall.
  • Yoosung hugs you tight. “Princess, she’s gay. She introduced me to her girlfriend when you left.”
  • You apologize. He kisses you and says sorry for not telling you.


  • You had nothing to do at home, so you decide to go the Jumin’s office and help Jaehee organize some documents.
  • You were telling her all about the lunch you had where you messed up the recipe and almost burned down your apartment.
  • She was smiling.
  • Then some dude calls Jumin and Jaehee to a meeting.
  • “What is this about?” Jaehee asks Jumin.
  • “I have no idea.” Jumin says, walking out.
  • “I’ll see you in awhile pumpkin.” Jaehee says, rushing to Jumin.
  • I miss Jaehee already, you told yourself.
  • I’m going to bring her home
  • And dominate her
  • And cooking her dinner
  • You were always insecure and anxious that Jaehee would leave you, since she was always meeting with different people, while you were finishing school.
  • The meeting finishes and everyone comes rushing out like ants.
  • You want for Jaehee’s arrival.
  • Jumin, you could see in a distance, talking to Mr. Chairman.
  • But you couldn’t find Jaehee anywhere.
  • You continue organizing the documents, and suddenly, Jaehee arrives.
  • finally
  • “Jae-” Before you finish your sentence, this hot ass lady comes inside.
  • She was following Jaehee.
  • This lady
  • In a really short dress
  • Really pretty make up
  • Classy shoes
  • Was getting your girlfriend’s number.
  • you grow quiet and leave the room.
  • Jaehee recited the number as the pretty lady wrote it down a piece of paper.
  • She leaves, giving Jaehee a smile.
  • You make your way to the lounge, where you bought an iced tea and sat on the floor.
  • You give Jaehee the look as she approaches you.
  • “I love you with all my heart, she is getting my number to contact Mr. Han about the new project.” She drops to her knees, infront of you, sitting on the floor.
  • “I’m sorry.” You say, as she gives you a peck on the lips.


  • You never really got used to Zen always being surrounded by girls.
  • But you understood and accepted it.
  • Zen brought you to one of his meet and greets.
  • The crew asked you to help with documentary, and take pictures. You took your camera and took pictures of the event set up while they haven’t open the doors yet.
  • Zen was getting ready and talking to some of the staff members.
  • You point the camera at him as he was just walking alone, reading something on his phone.
  • “Zen!” You call out, and he couldn’t help but smile as he turns to you.
  • You click the button and it shutters, taking a picture of your
  • beast
  • angel
  • The event starts and there’s a super long line all the way outside. They were all wearing his merch and clothes with his face, they had posters for him to sign and gifts to give him.
  • He was famous.
  • You took alot of pictures
  • of zen
  • of the event, the fans, the staff being cute and all.
  • Then you decide to rest, since this was taking forever. You left your bag at the table, where Zen was meeting people.
  • You get your water bottle from your bag and take a drink.
  • Zen peeps a smile at you. And you smile back.
  • Maybe i should line up too.
  • You just watch him happily meet all his fans, which made you smile, seeing him happy.
  • Then this girl comes, and Zen’s eyes grow big.
  • “Hey.” She says.
  • “Han? Is that you?” His confused face brings a smile.
  • Who was she? you asked yourself.
  • A small girl comes from behind the lady’s legs. And Zen carries her. They take a picture together. And he gives the lady a hug, and the kid a kiss.
  • After that, your mood instantly changed.
  • Moody bitch
  • The meet and greet ended, and everyone was taking a break before having to set up for tomorrow’s event.
  • The crew had food delivered, and everyone was chill.
  • You were pretty moody with Zen, since he didn’t tell you about whoever she was.
  • You go outside to get some air, and Zen follows you.You were ignoring him though.
  • “MC? Why are you ignoring me?” You try to keep walking and ignore him in th2e cold air of the night.
  • “MC.” He finally gets to you, grabbing your arm.
  • “Who was she?” You say, with watery eyes.
  • “My ex-girlfriend.” He sighs. “She told me she was coming with her daughter.”
  • You pull your arm to yourself, away from Zen.
  • “We aren’t anything anymore. I love you, and you only.” He says, looking at you with truthful, sparkling eyes.
  • But youre a moody bitch and you run away
  • tears running down your face as you run away, no idea where you’re going


  • “We’re going to a party!” Seven comes out of the room, running towards you.
  • He was pretty excited
  • You were already ready, wearing jeans and a pretty blouse.
  • He was wearing those light brown shorts, along with a nice collared shirt, which he wore a jacket over
  • “MC?” He whispers. You lean towards him to listen to whatever bullshit he has to say.
  • “Look at me.” He says, you turn and he gives you a big kiss.
  • “Seven!” You pull away out of embarrassment.
  • He smiles at you. That bright smile.
  • Your friend pulls you into this game, where you pass the card with your lips, as if your kissing the next player, except, there’s a card in between your lips.
  • You and Seven sit down. He was sitting next to this girl, and you were sitting next to your friend.
  • The card was held by the lips of the girl next to Seven.
  • The girl blows away the card and presses her lips against Seven’s.
  • Seven pulls away instantly, while you leave the room instantly, you go outside to the garden to get air.
  • Shit.
  • Seven follows you, with a cup of water.
  • “Here.” He hands you the cup, which you aggressively accept.
  • “It didn’t mean anything. She went for it.” He said.
  • “I know.” You sigh.
  • “Did ya get jealous?” He asks, laughing.
  • You give him the fuck you look.
  • “You’re the cutest.” He smiles, softly pulling your face into a kiss.
  • Oh boy he felt that kiss
  • It was long
  • Like him
  • Fuck just kidding
  • I am a sinner
  • “Why don’t we just go home?” He breaks the kiss, smiling at you. You nod, and you both leave.


  • Jumin came home to his apartment while you were cooking dinner.
  • “Good evening, kitten.” He says kissing your cheek then grabbing a glass of water.
  • “I’m making pasta.” You smile.
  • “Smells great.” He replies. “I’m going to take a shower.”
  • He drops his bag and phone on the table.
  • You finish cooking and setting the table, and Jumin wasn’t done yet.
  • His phone started ringing.
  • “Jumin! Your phone is ringing!” You shout out.
  • no response
  • Okay…
  • Jumin comes out in a gray shirt and boxers, quickly taking his phone and answering it.
  • mkay.
  • He comes back and sits infront of you, then sighs,
  • “Everything okay?” You asks as you pour yourself a glass of water.
  • “Father has made plans for another blind date as a possible wife.”
  • ah okay
  • you feel a heavy weight on your chest.
  • “Okay, well. What do you feel?” You ask, trying to keep your cool.
  • “Nothing.” he says blankly, then starts eating.
  • You finish dinner without a single word after that.
  • You slept in the living room, not wanting to be in the same room as him at the moment. He didn’t mind.
  • why didn’t he mind
  • does he not love me anymore?
  • your thoughts consumed you as you slept.
  • You woke up in the middle of the night, having a panic attack.
  • You didn’t know what to do.
  • You try to go back to sleep, but end up thinking about it until sunrise.
  • You make pancakes for breakfast, it was Jumin’s day off today.
  • I can spend time with him
  • You thought.
  • Jumin comes out, casually dressed.
  • “Heading out?” You ask.
  • “I’m eating breakfast with the blind date girl.” He says, grabbing his keys, phone and leaving.
  • maybe he doesn’t love me anymore?
  • You hated yourself for thinking that way, so you eat your breakfast alone.
  • You didnt want to be a burden, you fix up your clothes and stuff, arranging them in a suitcase. Jumin was out the whole day, it was already 5 in the afternoon when you finished everything and finally poured your heart into a letter.
  • Maybe you were overthinking a little.
  • You made your way back to your old apartment.
  • While you were settling in, Jumin had everyone searching for you.
  • At around 1 in the morning, you still couldn’t sleep, someone knocks on your door.
  • You peep at the hole and see Jumin, looking worried.
  • You try to wipe the tears off your face and open the door. His eyes grow big and he runs into you, hugging you tightly. You felt his warm embrace again. There he stood, with you in between arms, close to his chest.
  • “I’m sorry.” You say as the tears finally start flowing out your eyes.
  • “No, I’m sorry. Father forced me. I didn’t tell you. I let you sleep outside the room. I let you eat alone. I let you go for fuck’s sake.” He held you closer.
  • “I’m never going to let that happen, ever again.” He looks into you eyes and kisses you.

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Dating Himchan would include:
  • he would be like your mom
  • always looking out for you
  • ‘have you eaten?’
  • ‘drink a lot of water!!!’
  • ‘did you sleep well?’
  • him getting jealous really easily 
  • him spoiling you a lOT
  • sometimes he would act like he don’t care about you that much 
  • but he’s lying of course
  • he would take a lot of pics of you and when he’s on tour he would look at them and smile 
  • phone calls & facetimes when he’s away
  • lots of goodnight\good morning texts everyday
  • calling you kitten always
  • he would cook for you a lot!!
  • the guys teasing him about how whipped he is for you 
  • he actually doesn’t care about it tho
  • he would pick an outfit for you before dates
  • ‘you’re not going to wear this nO WAY i will dress you nice trust me’
  • he wants you to love yourself as much as he loves you
  • he would be the big spoon but sometimes he wants to be the little when he’s upsed 
  • coffee dates
  • Himchan would give thE BEST CUDDLES i feel this
  • movie marathons
  • slow making out sessions
  • you two would gossip a lot 
  • ‘omg do you see this gurl she wears striped shirt and pants in dots what the actually fuck’
  • going to galleries and museums
  • he would look at you with a smile and say
  • ‘in a room full of art i will still stare at you’
  • he would be so cheesy sometimes
  • but also he would sass you
  • back rubs
  • stealing his shirts
  • he don’t mind it
  • nose kisses
  • romantic dinners


// zoey xoxo


I’m a big fan of Percabeth, I love them so much, so enjoy! Oh and I’m sorry if there are mistakes, I’m French so I’m still working on my English ;)

Percabeth heabdcanons :

- Percy loves watching Annabeth reading because she looks very… peaceful.

- Annabeth does shopping and Percy cooks.

- They have adopted a kitten, they need company after Tartarus.

-Annabeth loves wearing Percy’s clothes.

- They take a lot of baths…

-… And more if affinities.

-Percy successed to put an aquarium in their flat, with a fish called Bob.

-Percy tells him stories, shows him the sun, the stars…

- Percy’s favorite character is Nightwing AKA Dick Grayson because he’s sassy and very cool.

- Annabeth’s one is Batgirl AKA Oracle AKA Barbara Gordon, because she’s really, really badass.

-The night there always is a light, they can’t stand obscurity anymore

-They love each other very hard.

-Pretty sure that Percy will prank Annabeth with water

-In summer, Percy will go in Montauk with Annabeth during one week, just them and the sea.

-Grover has his room in Percabeth’s flat, he’s a part of the family.

I'm Not The One Pt. 2

Summary: Why in the world would you want to break your soulmate clock just so you could be with me? The guy who isn’t even supposed to be with you.

Part 1

     That night after your shift had finally finished, you went home to find your little kitten sitting on the loveseat couch in your apartment. You cooked some dinner, because you are not paying for pizza no matter how good it is. You decided to just cook a bowl of macaroni and cheese and watch t.v. that night in.

     Right when the macaroni was finished cooking, you got an alert telling you your phone went off. You looked over to your phone after putting the macaroni in a bowl and saw a text from an unknown number.

     Hey Y/N it’s Ashton!! I just wanted to know if you had off tomorrow because I wanted to get that coffee sometime.

     You smiled as you were instantly reminded of the previous conversation between you two. You had a thought that it was all just a dream, but his text confirmed everything for you. You brought the macaroni and cheese into your living next to your kitten who was now sleeping peacefully. You turned the t.v. on and put your food down on the coffee table in front of you.

     Hey Ash you’re totally in luck because I just do happen to have off tomorrow. I’d love to get that coffee with you sometime. Is noon-ish ok with you?

     His text back was almost instantly after you had sent your to him.

Noon sounds absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to see you then Y/N ;-)

     You smiled like a school girl with a crush. You were actually going on a date tomorrow at noon. That means you’d have to do your make-up and shower so your hair wasn’t greasy. You sighed and started to eat your food and watch the show that came on.

     When you finished eating, you put your bowl in the sink and brought your kitten into the bed with you to sleep. “I’ve got a date tomorrow. I actually have a date with Ashton.” Your smile grew larger until you were full on grinning. “I have a date with Ashton!” You screamed excitedly startling your kitten. You smiled sheepishly as she meowed and got comfortable again.

     Sleep came to you quicker than you could ever imagine. It was a deep sleep filled with dreams of your day tomorrow. The only thing that woke you up, was your alarm going off at nine a.m. exactly.

     You groaned as you shoved the blankets off of you and onto your kitten Roxy. She meowed when the blankets covered her tiny body and crawled out from underneath of them. You giggled and went into your bathroom to take a shower before you did anything drastic.

     While showering, you made sure to shave you legs and arms because it was supposed to be hot outside. You finished shaving and got out of the shower to dry yourself off. Wrapping the towel around you, you walked out of the bathroom and into your room to dig through your closet for the best outfit possible.

     You pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a white fitted tank top. It was much different from your usual work outfit, an apron on top of some maroon pants and an ugly green work shirt. You put on some light make up, just some lip gloss, tan eye shadow, and mascara.

     You checked your phone and noticed it was 11:34 so you grabbed your phone, some money, and put them into your purse. You quickly texted Ashton to make sure you were heading to the right coffee shop and hopped into your car to get there.

     When you walked inside the coffee shop you noticed Ashton sitting in the back corner of the small un-crowded shop on his phone. You walked over to him and sat down in the booth across from him. “Hey Ashton.” You said with a smile as he looked up from his phone. He smiled back even wider than yours and put his phone away.

    “Hey Y/N, how’re you?” He asked with a small smile. “I’m good, I get to hang out with this really nice guy today so I think today’s going to be great.” You said with a cheeky smile. He laughed and shook his head. “Funny, who are you hanging out with today Miss. Y/L/N?” He asked with an equally cheeky smile. You fake pondered on that thought. “oh, well, now that I think about it, I’m only hanging out with you today Mr. Irwin.” You said as you stood up.

     “I’m going to get a coffee or something, do you want anything?” You asked as he also stood up. “Yeah, I’ll come and get it.” He said as you two walked up to the counter. “Hello, can I get a coffee please?” Ashton asked the coffee guy. He nodded his head as Ashton described what he wanted in it. “Um, can I just have a green tea please?” I asked politely. The guy nodded and went to make our drinks.

     He came right back out and handed them to us. I dug ion my purse to get the money to pay, but Ashton stopped me. “I got this,” He handed the guy the money. You tried to protest, but Ashton put his finger up to your lips. “Hush."  You giggled and he laughed as he removed his finger from your lips and escorted you back to your table.

     Throughout this whole time you were together, all you guys did was tell funny stories and get to know each other better than you had ever hoped. You had learned that his dad left them at an early age so he became the one who cared for his siblings. He tries his hardest to make enough money to help his mom support them. He loves animals but is allergic to cats. you told him about your kitten at home and he replied with a laugh and ‘what’s my luck’.

     You told him about how you moved away from your parents and about how you were saving up to go to college, that’s why you lived in the apartment, because your parents wanted you to become something you never wanted to be. They are both doctors, and wanted you to be one too, but you have a passion for writing. You always have. Ashton wanted to read some of your works, but you told him you didn’t like to show anyone. "Maybe next time Ash. I’ll maybe let you read some of it.” He smiled at you and lightly kicked your foot under the table.

     “Oh no, we are not doing that.” You stated as he smiled. “Whatever do you mean?” He laughed while you kicked him back lightly. “Oh, it’s on now.” He challenged as you guys started kicking each other lightly as to not hurt the other person. By the time you guys settled down and finished your painful game of footsies, you checked you phone. It was 3:50 and you had to meet up with your friend at 4.

     “Sorry to cut this short Ashton, but I needed to meet up with my best friend at four soon. I’ll see you at work later? Or would you take into consideration doing this again sometime?” You teased as you stood up from your seat. He sighed with a smile and stood up as well. “I guess I have no other choice but to take you up on that offer. I’ll text you later to figure out what we’re going to do.”

     You two walked out the door together and he surprised you by giving you a hug. “Bye Y/N.” He whispered in your ear right before you two pulled away. “Goodbye Ashton.” You waved as you walked into your car and drove to your friend’s house with Ashton on your mind.

Cat Allergies (Ch. 2)

Summary: As Mickey does what he can to stay healthy while having the cat in their apartment, he’s forced to make an appointment with an allergist.

Word Count: 993

Notes: Here’s the part two that people have been asking for.. Hope you like it!

As usual, Mickey woke up from his sleep with a runny nose and puffy eyes, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. A few days have passed since Ian surprised Mickey by getting a kitten. He decided he didn’t need to call the doctor because his sickness didn’t get overly terrible, but he also decided to keep that a secret from Ian.

He got up from the bed he shared with his boyfriend, and put a t-shirt on. Mickey made his way down the stairs to find Ian holding their kitten in one hand, while cooking breakfast with the other. The sight of a happy Ian gave Mickey a fuzzy feeling in his stomach. He smiled, and made his way towards the redhead. He wrapped his arms around the middle of Ian’s torso, and kissed the back of his neck. “Morning, babe,” he mumbled to Ian. “Morning, Bo,” he pet the kittens head.

“Good morning, sicky,” Ian mocked him because he heard how congested his boyfriend sounded.

Mickey scoffed and backed up so he could look at Ian’s face. “I’m not sick. Pretty much everyone has fucking allergies,” he tried to say convincingly.

“I don’t have allergies,” Ian replied in an informative and confident before putting the kitten on the ground so he could finish cooking breakfast.

Mickey rolled his eyes. “Well you’re a fucking weirdo,” he joked, causing Ian to scowl at him.

“You know I just worry about you, asshole,” Ian said sincerely. Mickey nods. “When is your appointment with the allergist?”

Luckily for Mickey, Ian was looking at him when he asked because his eyes widened at the question. “Ummm–” He cuts himself off with a sneeze. “Soon,” he lied. He hated lying to Ian, he just didn’t want to go to the doctor. “I got it under control,” he tried to sound truthful.

Ian cocked his eyebrow up when he heard the tone of Mickey’s voice. Mickey never lied to Ian, but for some reason, the redhead had a feeling that his boyfriend wasn’t telling him the full truth. “You sure?”

“Yeah– yeah.” Mickey avoided eye contact. “It’s all under control.”

“Okay,” Ian said in a questionative tone.

The couple then ate their breakfast in silence– aside from Mickey’s sneezes. Ian got up and kissed Mickey on the head before going to get ready for work, leaving Mickey sitting at the kitchen table in a puddle of his own guiltiness. He knew he should’ve never told Ian he scheduled himself a doctor’s appointment when he didn’t, he just didn’t want to add stress into Ian’s life.

Suddenly, breaking him from his thoughts, Bo crawled into Mickey’s lap. The little gray and white kitten purred and rubbed his fur against Mickey’s shirt. Mickey grinned and lightly pet him for a little while before falling into a sneezing fit. He then picked the cat up. “Hey, buddy, you gotta stop makin’ me sneeze,” he chuckled. The kitten continued purring. “You are a cute little fuck, aren’t ya?” Mickey smiled.

Ian walked out to where Mickey and Bo were and grinned at the interaction between his boyfriend and their pet– it was adorable. Ian then realized how late it was, and quickly kissed Mickey goodbye. “You gotta get dressed, Mick, you have an interview today at the auto shop on Main Street!” He said frantically. “Good luck, I love you,” he kissed his cheek and started for the door.

“Love you too,” Mickey called out before Ian left.

* * *

Later that night, Mickey and Ian were supposed to celebrate because Mickey finally landed a job as a mechanic. To their demise, when Ian arrived home, he found Mickey lying in bed with a pile of used tissues around him. His eyes were red and puffy as well, which caused the redhead to frown.

“There were strays outside of the apartment today,” Mickey sneezed as his informed Ian of why his allergies were acting up like this. “I took some cat food out to feed ‘em, so that’s probably why I’m so fucking sick right now,” he shoved his face into the pillow.

Ian ran his fingers through Mickey’s hair. “Seriously when is doctor’s appointment? I can’t have this getting any worse.”

“Well—” Mickey said in a tone that explained everything.

“You didn’t fucking schedule the appointment! What the fuck, Mickey?” Ian paced and let out a frustrated groan. Fucking Mickey, and his stubborn ass. Why the hell wouldn’t he want to go to the doctor?

“I wasn’t that bad!” Mickey yelled back. “I could manage it on my own!”

Ian shook his head and pulled his cellphone out of his back pocket. “I’m making the fucking appointment for you.” He then proceeded to call the allergist and schedule an appointment for the next day– which he got by saying it was an extreme emergency. He didn’t want to wait any longer and give Mickey the chance of cancelling it.

After a few argumentative comments from the sick man lying in the bed, Ian eventually got his attention. “Fucking listen to me! I want to see you healthy because I fucking care about you. Stop being so stubborn for once, you’re going to the fucking doctor whether you can handle it on your own or not.”

Mickey laid back into the pillows. “Fine,” he said quietly.

* * *

To make sure Mickey actually went, Ian took the day off from work so he could come with Mickey to the allergist. Surprisingly, Mickey didn’t complain as much as Ian thought he would.

After a few tests, the doctor concluded that Mickey was very allergic to cats, like they already knew, but he needed treatment for it. Once a month, it was required for Mickey to come in a get shots. He also had to take one pill a day to manage everything.

As long as Mickey followed the rules— which he promised to– he’d live happily and healthily with a pet kitten in his and Ian’s home.

Yuriyuu headcanons!

Someone asked for some fluffy Yuriyuu so I will send !

- Yuri is honestly so very proud that his cat loves Yuuri. He thought this was going to be this big thing but it was really simple. She mewled and then ever stopped purring.

- Yuuri is know as a giant surprise by everyone for good reason, Yuri has been dating him for a while and still doesn’t know everything. It’s always fun to find out more about the older skater
- same for Yuuri! He loves learning new things about his kitten!

- Yuri can’t make much, but what he can cook is amazing! Yuuri dies a little inside when he takes a bite of something as heavenly as a Yuri Special pancake. (The butter and sugar is inside)

- compared to popular belief yuri doesn’t get very jealous, he might seem mad or give a cold state or 5- but he trusts Yuuri a lot and knows nothing could ever actually transpire. Besides he’s always close by so if something does happen well…

- Yuuri hates sleeping on yuri’s side of the bed. It’s - not natural how cold it is without him there, so if yuri isn’t laying there neither is Yuuri.

-Yuri calls Yuuri, Yura to keep their names separate.

-both get teased a lot about their names.
“ if you got married it would be the same name!!”

- Yuuri loves when Yuri is tired because he drops the tuff act for a while and just is so chill and nice, it’s very refreshing after hearing yelling for over 15 hours tops.

- both love the others blush - it’s honestly a big problem, sometimes they have contests about who can make the other redder.

Thanks for the ask (*´∇`*)🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

(Remember I love asks from everyone so please don’t feel afraid to ask !!)

Got7 reacting to you purposely not wearing a bra. [SMUT]

Jaebum: He’d notice it when your nipples pierce very obviously through your white shirt and approach you slowly. He’d have a very hard time hiding the boner you’re giving him just by the thought of what he’d do to you. ‘Any idea what you just caused, kitten?’

Jinyoung: When he notices you cooking without a bra on, he’d approach you from behind and wrap his arms around your waist and kiss below your ear. ‘I hope you’re doing this on purpose’ he’s say and draw lazy patterns around your clothed breast.

Mark: He’d be paralyzed when he sees you walking past with nothing covering your boobs, his eyes following your every step. When you turn around to him, he’d quickly look away and pretend he didn’t notice. ‘What? You’d say, knowing what he’s thinking. ‘Are you not going to follow me?’ 

Jackson: He’d be insanely turned on by you feeling so confident around him and constantly eye you up and down, biting his lips as he locks eyes with you. He’d give you not so settle hints about what you’re doing to him. ‘Maybe we should continue this elsewhere.’

Youngjae: He’d pretend to not notice your nipples through your shirt and only look when you aren’t. His very obvious boner would give it away and let you know that you’re doing the right thing.

BamBam: His mind would run wild with the things he’d do to you that instant and he’d get insanely aroused by you not wearing a bra. ‘How about we take your other clothes off as well~’

Yugyeom: He’d give you no time at all and have you on the bed within seconds, ripping every last bit of clothing off your body. ‘Never wear a bra around me, kitten.’

Love, Youngmi~


Dawn’s go-to club would be the Cooking Club, hands down. Sure, there’s a Light Music Club, but Dawn doesn’t really like playing the violin in front of others.

There’s a kitten on school grounds! I know of a certain Student Body President that would visit this kitten every chance he got. ;3

Can you guess who Dawn’s imitating? You get three guesses.

I don’t know why I put Dawn in the Art Club, she doesn’t have any interest in it. I just wanted to play around with the pose and props.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell me the difference between the Eighth Doctor in the books, and the Big Finish audios, and the comics?

Eight in the books: Cute. Romantic. Adventurous. A bit broken. Mentally disturbed, occasionally slipping into full-on psychosis, develops PTSD and intense claustrophobia on top of that, also gets physically damaged with alarming frequency. Acts tall and dashes about and cooks and cuddles with people and saves kittens. Carries a teddy bear around for comfort. Has pretty eyes that change colour to reflect his mood. Addicted to massages. Loses his clothes all the damn time. Snogs his companions regardless of their gender. Wears that fancy outfit and variations thereupon for all eternity — as well as question mark underpants. Also commits genocide like once a book at least. Gets his first taste of the Time Wars early on, and becomes entirely tangled up in them. 

Eight in the audios: Kind. Intense. Pragmatic. Lapses into deadpan sarcasm when he’s in danger. Loves everyone, but not that way, and would rather not talk about it because talking about feelings is difficult. Copes with emotional trauma by running far, far away. Gets distracted in the middle of sentences and forgets he’s talking to people even when they’re standing right next to him. Talks to himself a lot — considers it the first sign of madness. Wants to help out, no matter what, and to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Even if it takes years, even if it takes centuries. Loses his memory entirely too often. Grows out of that Victorian outfit and starts rocking leather jackets and beard scruff. Absolutely terrified of the Time War, which he knows is coming, and of what it will do to him someday

Eight in the comics: Cool. Happy. Dangerous. Values his friends, always tries to give them better lives and second chances. Frequently on the verge of physical godhood, merging (or almost merging) with all sorts of cosmic powers before they slip away from him again. Downright chaste compared to the other two versions — he has another big snog with Grace, but that’s about it. Shows off an impressive pair of sideburns when first introduced. Wears pink waistcoats and (after a while) a blue jacket on top, and has an extensive collection of silly hats.

I've Got a Bad Case of Lovin' You (Kyungjeong one-shot)

Title: I’ve Got a Bad Case of Lovin’ You
Rating: T (language and implied sexual situations)
Pairing: Kyungil/Yijeong
Length: 1,800+
Notes: Um…. Hi.


Kyungil furrowed his brows and shifted in bed with an irritated moan, keeping his eyes shut against the light streaming in through the window. It sounded as if someone was waging a war in his bedroom, a war complete with spaceships and laser guns or whatever the hell that damnable zapping sound was. He moaned again and turned on his side, pulling the sheets over his head. It was loud and annoying and for some reason everything seemed louder and more annoying than usual. His squeezed his eyes tightly closed and realized that his head was throbbing, his body was aching, and he couldn’t breathe properly through his nose.

“Gotcha, sucker!”

At the voice, Kyungil slowly opened his eyes underneath his sheet-tent and after listening to another series of animatronic beeping noises, he sneezed. Then he groaned loudly, because it felt as if his head had just exploded.

“Kyungil-hyung?” The noises stopped and he took a deep breath, reveling in the silence despite his throbbing head. The sheets were pulled down and Kyungil growled softly, trying to shield his eyes from the sun, which was obviously an evil that was bent on blinding his already aching eyes.

“What?” he grumbled, attempting to burrow into his pillow. He felt a hand pressing his shoulder down so he couldn’t hide his face and then another one pushing his bangs aside to rest on his forehead. He was still for a minute since the hand was cool and soft and felt quite nice.

“You’re not as warm as before. I’m a better doctor than I thought!” Kyungil certainly felt much too warm yet at the same time too chilly. Finally he cracked his eyes open and focused blearily on none other than Jang Yijeong. Of course. Who else had the balls to be making such a racket in his room? Definitely not Jaeho since he scared the life out of the boy the last time he as much as dared step a foot inside Kyungil’s sacred dwelling.

“What are you doing here?” Kyungil asked grouchily, still foggy with sleep. Yijeong took his hand away and leaned down for a moment before straightening with an armful of the fluffy comforter that Kyungil must have kicked off sometime in his fitful sleep.

“You don’t remember last night?” Yijeong walked over to Kyungil’s chair and dropped the downy mass into it. Kyungil frowned. Chairs were for sitting, not for discarded bedding, especially bedding that could be to hide underneath from the satanic sunlight.


“Really? Well, in that case, here’s what happened: we went clubbing then you got drunk off your ass and went onstage. Embarrassed yourself by singing some really bad karaoke and then we ended up back here and we had some really kinky sex which involved some rope, handcuffs, and a whip.”

Kyungil paused for a minute, processing what he had heard, a good amount of that didn’t seem right at all. “Uh… yeah,” Yijeong said, nodding quickly at himself before continuing on. “I figured you wouldn’t be too happy waking up tied to the bedposts, so I untied you when you passed out.” The older of the two stared at him, deadpanned. Yijeong was a terrible liar.

“Uh-huh. That’s real cute, Yijeong. Now stop bullshitting me and tell me what really happened.” Yijeong wasn’t even old enough to go into a club. Kyungil wasn’t one for clubs anymore, whenever his friends would invite him, he’d tend to turn them down more often than naught. Yijeong plopped down on the floor with a grin and picked up his video game controller—so that’s what was making that horrid noise—before continuing. “We went to dinner since everyone else was out, you got drunk off your ass and then took a walk afterwards, and of course it rained right in the middle, but we didn’t care so we got wet. You said something about kissing in the rain being horribly romantic.”

“I did not,” Kyungil objected. “I’d never say something stupid like that.”

“Did so.” Yijeong whined. Kyungil scoffed in return. “Well, then, it was your fault—you probably made me drink too much.”

Yijeong giggled into his hand, “Alcohol seems to bring out the true you,” the younger says with a cute smile. Kyungil sat up and promptly sneezed before he could get his retort out. He rubbed his nose and scowled, then sneezed again. He said something in a half-mumble, half-moan as he pulled the sheets up and slipped back down in his bed, giving Yijeong the evil eye.

“You got me sick,” he complained, then gestured with a finger. “Why’d you bring that crap in here?”

Yijeong spluttered. “You’re calling my PS4 crap?”

“It’s noisy. Have you no respect for the ill?”

“You know, I think I liked you better last night when you were all drunk and cute and stuck on kissing in the rain.”

“I’m sick and I have a hangover,” Kyungil lamented. “And you’re an idiot.”

“Sihyoung-hyung says hangovers aren’t so bad, just drink some more alcohol and you’ll be fine.”

“That would be something that asshole would say.” Kyungil buried himself under the covers, sniffing pathetically and cursing his stuffy nose. He half-expected his good-for-nothing boyfriend to resume playing his mindless video games, but instead he felt a hand poking at the sheets. Kyungil lowered them slightly and peered out, his face set in a frown.

“Is widdle Kyung-illie feeling sicky-wicky?” Yijeong asked innocently in baby talk. He was kneeling at the bedside and all Kyungil could see was his head staring at him with enormous coppery eyes. If it wasn’t for him not being at the top of his game and his terrible weakness for Yijeong’s puppy-dog eyes he would have punched the younger boy in his stupid cute baby face.

“Why aren’t you sick?” he asked crabbily.

“I have something called an immune system. It works really well when you don’t lock yourself in the dance studio at all hours of the day and night and try to live off coffee,” he scolded lightly, then his eyes lit up. “I know! I’ll make you soup.”

“Oh, please don’t,” Kyungil moaned, picturing the kitchen in flames, he assumed by how quiet it was outside of his room that no one was around to supervise Yijeong’s cooking. The younger had already trotted off, oblivious to Kyungil’s severe apprehension.

The dancer heard him rummaging through the pots and pans and apparently picking the heaviest one he could find, for it landed on the stove with a huge bang. Kyungil pondered pulling the sheets over his head again and simply attempting sleep in a blissfully ignorant state, but knowing that Yijeong was about to cook made it impossible to do that, since only visions of the dorm in flames is all he could think about when closing his eyes. So Kyungil dragged himself out of bed and trudged toward the kitchen.

“What are you doing up? You’re supposed to get plenty of rest,” Yijeong admonished, tearing through the cabinets in search of noodles. Kyungil made a face. “Stop it, you’re making a mess.” He would end up being the one to clean it up later since he lived with a bunch of children and slobs, since Dokyun took one for the team and cleaned the bathroom this week.

“I haven’t started yet, hyung.” Yijeong spoke as if he were speaking to a slow child. “If I could just find where you keep the noodles… and those little bullion cubes…”

“Don’t try to cook,” Kyungil sighed. “Who knows how long it would take the company to find us a new place to live.” Yijeong turned the wounded kitten look to him, “I can cook!” His lower lip was trembling and Kyungil knew it was just for show, it was all an act…. One that he always fell for. So he just sighed and said, “Okay, but how about you try when my head doesn’t feel like someone sat on it?”

Yijeong’s features immediately brightened but he paused for a moment, eyeing the older boy, taking in the wretched look on his face. “Well…” Yijeong comes close and put his arms around the older boy and promptly snuggles his face into the crook of his shoulder. “You need me more than you need soup.”

Kyungil was about to say something kind of bullshit he knew would make Yijeong happy but he was cut off by being dragged further into the kitchen. Yijeong pushed himself up on his tip-toes, flung open a cabinet and groped around inside for a bit, ignoring Kyungil’s questions of ‘what the fuck are you doing?’.

“This stuff really works,” he said, holding up a bottle of blue liquid. Kyungil stared. “I haven’t taken liquid medicine since I was six. ” Yijeong pouted at those words up he unscrewed the top of the bottle anyways, “You’re going to take this!” He wandered over to the cutlery drawer and pulled out a tablespoon. He poured the thick bright colored liquid onto the spoon, then made airplane noises as he flew it around the dancer’s face. Kyungil made sure to give him his scariest glare when it finally reached his mouth, even though his glares only really work on Jaeho. He opened his mouth reluctantly and took the medicine, then proceeded to gag and hack up a lung in a gross sounding cough.

“Oh hell no! That’s fucking disgusting!” Yijeong looked at him blankly, “It’s medicine, what’d you expect?” Yijeong started to pour another dose, “One more~” But when he looks up Kyungil had made a mad dash out of the kitchen like the devil was after him. Yijeong shouted after him, dropping the spoon into the sink and making quickly after the other boy. “You only have half of what you need to get better!” He yells as he trails after Kyungil. The dancer was about to go to the bathroom and stick a finger down his throat to rid himself of the vile medicine he had just taken, but Yijeong ambushed him. The younger pulls him away from the bathroom, ignoring the sound glare Kyungil throws his way. He can only smile back the older boy for his antics, pink lips curling into a grin and eyes turning into cute crescents, Kyungil’s glare fades quickly at Yijeong’s bright smile. “You’re so crazy when you’re sick,” The younger laughs.

“I only get crazy when you give me horrible concoctions and claim they’ll make me better!” Kyungil shot back, then stopped when Yijeong brought his face close and gave him a kiss on the tip of his nose then promptly sweeps back in to give a gentle kiss on the lips. Kyungil’s eyes slid shut and hands immediately find Yijeong’s small waist, his annoyance dissipated for the most part. He tilts his head, going in a bit deeper and Yijeong’s opens up willingly, Kyungil takes the opportunity to slid his tongue. The leader’s hands tightened around Yijeong’s waist as they kissed as he leaned down, moving further into the kiss. He was already feeling lightheaded due to his wretched fever-hangover and when they finally broke apart, it took a moment for Yijeong’s face to come into focus.

“Ugh,” Yijeong said unappreciatively, grimacing dramatically. “That medicine does taste terrible.”

“Suffer more,” Kyungil said, pulling him back and capturing his lips again.