kitten kneading

Tom Holland Imagine: Kimti

Summary: After begging Tom for months to adopt a kitten, he never gives in. So you take matters into your own hands. THIS IS VERY SHORT ITS MORE LIKE A BLURB OKAY

A/N: so I named the kitten in this Kimti because I did a little internship with my local Zoo earlier this year and the snow leopard there is named Kimti and he’s the sweetest and cutest thing you’ve ever seen and I’m absolutely obsessed with him and he has special needs and I just can’t I love that little guy so much

Warnings: None


Tom was laid sprawled out on the couch in your shared apartment when he felt a little ball of fur being dropped onto his lap.

He blinked at the little grey and white ball that was squirming around until he was met with two blue eyes peeping out from behind a fluffy tail.

“Y/N? What’s this?” He asked as he stared at the little kitten that was now kneading his leg.

“A kitten.”

“I see that it’s a kitten, but why is it in our home?”

“Well… I may or may not have adopted him…”

“You WHAT?!”

“Okay, Tom, before you get mad, I was just on my way home from work and I got off early so I decided to stop by the animal shelter and look at the kittens like I like to do every now and then and I was talking to this lady and she was telling me about how they were gonna have to put this little guy down if he wasn’t adopted by next week because they didn’t have room for him anymore and I just-I couldn’t leave him there! He was so cute and sweet and perfect and I caved, okay!? I caved!”

Tom stared at you blankly after your break down before his eyes were drawn back to the little kitten who had now worked his way up Tom’s chest and was face to face with him.

Tom wanted to be angry with you, but after that little pink nose touched his and purred, he knew that little kitten was not going back to the animal shelter.

“Well, I guess this is okay. But only because he was going to be put down! I don’t want you getting any ideas about trying this again, especially after you expressed your interest in buying a horse.”

You giggled at Tom’s response and watched as he scooped the small kitten up in his arms. Tom scratched the small animal behind his ears causing a loud purr to erupt from the kitten.

“So, what should we name him?”

“He came with a name. Kimti, and I like it.”

“Kimti it is then.”

The kitten rubbed up against Tom’s chest at the mention of his name.

“Babe, a kitten is a bigger responsibility than you think. Especially with me in the house. You’re going to have to vacuum a lot more because I’m allergic. Obviously it’s not a super serious allergy but I would like to not have to worry about sneezing constantly when in my own home.”

“Yes! Yes, of course! And I already bought him a litter box, litter, dishes, food, collar and toys!”

“Alright, darling. He can stay. But still, NO HORSE!”

How Cats Show Affection

People think cats are evil cuz they “aren’t affectionate.” That’s a load of bullshit. In case you hadn’t realized, cats don’t act like dogs. Cats are as affectionate as dogs, but they show affection in a more subtle way. Here’s how you can tell a cat loves you:

  • Hanging out in the same room as you. Even if they aren’t near you, they are showing they care about you enough to at least want to be in your presence.
  • Approaching you with their tail straight up. This is the cat being like “Hello! I am happy to see you!”
  • Purring. This is an obvious one. Everyone knows a purring kitty is a happy or content kitty (cat also purr when injured cuz the vibrations can help heal bones, but that’s a different discussion)
  • Kneading. As kittens, cats would knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. Cats do it as adults to show content or that they see you as a motherly figure.
  • Bringing you “gifts.” If the cat is an outdoor cat, these “gifts” are dead animals (hopefully they’re dead and don’t bring in live wild animals). If it’s an indoor cat, the “gifts” are one of their toys. Cats see humans as large hairless cats that don’t know how to cat. So they bring these “gifts” cuz they think we suck at hunting so they need to hunt for us so we don’t starve.
  • Meowing. They’re talking to you. You wouldn’t talk to someone unless you liked them, right?
  • Exposing their belly. A cat’s belly is their most vulnerable spot. If they show you their belly, it means they trust you enough to show you their most vulnerable spot.
  • Love bites. Love bites are when a cat puts its mouth on you but doesn’t bite down or doesn’t bite down very hard. Idk how it shows affection, I just know that it does lol
  • Slow blinking. If a cat look at you and blinks really slowly, they’re giving you a cat kiss. So slow blink back!
  • Head butts or rubbing against you. Cats have scent glands on their faces. If a cat rubs on you or head butts you, they’re putting their scent on you and saying to other cats “THIS IS MY HUMAN SO BACK THE FUCK OFF”
  • Laying down on spots where you lay a lot. Has a cat ever fallen asleep on your bed or sat in your favorite chair as soon as you got up? That’s because your scent is very strong there and it’s comforting for them to lay down where their person’s scent is strong.

See? Cats can show a lot of affection! They are just more subtle than dogs.

The Catfather

Part One: Thomas O’Malley and the (former) Alley Cats

Captain Swan, Captain Cobra [G] ~3500 words, 1/? 

Ao3 Link

Summary: Thomas O'Malley couldn’t say he had the perfect life, but after adopting Swan the cat and her two kittens, Thomas finally had a sense of normalcy restored. That was until the day his dead wife’s long lost son Henry Mills showed up on his doorstep, claiming that not only is his wife alive, but her name is really Emma, he’s really Captain Hook, and that it’s his job as her True Love to find her and save her so she can save everyone else.Quite a lot to swallow before breakfast.

Tags for those who expressed interest: @canwetalkaboutcaptainswan @eala-captian @acaptainswaneternity @ilovegemgem @leiaswanjoneskid @cocohook38 @sailormew4 @clockadile @trueromantic1 @spartanguard @galadriel26 @whimsicallyenchantedrose @book-and-music-lover @strawberrycupcakeprincess @phoenixsxul @captainswanismyendgame @winterbaby89 @captainswansjourney @superchocovian @vatrixsta @natascha-remi-ronin @xemmaloveskillianx @hookaddict @optomisticgirl @its-about-bloody-time-cs @snowbellewells @thegladelf @captainswanmama

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Half Bitten: Prologue

Requested by: Anonymous
A/N: So to the nonnie who requested this a few months ago when the vampire gif of Jimin first surfaced; I’m sorry. This scenario is like my life: all over the place and praying its headed in a good direction. I’m only doing a prologue of this because I’m not sure how it’ll be received, but I hope you guys find it somewhat enjoyable.
Genre: Jimin x Reader
Words: 1082
Disclaimer: As always, gif is not mine and belongs to its rightful owner!
Warnings: Mentions of blood and sexual content.

Your head twisted to the side; a need to silence the next chorus of moans that the man between your thighs elicited from your lips with ease. Your hands gripping helplessly to the sheets as another orgasm overtook your body, sending it into a fit of shaking and mewling. The man at your thighs should’ve lost control of his hold on you, but his stone grip kept you immobile.

The only freedom you truly possessed was with your eyes. Your hands and arms indisposed and useless, barely able to contain their shaking and need to grab something tight. So you watched. The way his jaw worked at your smooth skin like a kitten kneading into his mother. His mouth eating greedily at your flesh, your breasts trembling as a shaky breath rolled through you.

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Purr-suasion (Doflamingo x Reader)

A silly little drabble I wrote for a challenge on DeviantART in which Doffy finds himself warming up to his wife’s newest addition to the family…

Word Count: 908



He should never have let her bring that stray back to the palace. [Name] had found the little cat wandering in the flower field, limping and covered in mange, and he had always found it impossible to say no to her. Especially not after she reminded him that he himself had been wont to bring home stray children in the past. He couldn’t deny his Queen. He never could.

And so here he was, babysitting the fur ball as if he, the King of Dressrosa, had nothing better to do. She could have easily asked Baby 5 to take care of it, but for some unfathomable reason [Name] had decided spending time with the small creature would be good for him. He had no doubt she’d noticed the jealous looks and sullen pout every time she diverted her affections from him to the little cat. It just wouldn’t do. She was his and he would allow no one, not even a cat, to be the focus of her attention but him.

With a book splayed open in his hand, he eyed the feline over the rim of his glasses. Its small body was curled up in a square of sunlight streaming in from the window, head tucked under one paw as its chest rose and fell in the rhythm of sleep. He would never admit it out loud, but he saw the appeal in the little creature when it was like this, though he knew its unassuming appearance was purely for ease of exploitation. It had already tricked his beloved into heeding its every beck and call with its wide, curious eyes and bushy tail—it would not pull him into its wicked ways as well.

He returned to his book, paying no more mind to the sleeping cat by the window. Ten minutes later, he felt a tugging on the leg of his pants, and peered over the edge of the book in search of the cause. The little cat had its needle-like claws in his capris, mewling up at him as it climbed its way slowly up his leg.

Doflamingo clicked his tongue, reaching down to pick up the feline by the scruff of its neck and placed it firmly back on the ground by the window. He had told [Name] he would watch the cat—though he had been less than enthusiastic about the idea—but she had said nothing about keeping it entertained.

Not five minutes later, he felt a tugging on his coat and whirled around in his chair to find the kitten batting at the feathery ends of the garment that trailed on the ground. He growled, hand swooping down to swat the cat away.

“Shoo! That’s not a toy.”

The cat diverted its attention from the feathers and pounced at his fingers instead, it’s tiny teeth sinking into his skin, though not hard enough to break it. He scoffed.

“Pitiful. You’ll never be a good hunter with that kind of attitude.”

The kitten rolled onto it’s back and batted half-heartedly at his fingers. He sighed. Barely twenty minutes in and he was already talking to it. The creature was crafty indeed.

Sighing again, he contorted his fingers, thread shooting out and winding around itself to form a ball. He snapped off the thread and set the little string ball down in front of the cat. The cat stared at it, then looked up at him and mewled. Doflamingo sighed again and nudged the ball encouragingly.

“There. Amuse yourself until she returns.”

The kitten’s pupils dilated as the ball went rolling across the floor and it took to it immediately, darting off after the makeshift toy with enthusiasm. Doflamingo returned to his book, pleased with himself for his successful ploy in distracting the creature. He would have to hide the ball before [Name] returned though. He couldn’t have her know that he had caved to the tiny devil’s persuasion.

He had barely made it through a chapter before he felt that insistent tugging at the leg of his pants again, and he leaned over to scowl at the little cat. It mewled at him and wound its way around his legs, rubbing against him with its tail raised high in the air.

Doflamingo sighed for the third time that day and reached down to scoop the cat up—it was so small it could fit in the palm of one hand—and dropped it on his lap.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “If it’ll give me some peace.”

The kitten circled once, kneading at his abdomen and purring loudly, before finally curling up against his stomach and settling its head on its paws.

He watched it cautiously for a few moments to be sure it wouldn’t bother him again, before returning to his reading once more, a finger absently scratching behind the cat’s ears. It purred and nuzzled into his hand, blinking up at him lazily. Despite himself, he found a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

When [Name] returned later that day, she was met with an unusual and endearing sight—Donquixote Doflamingo, Warlord and notorious pirate, had fallen asleep with his book laid open over his face. And curled up in the crook of his neck amongst the pink feathers of his coat, a tiny grey cat, fast asleep. She giggled and snapped a quick picture before backing slowly out of the room, leaving the two to their slumber.

✦ car conversations ✦

sideman | tobi x reader

request | can you pleaseee do a tobi smut where you’re both at a sdmn party and you keep teasing so you leave early and you give him head while he’s driving…. thanks 😂💗

warnings | i changed the sdmn party bit, i hope that’s alright, because i was just so tired. also smut!

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blesséd sensations
  • kitten kneading your boob through a blanket
  • first swim of the summer
  • partner’s palm protectively settled on your tummy
  • stepping out into a warm rain
  • cuddling up in bed with the window open on a cool night and pulling the fluffy comforter up past your neck
  • hug of a very large dog
  • being nuzzled behind your ear/at the nape of your neck
  • warm hand rubbing the small of your back or between your shoulder blades (beast mode: alternating between the two)
  • taking a really deep, satisfying breath after crying
  • stretching out your hips and back in the morning
  • the childlike exhilaration of being on a swingset 
Lance Week Day cINCO


Prompt: Blue


jeez my brain was fried for this week smh cannot believe i couldn’t come up for stuff for the prompts…must be some pre-college fever…heh. anyway

[Un]Surprisingly, Lance is a cat guy.

The cool of the living room faded away as a child Lance screamed.

“I hate you!”

His siblings’ darkened looks were the last thing he saw as he turned and fled in a fury.

“You asked for it, spoiled brat!” His elder brother stood from his place on the couch, only to have his sister yank down on his wrist and save him from a small, flying sandal.

“Leave me alone! ¡Maaamííí!” Lance wailed, scurrying upstairs.

“Mom’s not home!” His sister yelled from below. “Calm down—we’ll give you the TV!”

“Like hell we will—” His brother raged.

“Shut up!” She hissed. “Lance, come back down!”

But Lance was already hanging from the cement balcony rail, a stunt he often pulled when he wanted to get out of the house and avoid running down the stairs. In this case, he wanted to avoid being beat up and tied down by his siblings. The boy plummeted and landed firmly on the balls of his feet, taking off with the inertia under the grueling rays of early afternoon. He disposed of his lone sandal as he ran, dropping it who-knows-where. His selfish siblings would make him pick it up later, but for now, he would run to the bay.

As he sped down the slope near his home, the dirt beneath him quickly turned to hot sand. Lance panted heavily as he stumbled further, shoving through young palm trees and batting away at mosquitoes and other bugs. The small bay lay open before him, the blue-green water splashed undisturbed, rolling up on the sand, devoid of anyone and anything. It was deserted.

Good. Lance could deal without people asking him if he was lost or something. In a flash-over of emotion, he kicked up sand, grunting and muttering high-pitched obscenities with a breaking voice.

They wouldn’t let him do anything! They wouldn’t let him talk, they wouldn’t let him play, they wouldn’t let him watch TV with them or even have a snack! Lance was beginning to see the downsides of sleeping through breakfast.

He wiped at his eyes, not caring of the sand getting on his face. With a pout, he stomped to the foot of a tall palm and plopped down, shoulders hunched.

With barks echoing overhead and the roaring of the wind filling his ears, Lance forced his breathing to slow, whimpering as he swallowed annoying sobs and sniffles that might alert anyone nearby. He felt sweat roll down his back and patted it dry through his shirt. Slowly, but surely, the beach lulled him into a sense of relaxation. As he leaned back, he rubbed his stomach. Despite his complaining stomach, he knew his mother nor father should be too long from getting back home. He remembered Mom yesterday, saying how she’d be back quickly from running some errands in the morning, just in time to cook lunch. His dad said something about errands, too. But he’d be back most likely while they were eating lunch.

There was a rustle next to him and Lance stiffened. It was something small, too light to be a person. With childish caution, the boy flinched as the tiny muzzle of a kitten poked out from out of the bush beside him.

“Un gatito!” Lance gasped to himself.

The kitten’s head had poked out, watching Lance with wide eyes. Lance immediately focused on everything near the cat’s face, avoiding eye contact. He then began to blink at it, a hope escalating in his chest. His goal was to pet the kitten.

He blinked slowly, not looking directly into the kitten’s eyes. Direct eye contact with a cat meant aggression. Lance didn’t want to scare it, he wanted to love it. Maybe he could—

They’ll just say to put it back where it came from! They might even throw it back out if you take it inside!

With a heavy sigh, Lance shifted his legs and looked away from the kitten. What was the point of trying to get close to it if Lance wouldn’t be able to enjoy the simple act of petting it? Well, he could pet it, but then his siblings would be like, “You touched a stray cat? What the heck is wrong with you? We didn’t say you could do that!”

Something nudged against his side and Lance jolted to find the kitten kneading into his shirt. It was grey—no…blue, maybe; a pretty mix between those two colors. Its eyes were closed, an obvious sign of contentment to Lance. He giggled, slowly bringing a hand to the kitten’s head. No stopping him now.

At that, the kitten flinched away slightly, as did Lance. The boy brought his hand further to the animal, hopefully transmitting his means well enough. Slowly, the kitten sniffed around his hand, and with a with a loud mewl, it nuzzled his palm.

A sense of pure completion rushed through Lance and he grinned wide, letting out a small, “Yes!”

Not even a few minutes later, the cat was on him, purring so loudly Lance kept glancing around to see if anyone was approaching them. He absentmindedly continued to scratch the cat, glancing around as he reached behind its ears and under its chin. The boy could keep petting the furry creature for years if he wanted to. The grey-blue kitten continued to sprawl on his lap, nosing Lance’s hand in the direction it wanted him to go.

A voice suddenly wafted into Lance’s ears and he froze. He didn’t mind the slightest when the kitten nipped him for stopping, but he was sure he had heard his mother calling for him.

“Lance!” The call came again, not too close to him, but close enough to be heard over the salty wind. “¡Ya hablé con tus hermanos! ¡Sube a comer!”


Glossing over his mother’s knowing voice, the boy’s mouth watered, and a mild twinge in his stomach saddened him. Carefully, he wrapped his small hands around the cat’s front legs and placed it on the sand.

“Sorry, kitty, I gotta go…”

The kitten mewled loudly again as Lance stood. He wasn’t good at goodbyes of any kind. Wait, maybe he could sneak some food—

The blue-grey kitten rubbed against his legs, its tiny tail bent at the tip. Lance cooed to himself, pushing away the notion of just stuffing the kitten into his shirt and sneaking into the house. His mother would probably have his head, too. He doesn’t remember her being a big fan of cats.

Well, the idea from earlier was still an option. The boy stepped away as soon as the kitten moved towards the outer part of his legs, a spot where he wouldn’t trip over it. With slow blink, Lance began to walk away, hissing to himself at the kitten meowed behind him.

Don’t follow me, don’t follow me, don’t follow me! I’ll bring you some scraps! Promise!

Lance glanced over his shoulder to find the kitten simply sitting where he was just a few moments ago. The young cat blinked at him, and Lance couldn’t help but believe that it was crying.

Don’t worry. I’ll come back…

“Hey, Beautiful.” Lance greeted his giant Blue Lion.

The mechanical beast purred loudly into the conscience of her pilot, welcoming him and quickly reciprocating his joy at the simple greeting. The Blue Paladin settled comfortably into his seat, enjoying its feel.

“Allura told me to have some more bonding sessions with you, and who am I to ignore two pretty ladies? Anyways, time to play Twenty Questions! There’s gotta be a better name for this… How about ‘Let the bonding begin’? No—no…sounds too…eh. Well, anyway. So, did you know I love kittens? I’ve always loved kittens, ever since I was a little kid, really…”

anonymous asked:

how is your cat!!!

which one? sir asshole screams a lot? or lady sneaks people food?

They’re fine. They’re SPOILED as per usual. We put the quilt on the bed and they went apeshit??? I realized it’s because it’s the quilt we had on the bed when Freyja was a kitten so she keeps kneading it and purring and attacking my toes. What a stinker. Merlin spent all morning screaming because he “thinks” his water is low. He dumb. He screm :V

Preview of “The Catfather”

Sometimes, you see a post with a headcanon or wish, and you have a mighty need to see it in fic form. Sometimes you have to fic it. Today @canwetalkaboutcaptainswan​ posted one, describing a story with Cursed!Killian, Cat!Emma, and Adult!Henry. I love kitties, so I had to fic this, and after a productive night, I’ve decided to share a preview of the fic with you guys.

I have tweaked the idea slightly (having worked in a coffee shop, I don’t want to write a coffee shop AU fic, and since Season 7 seems to be set in a city, I’ve changed cursed!Killian’s home). 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preview, so it’s not a complete fic or complete chapter. I will also probably edit what you see here, fyi.

Tagging those who expressed interest: @sailormew4@book-and-music-lover@strawberrycupcakeprincess@phoenixsxul@winterbaby89@whimsicallyenchantedrose@captainswansjourney @superchocovian @vatrixsta @natascha-remi-ronin @xemmaloveskillianx @snowbellewells @hookaddict @optomisticgirl @its-about-bloody-time-cs

Without further ado, “The Catfather” Preview, [G/T?]

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