kitten kin

❤✨❤✨❤Black and white cat that loves pastel pink❤✨❤✨❤

[Aesthetic requests for otherkin, therians, and fictionkin are open!!!]

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Catkin room misc for anon

Growing grass mug -$4.00

Giant yarn ball -$29.99+

Wall Yarn -$30.00

Cat paw wall art -$4.99

Cat face light switch and socket cover -$7.00+

Cat face succulent planter -$64.00

Felt mouse night light -$110.00

Cat wood shelf -$15.00

Knitted mouse -$7.49


Fashion for Demon Cat (anon) 

Cat Ear Headband: $7.99 I love these headbands! 

Meow Necklace: $17.50 Meow! 

Pentagram Harness: $13.99 I wonder if they make a pentacle version and how that would work… 

Cat Socks: $9.99 So cute! 

Sweater: $19.99 It also comes in black, pastel yellow and pastel blue. 

Purr Evil Shirt: $18.00 So cute! Just know that the upside down cross, some people could be offended by it. 

Cat Socks 2: $15.99 So cute! 

Black Cat Necklace: $2.10 Aw! 

Cat Ring: $9.99 So beautiful! 

reasons to imagine babysitter shizuo

-giant kid with a bunch of tiny kids
-shizuo isn’t allowed to smoke around them so good 4 his health too
-shizuo trying to explain to these little 7 year olds what taxes are and how to do them only to end up with a screaming/crying child and its him
-shizuo with tiny bows in his hair
-shizuo having lipstick hearts and too much eye shadow on his face bc the kids wanted to do his make up
-shizuo making the children healthy but yummy snacks
-shizuo pretending he adopted one of them and he is just babysitting their classmates to scare the shit out of Izaya
-shizuo laughing and explaining its a side job
-shizuo referring to these kids as his tiny army
-shizuo setting his tiny army’s wrath upon a sleeping izaya
-izaya having bows and make up like shizuo when he wakes up
-all of these tiny children calling him their big brother
-shizuo having glitter in his hair and clothes from doing arts and crafts
-just babysitter Shizuo

Aesthetic for a lesbian Tenko with themes of kittens and lesbian pride! - Mod Ibuki!

anonymous asked:

Heyho can you make a playlist for a galaxy kitten? I really like pop punk and kpop (just no exo) pls and thank you ヽ(´▽`)/

Galaxy kitten!!!!!!!!! :3

1. Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard

2. Knock Knock - Twice

3. Weightless - All Time Low

4. Feel So Fine - TaeYeon

5. Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance

6. Um Oh Ah Yeh - Mamamoo

7. Move Along - The All-American Rejects

8. Run Devil Run - Girls Generation

9. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls

10. Blue Moon - Hyolyn & Changmo


My Kitten-kin bell! This is the sound I make to calm myself down when wearing my collar!! <3