kitten in mug

anonymous asked:

I luv all of your art ❤️ Any advice for an aspiring artist?

1. draw things you’re excited about even if you’re just drawing the same subject over and over. your gallery’s full of nothing but mermaids? you go, mermaid master!!

2. don’t be afraid to reference the shit out of sketches and use different sources for referencing. photos, dolls, cartoons, mirror, stick figures, carrots glued together, whatever works for you.

3. if you have an art block, it’s ok to take a break, you can’t have ideas and inspiration all the time. if you’re feeling guilty, use that time to doodle things you don’t draw very often like flowers or fat kittens or your favourite mug.

4. you’re always improving over time, even if it doesnt feel like it. just look at your old drawings.

5. no matter what and how you draw, there are always going to be people who love your work and those who hate it. so draw how YOU like it.

6. don’t aspire for your artwork to be perfect, aspire for it to be FINISHED. 

7. if anyone sends you hate, respond with a gif of a splashing magikarp.

hope this helps!!