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this cheered & healed my entire heart. look at him he is so good

He iiiiisss, honestly one of my fave Tony’s. Kay if you haven’t read the Avengers Assemble comic (not, I think, related to the cartoon) it’s a good one to check out!

This specific frame was from #24. Also from the issue:

Tony showing Anya his filing system (in a magical supercomputer room)

The Company as High School Teachers:

-teaches history
-often gets lost in political rants
-must debunk the myth that Napoleon was short at least once a week
-has a coffee maker at his desk

-teaches gym and health
-hates giving the talk because it makes him giggle like a little girl
-all the niners are terrified of him but the 12s secretly adore him
-carries around a kitten mug at all times
-coaches girls’ sports

-teaches philosophy and languages
-constantly losing his glasses only to find them already on
-uses a cloth hanky
-locked a 15-year-old boy in cabinet to teach the class a lesson on existentialism

-student teacher stalked by every teenager in school; boys and girls
-still working on his teacher voice
-wants to teach english but is better at math anyway
-sneaks his dog into the staff room on fridays

-new teacher of chemistry
-has caused several explosion and school evacuations
-secretly a genius but too careless
-eats lunch on the roof with the custodians
-rearranges his classroom weekly

-teaches home economic
-has a different apron for each day
-plays santa every year but doesn’t actually celebrate christmas
-dislodges candy from the vending machine for students
-always has a gourmet lunch

-teaches drama
-received a warning for the sequel he wrote to Macbeth called MacDeath
-half the department’s costumes are previously owned by him
-broke his ankle jumping off the stage. twice.

-guidance councillor
-mediates in staff meetings but is the angriest on the inside
-his office door is always open
-runs the GSA

-coaches football
-teaches physics
-during a charity, he volunteered to work the dunk tank
-refuses to use powerpoint

-school nurse
-wore a sexy nurse outfit for halloween and was sent home
-carries around candy at all times

-art teacher
-girls crush on him and it scares him
-runs anti-bullying campaigns
-locked himself in the photography developing room and has never recovered

-teaches math 
-textbooks are falling apart so he’s constantly ducktaping
-writing is illegible
-runs the yearbook club but leaves all the work for students

-teaches economics
-is the one who locked Ori in the photography room
-voted best-dressed ironically by staffmembers
-sleeps at his desk constantly

ML: Marinette’s Brother AU Drabble

Part 2     Part 3

Marinette’s older brother was everything that Marinette was not. He was fairly sarcastic and downright snarky. Nonetheless Marinette and her brother Tyler got along fairly well. There was the occasional times when she stole his phone or he made kissey faces at her when Adrien was brought up but overall they loved each other. They walked to school together every morning much like this one.

“Why are you so eager to get to school?” Tyler asked raising an eyebrow at Marinette who was speeding down the sidewalk.

“I’m not,” Marinette lied.

“Oh right I forgot Adrien was in your class,” Tyler said dreamily to mock her.

“Shut up!” She shot back.

“I just don’t get what you see in that guy! For starters he is one of Chloe’s minions, not to mention the guy has about as much personality as a wet mop!” Tyler complained.

“He does not! Adrien’s really sweet and kind and he doesn’t have a lot of friends. Besides it’s not his fault Chloe is practically in love with him.” Marinette rolled her eyes.

“You could do so much better Marinette!” Tyler said.

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