kitten flying

This little girl discovered her first dragon fly today among the tiger lilies! Nestled in the safety of my sweater she made a significant discovery of the natural world. She was so mesmerized! She never tried to attack it, she just watched with delight ;) It’s a pleasure watching her discover the joys of the witches world! 


ummm…yes (well at least for me)

(my second fav angara is Evfra, this is so ganna be a mini series for sure)

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28 DAYS!

In 28 days I will be getting on an airplane to go see the love of my life, my daddy, my tiger, my girlfriend, my world. I am so beyond excited to go see her!!! You have no idea!! I’m a little nervous due to the fact I will be flying there and back by myself but I can do this!! I get to spend 2 weeks with my daddy!!! I am so excited!!!! *screams internally*


                                     I couldn’t get the boy to kill me,

                              but I wore his jacket for the longest time.