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Because I'm a fan of giant confusing messes, how would Kitten react to Kitty Cat?

They’d actually be nice to Kitty-Cat because they don’t mind children! Kitten is used to taking care of younger kids for many reasons. :D

victor walking home from running a quick errand and being followed by a curious kitten/young cat

victor being like ‘aww, hi cutie’ but still keeping a reasonable distance because of his allergy 

the kitten continuing to tag along in spite of victor’s quickening footsteps and his halfhearted request that it please stop following him 

the kitten rubbing around his ankles and sitting on his shoe (which is much bigger than the kitten itself)

victor pretty much giving the kitten this infamous expression: 

while saying something along the lines of ‘i’d love to take you home with me but i’m so allergic to you’

the kitten mewling up at him


yuuri hearing victor sneeze more than three times as soon as victor walks through the front door

yuuri finding victor rustling around in the medicine cabinet with makkachin at his side, tail wagging

yuuri asking victor why he was around cats (because he knows)

victor turning around with streaming eyes and a red itchy nose, revealing a purring kitten head poking up from inside his shirt

‘we have a guest, yuuri’

Wobbly Kitten (BIGBANG)

“I had an idea that I have to ask you to do for me. Remember the essential benign tremor react for BigBang? One day you video call them from a pet shelter your friends and you had gone to so you could play with the kitties and you beg them to let you adopt this one kitten in particular (you’re living together). “Look at him!” You turn the camera on the kitten who can’t walk straight, “he’s wobbly, like me!” The adoration is clear in your voice. How would the BigBang boys react?”

This will make more sense if you read this one first! Happy reading <3

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An undefeated grin would spread across his entire face. Of course he had a soft spot for kittens, but your sweet expression would make him undeniably nuts. He would watch lovingly as you picked up the kitten and snuggled it. His heart/entire being would completely melt before you. Kwon “no composure” Jiyong. The spontaneous video chat would have definitely made his day.

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He’d smirk like crazy. Like GD, he would quietly watch adoringly as you played with the kitten. A chuckle could be heard from his end. He’d absolutely love the fact you embraced your lil’ quirks and in such a cute way. He’d tell his jagi how cute they are and continue to watch the kitten stumble around you. He’d simply say how much he loved you, causing you to shake the screen with your temor.

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(i am going throw myself out of a window look at my UB)

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