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"I can't stand the silence between us." With Dick and Bruce please?

CAM. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD PROMPT. (sorry it took so long)

here we go, “I can’t stand the silence between us” Dick and Bruce, ft. Damian the Deus Ex Machina.

The moment the roof of the car slid shut Dick turned to Bruce. “What the hell happened out there!?”

“Later.” Bruce said, not looking away from the steering wheel.

“No,” Dick snapped. “We’re talking about this now.”

“In front of half the GCPD.”

“This car is fucking soundproof!” Dick yelled. “You could scream bloody murder and none of them would be the wiser!”

“It will be suspicious if the car just sits here.”

Dick restrained the urge to hit him. “I really don’t give a fuck.”

Bruce ignored him and put the car in gear, pulling out onto the street.

“Are you even listening to me?”

“Later.” Bruce growled.

“If you think you can put this off until we get back to the cave—“

Bruce’s hand’s tightened around the steering wheel, and he appeared to have a physical struggle before grinding out, “Please.”

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Because I'm a fan of giant confusing messes, how would Kitten react to Kitty Cat?

They’d actually be nice to Kitty-Cat because they don’t mind children! Kitten is used to taking care of younger kids for many reasons. :D

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Gime more Roman Godfrey smut

So since this was pretty vague, I decided to use this as an excuse to write one of the prompts @weallhaveadestiny  had sent me awhile ago. So this prompt is “Reader wants a job at the Godfrey tower, but when Roman Interviews here, he’s got something else in mind. Hopefully you enjoy!

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BTS Park Jimin Hybrid

You were just getting out of college with a heavy burden on your mind. The exams we’re closing in really fast and the fact that the university was very different in South Korea than America was a scary change for you. Trying to get a passing grade in a competitive classroom of A students was tiring, and nerve wrecking. You were literally pulling out your hair just thinking about it.

You increased in speed as you walked your way towards the metro station which was a block away from the university you went to. You stopped once you hear a weak meow, your heart thumped against your ribcage as your eyes danced along the darkness of Busan'salmost empty streets. You could spot a few drunkards stumbling their way down the sidewalks minding their business, While sober people we’re also making their way to where they need to be.


You looked around and couldn’t see where the kitten could have been hiding. You got on one knee and began to wiggle your fingers around you while making kissy sounds.

“Come here kitty, come here~” before you knew it, a small kitten walked over to you slowly. it was shaking since it was raining earlier and the clouds were still hanging overhead. It was covered in mud, one of his paws seemed as you noticed it was limping slightly.

“Hi there cutie,” You let the kitten sniff your fingers, and it licked them a few seconds after. “are you hungry?” You reached into your purse to pull out your half eaten tuna sandwich. Removing the top bread, you squatted back down and lowered your hand. The kitten without hesitation began to eat the tuna fish. Once done, the back baked up and stretched its limbs while yawning.

You grabbed the trash, wrapped it in the napkin it came in and held it in your hand, you planned on throwing it away in a trash can at the metro station. You looked down at the kitten noticing it hadn’t moved from its spot, As it observes its surroundings. You stood up, making the cat look up at you and meowing.

“I have to go now a kitten.” the cat meows again and slithers it’s body between your legs as it rubs against you. “Kitty, do you have a home?”

It meows once again as it looks up at you.

You gave in. You bent down, picking it up gently, making the cat mewl. You cradle it in your jacket as it began to purr slightly in the warmed of the coat. “Do you want to live with me?” A small meow was heard, and you smiled happily.

The Train ride was way to soothing, as you ended up falling asleep and missing your stop, so you had to ride it in reverse for at least one stop which you were thankful for. As soon as the door’s open, you began to speed walk a good 2 blocks until you got to the entrance of the apartments. You had hidden the kitten deeper within your coat.

The security guard here knew who you were and would probably question why you had a new cat all of a sudden, not to mention he is also very freaking nosey as hell and can’t keep a secret. He spills the beans like always, like how you had once had a crush on the landlords son, Kim Namjoon.

You groaned at the memory as you stood to wait for the elevator. The kitten tries to peak it’s head out of your coat while meowing, you jumped slightly as you looked over at the sleeping guard.

“Shh, kitty!” You opened the coat slightly, maybe it needed oxygen.



“Oh- Good evening, Y/N.” You whipped around quickly to see the guard looking over at you groggily, you smiled anxiously.

“HIDDY HO! HIDDY BYE BYE!” You slid into the elevator, mashing the buttons about 9999x times. The guard looked at the elevator with a confused look on his face.

“Is that child on meth? what is with her?” He chuckles shaking his head, as he leans back in his chair to nap some more.

The door’s had finally shut.

You led against the elevator walls and sigh in relief. You opened up the jacket further and held the kitten in your hand. You face it towards you as it looks at you while sniffing. You smiled at it.


You played with it until the door’s finally opened. You’re feet led you to your apartment’s door, grabbing your key card you slid it and it unlocks itself. You opened the door and immediately turned on the heater and flooring heating.

Having wooden flooring, in winter is not fun. The whole apartment felt like a deep freezer. You set the kitten down on the floor to see it shaking its paws, meowing.

“is it cold?” You lifted it up, “Fine let’s get you washed up first.”

You washed up the kitten and set the kitten on the couch. “stay here.” You ran to your room to grab a pillow, you came back in to see it still sitting on the couch. “Good kitty~” You scratched it behind it’s ear as it purrs slightly.

You laid the pillow on the couch. “Here is your bed sweetie, oh wait.” You ran back into your room to get a sheet to cover up the kitten.

As soon as you came back out, you stopped in your place as your heart leaps out of your chest. You stood there, having a staring contest with a complete stranger in your apartment.

With Cat ears, and a fucking tail.

That swished happily when he see’s you. His face, however, stayed calm looking.

“Uh.” You said as you felt your head going light. “Who-Who are you?”

“I’m The kitten.”

“No, you’re not.”

He tilts his head. “I’m pretty sure, I am.”

“What? I fucking don’t get what is happening!!” You threw the sheets at the strange man. His eyes happy state went into one of disappointment.

“oh..have you ever seen a hybrid before?”


“….we do.” He says as if he states this every day of his life. She backs up only to clumsily fall backward as your head slams against the wall, knocking you out cold.


You woke up in your room, with something cold underneath your head. You sat up, only to feel the back of your head throbbing painfully. You hissed as you touch the back of your head while whimpering as you can feel a headache settling in. You walked out of the room, to make sure the kitten was sleep and well, but as soon as you go down the hallway, you see the man…AGAIN.

The Handsome, Hybrid you thought was just a weird ass fetish dream.


“AH!!!!” You screamed. The sleeping form on the couch fell off, landing on his stomach with a pained yowl. “AHH!!” You turned around to run, but ran into the wall again, slowly falling back but before you fell; you felt a body behind you hold you up. You looked up as the kitten had a pained expression on his face as he lets out a heavy breath against your face.

He lets you down slowly with shaking arms and wobbly legs, he sits down next to you as he held his stomach. You looked at him. He was looking down at the wooden flooring with his eye shut tight.

“Please don’t hurt me..” He whispered. “I’m nice, I swear. I miss being around a human owner..” Your eyes were bulging out of their sockets. “Please…if you want me to leave just say so. I will do it.”

“Wait a darn second.” He looks up at you as he clutches his stomach. You then noticed he was butt naked. “Y-Y-Y-Y-” You pointed to his body. He looks down, and gasps loudly, as he runs to the pillow and covers his private part. You felt your face getting hot the longer you stared at him.

“STOP STARING!” He cried out. You covered your eyes screaming, you stood up, running towards your room only to hit the wall again.

You can guess what happened next. *Facepalm*


You woke up, to the feeling in laying on someone’s lap. You moved your head so you can stare up at who it was. He stares down at you with the tilt of his head, his eyes studying your face.

“You know…by now you might as well be in a coma, by how many times you’ve smacked your head against the wall.” He chuckles as he massages your head slightly. “I won’t harm you human.” His voice was a beautiful melody to your ears. You’ve always found men with higher voice than the most overrated, sounds just like berry white deep voices.

You sat up, now noticing he was fitting one of your over sized shirts. He had a nervous smile.

“If you don’t mind. me borrowing this until tomorrow morning? I will give it back to you once I leave..”

“Wait, leave?” He nods while looking at you confused. “why?”

“Well…isn’t it obvious…your reaction to me is quite negative.” He looks away, at the decorations in the house. “why stay to make you uncomfortable.”

“stay, I brought you here for a reason. To live with me.”


“Hybrid.” You countered, looking at him with a smile. He sighs while chuckling, you pinched his cheek making him smile and laugh.

“Fine..I’ll stay…as long as you don’t freak out again.”

“I’ll get used to this, I’m fine with a new roommate/pet.”

“Me too, I’ll learn to trust again.”

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#22: Did you just hiss at me

#34: You work for me. You’re my slave.

Pairing: CEO!Taehyung x Secretary!Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 573

A/N: OKay this is my first ever written smut and it’s like really bad I had to go and read some smuts to try to figure out how to write this and honestly you need to be very descriptive and so idk how long a drabble is supposed to be but I made it short so…idk about its quality sorry !!

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Smitten Kitten

Summary: Dean expresses his concerns after he grows suspicious of your relationship to Castiel.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 726

Originally posted by grumpycatdixon

After wrapping up an exhausting hunt, Dean drove the Impala into the parking lot of a dingy motel, everyone agreeing they wanted to sleep the rest of the day away. All of those but Castiel, who was conversing back and forth with you the entire ride. He came up with endless questions he had about humanity. Somewhat sleepy, you stayed awake, answering everything you knew, but you couldn’t help but forget why the sky was blue.

Dean, already suspicions that Castiel had grown particularly fond of you,  watched Castiel’s never tiring enchantment over you. Castiel’s non-stop smile that crept onto his mouth as he listened to your answers and the undivided attention he had for you when you were talking. Now, Dean could confirm his friend was smitten over you.

As Baby made a complete stop, Dean was out of the car, opening your door, and hurrying you out before you could ask questions.

“And we’re sure there weren’t more of them?” You asked Dean for probably the eight time since the number of vampires you’d ganked was lower than your estimations.

“Don’t worry; I’ll watch over you as you sleep,” Castiel promised, getting out of the car, and standing protectively in front of you. “No one would dare to touch you while you’re in my care.”

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Title: He’s Alive!

Pairing: Implied Moriarty x Reader

Content/Warnings: none, I guess?

Words: 500 wow I’m good

A/N: Let me tell you, it was HARD to get in the Moriarty mindset. A fresh challenge, if you will, but I really enjoyed writing this and I’m pleased with how it turned out. This was a request from anon: 28 with Moriarty. I would love some fluff/angst Moriarty if anyone wants to request cause I got no ideas for that

Drabbles are open until the 20th!

“Yes!” You glanced up from your book, hearing cheering coming from the other room. “Absolutely brilliant!”
After a few more moments, you looked back down at your book, only to stop again when Jim ran excitedly into the room. You sighed. “Let me guess: I’m about to find out what all that yelling was about?”
“Well, I doubt your mind could appreciate it -”
“Excuse me?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. Being with Moriarty certainly had its perks, but it also had its downsides - like living with him. “You want to repeat that?”
“Kitten, we both know I’m the smart one,” He said, rolling down the sleeves of his white button-up and tucking in his shirt. “But don’t take that personally, I’m always the smart one.”
“There it is,” You said, rolling his eyes. “Now what is it you wanted to tell me?”
“He’s alive,” Jim giggled madly, practically skipping over to lean right in your personal space. “Sherlock is alive! Oh, I always knew it, or at least suspected, but I know for sure now.”
“Does this mean you’re going to start your games again?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. “Because I could really do without the hubbub. Men coming in and out all the time, tracking mud everywhere, it’s a nightmare.”
“Is that the sort of things normal people complain about?” He mused. “Interesting. But to answer your question, my kitten, I will not.”
You raised an eyebrow, unconvinced. “Really?”
“What, you don’t believe me?” He feigned hurt. “Don’t look at me like that. I have my reasons. I don’t think Sherlock confided with his live-in all the time, I don’t have to explain.”
“Call me your live-in one more time and you’ll have to find a new one,” You murmured, glancing longingly back down at your book. “I don’t know how many people would put up with the bloodstains.”
“Oh no, no, kitten, don’t be like that,” He groaned. “You know you love it.”
“Jim, you’re a brilliant man, really,” You said, closing your book, “but your people skills could use a little work.”
“Hey. I’m great with people!” Jim argued. “People love me.”
“Mhm,” You hummed. “Even though your death wasn’t front page news?”
“Don’t bring that up,” He said with a scowl. “You know what I had to do because of that.”
“Kill three people and track blood through the house?” You asked. “Because to me that just seems -”
Jim cut you off. “Reasonable?”
“Dramatic,” You finished. “But we’re getting off topic.”
“Right,” He said. “You don’t want to be called my live-in. Don’t know why, it’s really a term of endearment.”
“Not to me, it isn’t,” You responded. “What do I have to do to get you to stop?”
“Oh, that’s a dangerous question, kitten,” He purred. “Are you sure you want to know?”
You leaned forward. “That’s why I asked, James.”
He smirked. “I can think of a few things you could do, kitten.”
You returned his expression. “Oh, excellent.”

Imagine being a familiar and belonging to Crowley after your witch disowned you.

Originally posted by marksheppardischarming

“Y/n, what are you wanting?!” Crowley finally snapped as you continued to meow relentlessly and rubbing against his leg. “You’re getting fur all over my suit!” You rubbed your head against his leg and purred, hopping up into his lap when he had laid back against his throne. “You’re just wanting your king’s attention, huh?”

You meowed loudly and pushed your small and fragile body underneath his hand to encourage him to pet you. Being his familiar was new considering he wasn’t a witch, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved you in a way no one else had ever loved you before. He showed you what true love was, and it was something magically to you. Being friends was so much more boring than this romantic love he shows you almost every night when you transformed back into your human state.

He slowly began to pet you and you rolled over onto your side so that his hand was on the white patch of fur on your chest and wrapped your small paw around it. He couldn’t help but smile and scratch underneath your chin with his free fingers.

“You know,” he started, “you’re going to have to change back soon, kitten. Daddy needs your help with the Winchesters.” You whined and cried out in response causing him to apply a firm expression. “Now, kitten, stop that. You know that I cant leave you all by your lonesome in Hell. It’s too dangerous for you.” You stretched out your paws towards him, your razor sharp nails poking out. “But, you can stay like this until it’s time to go.”

You purred and began to knead his thighs with your paws, earning a small chuckle and more pets from your king.

(Listen, I know what that little winky face means. It means smut. But GUESS WHAT. Below the cut is 100% fluff. Just pure, teeth-rotting goodness. You’re welcome.)

Brian has discovered over the years that, while Danny has many and varied (and usually somewhat inane) talents, keeping secrets isn’t one of them. And with Brian’s birthday fast approaching, it’s not hard to guess that Danny has something planned. After last year’s incident, which started with Danny jumping out of a cake and ended with a handful of dead civilians and a mildly inconvenient fire, Brian is on his guard. He’s expecting the worst. He keeps an extra dagger up his sleeve at all times, just in case.

The dagger is the first thing he reaches for when Danny presents him with the box. It’s a harmless enough looking box, wrapped in simple black paper and topped with a blue bow. Danny’s done a poor wrapping job but that’s to be expected. The only thing that strikes Brian as odd about the gift is the crude, squarish hole cut into one corner.

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Almost, I do

First attempt at trying a song-fic (this is considered one right?)! I have never listened to Taylor Swift’s I almost do (and I also just realized that I kept typing the name of the song as Almost I do!!!! Sorry about that) but it’s such a really nice song and I really hope I do this justice – it’s short but I took things in to my own hands, sorry. Thank you for sending in your request and hope you enjoy!

You have picked up the phone so many times whenever you are overwhelmed with the feelings of missing Diana but every single time you do; you could never envision what you want to say to Diana or how the conversation might even end up being so you always chicken out at the very last minute. Sometimes you regret falling in love – it brings you more questions than answers.

Being with Diana is simply very wonderful when and if you are with her. Otherwise, you are constantly plagued with worries. You really cannot help yourself sometimes. Diana is so beautiful and respectable but when you compare yourself to her – it’s a habit that you have tried really hard to break but just couldn’t – you honestly feel like she is settling with you and you never want Diana to settle with you. Especially when there are men and women waiting on her, better men and women.

You had been afraid of love before, afraid of unhappiness you knew it would bring but whenever you think of Diana and remember all the wonderful memories the two of you made, it fills you with confidence and a lot of warm, fluffy feelings. Honestly, you really don’t understand yourself at times nor do you really understand being in love.

You are shaken out of your train of thoughts when your phone vibrates and you almost drop your phone in your haste to answer the call. “Hello?” You say breathlessly and your breathing stops momentarily when you hear Diana’s voice, greeting you happily. “Hi, Diana.” You try to say as cheerfully as you can.

It might have worked if this had been anyone else but Diana but alas, it is Diana you are currently talking to. “Y/N, are you alright? Is there something wrong?” She asks you immediately and you bite the inside of your cheek, contemplating if you should tell her or not.

“I missed you,” You answer her softly and for a moment, you are afraid because Diana is very silent. So you simply continue speaking instead. “I know you are very busy but I miss you and it’s been a while since we have seen each other and I just, I really miss you.” Perhaps this is probably why you should never bottle up your feelings because the moment you open to speak about it, you don’t even stop! “I am really sorry, Diana – I know you are absolutely busy and I really tried my hardest to not disturb you but I simply missed you too much today.”

Diana lets out a sharp intake of breath and you hear a few rustling from her side. You wonder what she is doing. “I miss you too, Y/N. I have miss being in your arms too and your apartment. I even miss your little kitten.” Diana expresses and suddenly you are washed with warm, fuzzy feelings and you can feel a smile trying to fight its way on to your face. “I know it’s a little bit hard right now but it will be over soon and I will be back with you – that had been the reason I wanted to reach out to you at first.”

You finally smile at that. “Then I will look forward to the day you come back to me, Diana.” Life is always a little bit brighter and happier whenever Diana is around and you are definitely looking forward to seeing her soon.

GOT7 Reaction to see you crying after a fight.

This is my last one for today! Enjoy~



“I said I want to spend more time with you.. Or I’ll break up with you. ” your convict words got him surprised.

“Why (y/n)? What I have done wrong? I spend a lot of time with you! ” you noticed that he was getting a little nervous, and not in a good way…

“You don’t have time for our relationship! I spent valentine’s day alone and you didn’t even bother to call me to say at least one ‘I love you’! You know how much it hurts Jaebum!?”

He stayed there frozen, without words for the first time. He took a deep breath and looked at you, his eyes burning with anger.

“That is what this stupid fight all about (y/n)? You want to broke up because of this selfishness of yours? YOU KNOW VERY WELL THAT I HAVE A JOB THAT DEMENDS MOST OF MY TIME (Y/N)! WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? ”

You ran to the bathroom to cry yourself out. Jaebum really hurt your feelings with his words. You knew that he couldn’t spend all his time with you due to his busy schedule, but not coming home for 2 weeks and almost no calls from him, made you rethink your relationship.

“Jagi.. please come out! I’m calm now.. I promise I won’t shout anymore.. we’re both tired and…” You heard his voice through the door. Tears running down your cheeks.

“I want to broke up Jaebum” this time your voice was weak. It was a hard decision, but you were able to see that this relation couldn’t go any further the way it was now. His job was his life and his dream, not you, and loving him too much made you realize that you don’t want to stay in his way.

“What?! No!” Jaebum slammed the door trying to open it. You flinched hearing the loud noises.

“Stop it Jaebum! Just go away! I won’t stay in your way anymore! ”

He stopped and breathed heavily.

“Just open it jagi…” he seemed broken. You opened the door and never saw him like that. He had tears in his eyes but he had a sad smile with it. His arms wrapped you in a thigh hug, whispering soothing words in your ear as you cried in his chest.

“How could you say that? I would never leave you and you are part of my dream too. I love you, and I’m sorry. I’ll change and..”

“I love you too Jaebum. I’m sorry too. Let’s both change to get our relationship back on track!” You smiled at him and he kissed you sealing your promise.


‘I won´t talk to her, I won´t talk to her…’ Mark thought while sitting on the sofa off your shared apartment, his fingers moving in his legs nervously. ‘She needs to be alone right now.. But I want to make her stop crying! Aish! I have no idea of what should I do!”  He ran his fingers through his hair, feeling useless.

You have been crying alone in your room for a couple of hours because of a fight you just had with your parents. They decided to move away to other country, without even talk to you first. You were sad and didn´t know what to do next.

Your face was lying on the soft pillow, and the only thing that could be heard was your quiet sobs and hiccups.

Mark, after a couple of minutes finally decided to go see you. It broke his heart to see you at this state and he wanted to help, but he wasn´t sure how to do it. Quietly, he sat on the bed and pulled you into his arms on a thigh hug. Mark kissed your forehead tenderly, a simple action that made you smile a bit for the first time today.

“Are you ok dear?”

“I´m a bit better now…” your voice was still trembling, but at least you stopped crying.

“That´s it.. Pretty girls shouldn´t cry like that! I like you more when you smile.” His big smile warmed your heart.

“You think they are abandoning me Mark?”




“But why?”

“They are moving on dear.. You have me now, and I think they already noticed that you don´t need them close all the time anymore. We have our life now, and they have theirs too!”

You breathed heavily and held his hand on yours. Mark was right. You were an adult now, not daddy’s little girl!

After a couple of minutes just cudlling and thinking, you decided what to do. Your boyfriend’s words helped you, and his quiet but lovings actions calmed your messy thoughts.



“Will you go with me apologize to my parents?”

“Of course (y/n).. Anything to make you happy” Mark them kissed you gently on the lips, before taking you to your parents house.


“(y/n)? Are you home?” Jackson asked while putting his bags on the floor. As the answer didn’t come, he decided to search for you in the bedroom. With fast steps, he reached your bedroom and saw an unexpected scene.

You were sitting on the floor, crying, with your cellphone placed right beside you.

“Baobei! What are you doing? Why are crying?” Jackson almost jumped to your side hugging you and kissing your cheeks, trying to wipe away your salty tears.

“(your ex name) just called me.. and..”

“And what?” Jackson was getting angrier as he heard your ex name.

“Well he wanted me back, but I said no and he screamed at me and then we fought..” you were sad, because all you wanted was to forget your previous abusive relationship.

“I can´t believe that dick head called you again!” Jackson was burning with anger. It wasn´t the first time your ex called you, trying to make you come back to him, and he knew all the things your ex did to you.

“It´s ok now Jackson… I dumped him. Again.” You tried to smile reassuring your position. Your boyfriend’s expression softened a bit.

“I’m glad that you still want to be with me (y/n).. now stop crying or I’ll have to go catch that jerk and make him beg for your forgive!”

“OK OK! I’ll stop crying.. I don´t want to take you out of jail because of (y/ex/n).” You said as you smiled wider to Jackson’s happiness. He caressed your hair tenderly kissing your cheeks.

“That’s my girl!”


“Stop crying already! I already said sorry!” Jinyoung whined.

You guys fought over an stupid matter, but you were sensible because of the hormones of every woman ‘that days’. You were crying on your bed hugging you favorite teddy bear while Jr. tried to make you stop.

He carassed your thights and pushed you to him making you look at him in the eyes.

“Just stop babe.. I don’t like seeing you cry” He smiled and wiped your tears with his fingers. “Let’s forget that stupid fight and continue what we were doing.

You hid your face behind you teddy bear before Jinyoung could kiss your lips. He pouted and gave up, getting back to the living room to continue watching the movie. You felt bad. He was right, you should stop crying and comeback to the first movie night you guys were having in months.

Quietly you came back to the Tv room laying down on Jinyoung’s lap. He tried to ignore you but your intense aegyo was too much for him.

“Forgive me oppa?” you asked making you best lost kitten expression.

“I don´t know if you deserve…” He had a serious face, but it felt down a he laughed at your expression. “OK babe, I forgive you.”

Jinyoung was happy that you finally stopped crying, and, while you guys were watching another movie, he promised to himself that would never make you cry ever again.


“I expected more of you miss (y/n)..” Your teacher said as he gave you your math test. That day so far was being awful. One of the popular girls threw your stuff on the school trash can ‘by accident’, your grades were getting worse and your boyfriend was promoting his new album, which means that you wouldn’t see him for at least a whole month.

“I’m sorry Mr.(y/t/n). I promise I’ll get better grades next semester..” You got out of class feeling horrible. You took a deep breath as you walked down the hallway, getting your shoes on your locker and putting them.

“You really are stupid (y/n)..” one of the popular girls that hated you, said behind you.

“That’s nice for me huh? I’m glad that it’s not you the stupid one..” you replied with a bitter tone of voice. “Oh no wait! I forgot that the person who you get the test answers is me.. maybe you are the stupid one for copying me.” The words just spitted out of your mouth.

That girl wasn’t what you wanted right now, you just wanted your home and your boyfriend.

“What did you say?” She asked

“I know you heard me… Now get out of my way” as you passed, she grabbed our hair and pushed it with force, making you hit your butt on the floor.

“NEVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOU BITCH!” She stormed out, finally leaving you alone.

After she leave, you feel tears running down your cheeks slowly. This day was so tiring, and all you needed was your bed to cry everything out….

In home, you opened the door and saw a bag on the floor near the sofa. It wasn’t yours, so that could mean only one thing: Youngjae was back.

You ran to your room and he was there, watching tv relaxed.

“Youngjae?” Your voice trembled

“Jagi!!!” He ran to you and caught you in his arms. You both stayed in the same position for some time, but the feelings hit you again, making you cry once more. “Jagi.. what’s wrong?” Youngjae looked at your face and kissed your forehead.

“It’s nothing…”

“I know something happened! Tell me!”

You couldn’t hide it anymore. You told him everything that happened in the last few days.

Youngjae, lead you to bed, singing some slow musics, calming you down and making sure you stopped crying.



“Never cry again if you’re not in my arms”.

Yep! Youngjae was really all you needed…


“Babe no! Come back here!” Bambam said as you ran into your room. “I´m sorry!”

You guys just had a little discussion when you ‘interrupted’ him while he was heading his way to the game night with the boys. But there was a tiny detail, it was your anniversary! You couldn´t believe he forgot, and even screamed at you.

“Go play games with your friends Kunpimook! They are more important than me!” You yelled at him, making him give up.

“I’ll be at my dorm then.. When you’re ready, go talk to me. Getting locked in your room, won’t help us resolve this”.

You decided to ignore him and buried your face in your soft pillow. Tears fell in your cheeks, wetting the white fabric. You really didn’t want to fight Bambam in such an important day.

As the time passed, you felt asleep deeply, forgetting your sadness. Just to woke up by a pair of arms circling your waist. The hot air coming from the other person’s mouth send chills through your spine.

“Why were you crying babe?” Bambam asked with his soft low voice.

“I didn’t want to fight… I just wanted a romantic night with you. But I over reacted to Kunpimook.. I’m sorry” you said while he pulled your body closer to his own. His lips left a soft kiss in your neck.

Bambam hated to see you cry, especially when he is the one who made you. He just wanted to see you smile again.

“No dear.. I am the one who should be asking for your forgiveness.. I forgot this important day and acted like a big jerk.. Will you forgive me (Y/N)?”

Your lips meet his, in a silence positive response.


“Jagi? Are you ok? What happened?” Your boyfriend tried to talk to you as you entered running into their dorm, going directly to his bedroom to cry yourself out.

“Why are you crying?” He asked again, closing the door to give you guys some privacy.

“I fought with (your best friend name)… I didn’t want to, but she/he just pissed me in a way I never thought she/he could!” you said almost drowning on your own tears. Yugyeom would be a bit lost, since he didn’t quite know what to do.. He prefered to not ask the motive of the discussion, just in case that it might make you worse.

“What should I do?” You asked hugging him.

He responded to your hug pulling your body even closer, kissing your forehead. He entered in a mental discussion with himself, trying to reach the better answer possible.

“OMG What should I say?? It’s better to stay like this or say something bad about her friend?”

“First of all, stop crying! I hate to see you like this”

You stopped and looked at him.

“Errmm.. now.. *he scratches his neck* I think we should forget that friend of yours, and have some cuddling time! Just the two of us!” He smiled, but it fade away when he notice your serious expression. “What? Was it too stupid?” He asks nervous.

Soon you relax and smile back at him.

“I think you’re just right!” You hugged him again, relaxing and stop crying.

Yugyeom breathed heavily, thinking: “That was close! But I never thought it would be that easy to make her stop crying.. Anything for my jagi!”

This one was a bit bigger than the others! LOL

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ML Fluff Month Day 15 - Sunshower


Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette 

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 16

Marinette sketched in her drawing pad as she sat comfortably under the canopy of a tree in the park with Adrien sleeping soundly against her shoulder. The soft breathing next to her was soothing as their two kwamis laid curled up in her lap napping as well. She never minded becoming the universal pillow since she and Adrien had become a couple. He told her she was just soft and comfy, so she took that as a compliment.

Adrien let out a continent sigh in his slumber (she had noticed his frequency to talk in his sleep) and nuzzled closer to her. Letting out a laugh, she shook her head and placed a small kiss to his crown. He was so cute. The breeze picked up slightly, and Marinette found the gentle wind comforting.


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Bumblebee week day 7: Beeunion

Blake stood in the doorway, frozen in fear. In front of her stood a really angry Yang. Her crimson eyes staring into amber ones.

“If you want to run, run now, kitten.” Yang growled. Her expression making clear that it’s better for Blake to run.

There was no shitting around. Blake spun around and started to run with all her might. Yang close on her heels, throwing selected curses after her.

They raced throught the Belladonna household. Blake’s heart churned with horror as she realized there was nowhere else to go. She had no other option, but to escape to the top of the tall palm tree.

So Blake climbed up the trunk of the tree with burning muscles, setting camp at the safest spot. She listened to Yang while hugging her own knees to her chest. Yang sounded really really angry.

Not even a few minutes after Yang bursted out in hysterical laughter. Blake poked her head out catiously. Yang stood there, her hands on her hips, beads of tears in her eyes. Looking directly at her.

“Finally. I was thinking I was barking at the wrong tree.”

Blake just sat there with eyes as wide as dinner plates.

“What the heck, Yang.”

“Seriously, how could you imagine that I could ever hurt you?” Yang frowned. “Thanks for the credit, Blake.”

-the end-

That was all, everyone. Stay awesome.

I felt like it would be easier to write than draw. I hope you’ll like it, @bmblbweek

My favorite part of Larry denials is the blame that gets placed on the fans. Like y'all could’ve been str8™ and we could’ve all gotten along, but no. Instead, Louis, you couldn’t contain your smitten kitten facial expressions and Harry, you stared at Louis like he was the actual sun so I’m sorry, but this is on y'all – you hand-holding, face-canoodling, extra gay af yaks.


At least you didn’t have to win three times in a row(〃・ω・〃)