kitten drinking milk

Request: Daddy!Xiumin

Can I get a xiumin scenario? With pet play(kitten) and daddy kink in play?

His tuts are what gets to you every. damn. time. Minseok strolls over to your form on the couch and grabs onto the little ears on top of your head. A small smirk spreads on his face while his fingertips drop down to trace your cheek. “I don’t recall the last time we played this game, little kitten.”

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Beautiful mental image of Todd coming home exhausted from work to find Dirk Gently kneeling on their kitchen floor trying to teach the kitten-shark how to drink milk from a saucer.

And all Todd can think is have the Men of the Machine found another soul swapper, is this a weird thing that psychics do or is it something he learned from the CIA, has my boyfriend actually turned into a cat, those are $350 pants that he’s ruining, oh my god what do I do if he starts licking himself.

Then Dirk manages to get milk up his nose and sneezes loudly, and everyone freezes in case of another shark explosion (it’s all fine, the kitten-shark just seems offended by the existence of milk in general).


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Hello there! I see you’re taking requests. I was wondering if you could to a SamxReader where she finds a kitten on the side of the road and wants to bring it home. Dean isn’t too happy but Sam thinks it would help with her anxiety and their PTSD after hunts? Fluff and Sammy/kitty cuddles? Thank you! ❤️ AKF

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: PTSD symptoms, Dean doesn’t like cats. Fluff. Kittens.
Word counting: 700 and something

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You stared down at your hand for a long moment as the warmth spread all over the kitchen air and the coffee machine work.

“Hey.” Sam entered the room, watching as you poured some of the coffee into your mug.

“Hey.” You muttered. 

“I missed you in bed. Can’t sleep?” He kissed your forehead. 

“Nightmares.” You groaned. 

He sighed. 

You were one to have nightmares all the time, and Sam was always worried about you. 

“We’re out of coffee.” You noticed. 


“I go.” You interrupted him. “It’s okay.”

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I need a cuddleable thing with Sakamakis. Anything. Something. Help! I need a hug!

Sochi: nfufu u can hug me anon-chan~ ^q^)~


You and Shuu where in your room,you where in you desk doing your essay for school, while Shuu was in your bed sleeping. As you where writing, you felt a pair of arms around your neck pulling you back, feeling Shuu’s chest. “lets go to bed, its late”-Shuu whispered to your ear, when you where about to protest, he grabbed you hand pulling you down to the bed. Shuu laid down next to you, burying his face on your chest. “Now shut up and sleep”

After that, both fell asleep hugging each other like baby koalas


is he even a fan of hugs???

 There you where, doing the chores that Reiji told you to do. You’ve been hours and hours, until you finished the chores. Once you finished, you grabbed your stuff and went to take a warm bath. When you where done, you walked down the hall looking down with tired eyes, you didn’t  notice someone was walking towards you, and bumped with him. “Could you please watch where you’re going” of course, Reiji. “Im sorry Reiji-san im just very tired of all the chores…”- you said looking up at him; he stared down at you for a while and smirked “Humans are so useless, follow me please”- he said as he walked forward, a shiver ran down your spine ‘is he going to punish me?!’ you though as you walked behind him. He opened the door in front of him, it was his room? Your heart when faster ‘shit he is going to-’ he interrupted your thoughts “Y/N lay on the bed, now”- he said as he laid himself on the bed, his head resting on his hand. You slowly walked to the bed and laid next to him, you felt his hands wrap around your waist and pulled you closer to him, him burying his head on you hair. “The mansion looks cleaner”-Reiji whispered you your now red ear thanks to your blush; finishing, he kissed your lips and drifted to deep sleep. 


Laying on your bed, only on your big t-shirt and you panties, and dying of heat. It was summer and it was so hot, that even the air conditioners didn’t feel on your room, neither the whole mansion. The boys, since they are vampires they don’t complain so much about the heat, thinking of that, an idea popped into your head. You quickly grabbed you phone and texted you boyfriend to come over to your room. As soon as you send it, he was was already in your room, sitting on your bed. “Nfufu~ Bitch-chan feels lonely?~”-Laito looked at you with his typical smirk, you just looked at him with tired eyes.” Shut up and take off your jacket”-”Oh?~ Going straight to the point?~ Are you really that thirsty?~”

you glared at him “i just wanna cuddle and feel your coldness cause im dying of hotness!”- before he could even say something you pulled him down, crashing with him on the pillows as you buried your face on his neck. As you where sleeping, he admired you peaceful face.


Kanato told you to bake him a  cake, since you where doing  nothing, you accepted. While you where making the chocolate frosting with Reiji’s pink apron , you felt a pair of arms around you waist and a head resting on your shoulder, making you blush. “Y/N when is my cake going to be ready, i want it now!”- Kanato wined like a child for his cake, as his grip got tighter. “Wanna taste the frosting? Is chocolate!”- you said offering him a bit on a spoon, he stared at the spoon, grabbing it and patted your cheek with the spoon, covering your cheek with chocolate. He licked your cheek like a little kitten drinking milk, with his action, you jumped in surprise and blushed madly.

“Y/N-chan you’re so cute~”


You just got out of a discussion with Ayato about him being all jealous about your friend being with you all the time, not giving you that much time with your boyfriend. You just had to leave the room or the screaming will never end; running through the hall, and entered your room and slammed the door shut, you crawled on your bed and curled into a ball under the sheets. Minutes later, you felt the bed move, and two arms pulling you back to a warm embrace, turning your head to the side, you saw Ayato hiding his face on your back. “don’t ignore yours truly like that again”- he said with gentle voice as he hugged you tighter, you let out a light chuckle and turned around raising his head, and kissing him passionately. Your night was full with love bites, kisses, and many fun~ 


Subaru was on the living room, sleeping. He suddenly felt his body a bit heavy, like something was on top of him, slowing opening his eyes, he saw his lover looking at him deep into his eyes on top of him, it took him a while to analyze what was happening until he widened his eyes with a blush redder than Ayato’s hair. “Hi Subaru…”- you said calmly as you still laid on top of him, “W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING! G-GET OFF!!”-he shouted at you, as you hide your face on his chest.” Nu… you look comfy and im tired”- he looked at you and sighed, patting your head, and played with your hair for a bit. “Subaru…”- he hummed in response, “… You smell so good”- “ Y/N STOP SMELLING ME AH-” he was trying to get you off of him while you where laughing.

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Kitten!Calum Smut

REQUEST: “ONE WHERE CAL MAKES YOU PUT ON CAT EARS AND CALLS YOU KITTEN AND YOU DO THE FRICKLE FRACKLE” + “with the whole calum and cat ears thingy can we add a costume to go with it ?”

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