kitten drinking milk

Request: Daddy!Xiumin

Can I get a xiumin scenario? With pet play(kitten) and daddy kink in play?

His tuts are what gets to you every. damn. time. Minseok strolls over to your form on the couch and grabs onto the little ears on top of your head. A small smirk spreads on his face while his fingertips drop down to trace your cheek. “I don’t recall the last time we played this game, little kitten.”

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@destielshipper222 said:

Hello there! I see you’re taking requests. I was wondering if you could to a SamxReader where she finds a kitten on the side of the road and wants to bring it home. Dean isn’t too happy but Sam thinks it would help with her anxiety and their PTSD after hunts? Fluff and Sammy/kitty cuddles? Thank you! ❤️ AKF

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: PTSD symptoms, Dean doesn’t like cats. Fluff. Kittens.
Word counting: 700 and something

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You stared down at your hand for a long moment as the warmth spread all over the kitchen air and the coffee machine work.

“Hey.” Sam entered the room, watching as you poured some of the coffee into your mug.

“Hey.” You muttered. 

“I missed you in bed. Can’t sleep?” He kissed your forehead. 

“Nightmares.” You groaned. 

He sighed. 

You were one to have nightmares all the time, and Sam was always worried about you. 

“We’re out of coffee.” You noticed. 


“I go.” You interrupted him. “It’s okay.”

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Beautiful mental image of Todd coming home exhausted from work to find Dirk Gently kneeling on their kitchen floor trying to teach the kitten-shark how to drink milk from a saucer.

And all Todd can think is have the Men of the Machine found another soul swapper, is this a weird thing that psychics do or is it something he learned from the CIA, has my boyfriend actually turned into a cat, those are $350 pants that he’s ruining, oh my god what do I do if he starts licking himself.

Then Dirk manages to get milk up his nose and sneezes loudly, and everyone freezes in case of another shark explosion (it’s all fine, the kitten-shark just seems offended by the existence of milk in general).

Kitten!Calum Smut

REQUEST: “ONE WHERE CAL MAKES YOU PUT ON CAT EARS AND CALLS YOU KITTEN AND YOU DO THE FRICKLE FRACKLE” + “with the whole calum and cat ears thingy can we add a costume to go with it ?”

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