kitten chan

pretty setter group chat #1
  • Suga: nice, but tell me if you get to at least undress him
  • Oikawa: u and captain-kun sure are nasty
  • Akaashi: making out is the basic, it's so last year
  • Oikawa: WTF
  • Kenma: i have to agree
  • Oikawa: not u too kitten-chan
  • Kenma: i'm sorry
  • Kageyama: typing
  • Suga: oh shit i forgot Kageyama is in the gc, i'm an irresponsible parent
  • Kageyama: you are not my mum
  • Suga: i am, at some point
  • Kageyama: oh right

We brought overwatch to life at youmacon this year. And we were out to crush it! Special thanks to our photographer you did a great job!
Tracer: N/A @gohawaiianbunny Soldier 76: @heavenlydemon9 Widowmaker: luna_kitten_chan (ig)
Mei: @harajukuchic (me) Photographer: @hottomonstua

anonymous asked:

i mean i guess Yuuri's association with pigs comes from his love of katsudon? he does like pigs. he likes eating them. idk just a thought :0

I get where the association comes from, but like; calling him a pig is still an insult. I love steak. That doesn’t mean I’d choose to dress up like a cow if I were to pick a kigurumi. 

It’s true when Victor calls him kobuta-chan it’s not near as much of an insult as it comes across in the English subtitles. It’s a little condescending, but it’s not got the same implication that it would in English (there was a post by a Japanese speaker on this a bit back). It’s not really any more insulting than when he calls Yurio koneko-chan (kitten), basically. But either way he also completely stops doing it after episode two, and even in episode two he also only does it a couple of times. It’s not right of him, but it’s a) not near as bad as it comes across in English. b) something he ceases doing quickly. 

Yurio otoh still calls Yuuri pig (not piglet– kobuta-chan, which is considered far less rude), past that point, and it’s very rude of him. Calling him ‘katsudon’ is more of an endearing but silly nickname, but when he calls him pig, it’s during scenes where he’s being pointedly, kind of a jerk (i.e. when he tells Victor ‘the ring from that pig’ and ‘another score above the pig’s’). 

So yeah, dressing him up as a pig seems kind of meh to me. I don’t like it. I just don’t like stuff that associates Yuuri with pigs.*  Luckily official merchandise has only done this like twice, but still. 

By the end of the series, by any point past episode two actually, the ONLY time we see him associated with them directly is rudely. 

*This btw, includes Victor calling Yuuri ‘piggy’ or anything of the sort as a term of endearment. I don’t understand why he’d do that…

Mukami: kissing away the tears. Requested by amyohtheotaku.

Cradling you to their chest, slowly they rocked you back and forth.
You couldn’t help it, you suffered from depression and would have break downs at random. But no matter where they were or what they were doing their rushed to your side.

Pressing his forehead against yours,
“I have you darling.” He softly whispered, as he grabbed your chin tilting you head back.
Softly, like a butterfly’s wing grazing your cheek, he kissed away you tears with care.
“Let’s do something anything just the two of us. And no one else.”

Softly he sung to her as you trembled in his arms.
Kou could clearly see the torment in your heart and understood as he tried to distract you.
“Kitten-chan do you wish to see some kittens?” He asked, “I’m sure I can get you cuddled by 20 kittens.” He suggested as you numbly nodded,
“First we need to get rid of these tears.”
Smiling he left lingering soft kisses where your tears were.

Teleporting to an open field full of flowers.
Yuma sat with you in the shade of a beautiful tall tree. As he kissed your lips numb, your tears mingling with the sweet kiss.
“No more tears ok. Don’t think about it just focus on my lips.”

“Where…does it…hurt?” He asked as he nuzzled you,
“My heart.” You sobbed, as he began to softly lick away your tears and slowly moved your shirt down.
Pressing his lips to your skin just above your heart.