kitten biting

ladyscientia  asked:

You start nibbling on Ignis' fingers and get a little too rough. "Come now, kitten Don't bite that hand that feeds you." He whispers breathily into your neck. 💔

YAAASSS see I knew this kitten thing was hot please excuse me I need to go lie down

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Do you think kim taehyung has some kinks ?? If yes what could they be ? ( sorry for my bad english)

Your English is great! I do think he has kinks. Kitten kink, lip biting, hair pulling, hickies, spanking, “sir”

- Minnie ‘Min 💕

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Vampire Ethan gets restless if he doesn't bite things, so Tyler lets him gently gnaw on his arm every now and then. Just a happy little vampire attached to his arm for maybe ten minutes.

im cryrifng

it doesn’t hurt so much because it’s like puppies or kittens that bite on your hand, so it’s just small stings every now and again??? and ethan never actually breaks the skin so he just
sits there chewing