kitten 7 months


ace is very skittish when strangers come to visit and usually just hides but even though she’s only seen me for a handful of days in the past 12 years i’m very clearly no stranger! 

she’s an invasive bug and hasn’t left my side since i got here

i found her 15 years ago hiding under the car, a little emaciated thing, kitten-sized but about 7 months old. she struggles to meow and does the rapid butt vibrations when she’s excited, and her ultimate goal in life is to be near hands. at night she’ll force her way under the covers and shove her head under your hand while screaming.

Here’s my story of how Pokémon GO saved the lives of 3 kittens.

So I’d just gotten the new app Pokémon GO the night before, and me and my boyfriend decided to head over to the nearest forest preserve to find some Pokémon and take a walk.

We get there, super excited to see what we find, when we heard a soft mew from the bushes next to where we parked.

I immediately called my boyfriend over and a kitten walked out of the bushes! (top left kitten)

We couldn’t believe our eyes but he was super friendly, he even jumped onto my boyfriends back when he leaned down to pet him!

We heard more mewing and after a short search found another kitten, the little long-haired lady in the bottom of the picture (who was about half a second away from my lap).

We thought that was it, but we kept hearing a third meow from somewhere in the foliage. We checked everywhere in the area for the cat, and have the mosquito bites to prove it. But we couldn’t find him!

Eventually, I looked up and there he was. Stuck in a tree. (He’s the biggest of the three cats, top right in the photo).

After a call to Animal Control (where they never picked up the call), my boyfriend saw that he was slowly making his way backwards down the tree. So I grabbed a blanket from the car and stood under it until the cat felt it was safe enough to literally launch himself into my arms!

We eventually got them into the car where they all snuggled up in the blankets and we rode to the in-town animal hospital, where they were checked out (the vet said they looked great, probably just dumped out there last night or that morning, (7/7/16)).

So everything turned out to be fine, no one was hurt, and my boyfriend can even take one of the kittens! (top left)

Unfortunately, since I have two older cats, my parents said I couldn’t take any of them but I really truly wanted to (cried for like 3 hours no joke). The other two will be put up for adoption in a few weeks. :’)

TL;DR: Got Pokémon GO and went to a forest preserve to catch Pokémon. Found three dumped kittens there. Got one down from a tree like a firefighter and rounded them up into my car. Took them to the vet and they’re all okay. Everything is going to be fine for these adorable kittens :)