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I love the way you write kitty Jack. Can you continue the last one with some fluffy aftercare?

(continued from the previous ask)

Once Felix eventually picks Jack up the tinier boy would curl into him, hiding his face in the Swede’s neck in embarrassment. Jack’s tail would immediately wrap around the boy’s waist, along with his legs which held a tight grip. Felix murmurs something to one of his guests before leading the two of them into the bedroom, leaving his guests unattended. Felix would have to gently tug Jack’s face from his neck, thumb under his chin to assure that he was looking at him. 
“You okay, kitten?” 
At this Felix would receive a quick nod, Jack flushing and looking downwards. 
“You did good, kitty. Stay in here and have a rest and daddy’ll come back soon and look after you.”
Jack would crawl from Felix’s lap, curling into a ball against the pillows as he drifted off to sleep, Felix returning to his guests. Once everyone had cleared out Felix would return, gently shaking the sleeping boy awake and picking him up and taking them to the bathroom so they could get cleaned up.

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Sugar baby Rhys gets some minor surgery, like an appendectomy or something. As he's coming out of anesthesia, he's super loopy and starts saying all this mushy, romantic shit about Jack to the person he notices in the room...who happens to be Jack himself. Jack usually feels very in-control of his emotions, but suddenly this high-as-a-kite string bean has him all flustered

It was going to be fine.

Rhys had been complaining about the pain in his stomach for a couple of days, and while Jack had written it off at first as some bad fish from a restaurant he promised they’d never visit again, but when the pain had persisted Jack had all but bullied Rhys into an appointment with Jack’s private physician. After a litany of questions about the nature and duration of Rhys’ pain, a CT scan confirmed that Rhys’ appendix was inflamed. That had struck a chord of worry in Jack, despite his doctor’s assurance that Rhys’ case could be swiftly resolved with a relatively routine surgery. Still, the very idea of his pretty baby going under the knife, even if it was the knife of Jack’s very trustworthy surgeon, bolstered with the best equipment and staff that money could buy.  

To his credit, Rhys seemed relatively nonplussed by the idea of surgery, pointing to his prosthetic when Jack had brought up his own concerns. Honestly, the young man took more issue with the fact that he was prevented from eating anything, even ice cream, the night before the surgery. The CEO had kept mostly silent after that, barely getting any sleep as he preferred to watch Rhys’ lay peacefully in his arms. 

As Rhys sat on the hospital bed the next morning, Jack lavished the young man with as many kisses and careful petting as he could, pulling aside his surgeon for one final, not-so-veiled threat before he allowed Rhys to be prepped for the operation. 

“You better not go dying on me, ‘kay pumpkin?” Jack gave Rhys’ hand a little squeeze, “all your shit is in my apartment, and hell if I’m gonna go through your sock collection all on my own.”

“Jack,” Rhys murmured, smirking, “I’ve probably had more surgeries than you have….it’s not a big deal. I’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, if your doctor wants to keep his job and his skin, then you will be.” Jack let out a loud growl, which was quickly cut off as Rhys’ grabbed the silk of Jack’s tie and pulled him in for a soft kiss. 

“Dude, if you keep freaking out, you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack, then I’ll be the one losing my shit over you….” Rhys whispered as their lips parted. “Try to chill out…I’ll see you on the other side….okay old man?” 

Jack let out a tense sigh, even as Rhys’ ran his fingers soothingly through the peppered gray streak in his hair. 

“I’ll…I’ll try…” He huffed. Rhys gave him a soft, genuine smile, even as Jack was cautiously ushered away from his lover’s side. 

“You better have a mountain of ice cream ready for me as soon as I can eat. I’m gonna be starving!” Rhys called as he was wheeled towards the operating room, giving Jack one last little wave before he was pushed through the doors.

Sure, a big part of Jack had always known that the surgery would probably go off without a hitch. And if not, at least he had violently beating the operating team for losing his lover’s life to look forward to. Still, the tension hadn’t fully bled out his body until the point where the surgeon had told him that the appendix had been removed successfully, and that Rhys was now resting in his room. 

The kid was still asleep, as pale and as still as Jack had ever seen him. Despite the assuring bleep of the machines and the steady rise and fall of Rhys’ chest underneath his thin hospital gown. Grateful that no one else had decided to stay in the room with him, Jack took a seat at Rhys’ bedside, careful of the young man’s IV as he carefully took Rhys’ hand in his. 

Things were quiet for awhile, and Jack was about to wonder if he was going to go crazy counting his boyfriend’s exhales, when suddenly Rhys started to stir.

Kitten?” Jack gasped as he grasped Rhys’ hands in both of his, waiting with bated breath as Rhys’ expression started to shift, his eyelids fluttering as his head turned to the side. Little by little, Jack was greeted with a familiar blue and brown as Rhys’ eyes opened halfway, looking around the room dazedly. 

“Rhysie….?” Jack whispered softly as the young man let out a tiny, sleepy moan. He was clearly still out of it, caught in the effects of the anasthesia. Which was fine, Jack was content to hang around and hold the kid’s hand

But then Rhys started talking

 “Muhh….J….Jack…” Rhys moaned, voice weak and reedy as he softly smacked his lips together, Jack stiffened, staring down at the young man in surprise. Rhys didn’t sound all that….conscious, like he was babbling in his sleep. 

“Yeah, pumpkin?” Jack whispered softly, not wanting to scare him. Rhys’ eyes just dazedly flicked up to him

“Oh….hey. Can you please….gotta tell Jack…” Rhys murmured, shifting slightly in his bed. Jack raised an eyebrow as he looked down on the loopy young man. Tell him what? Jack knew everything about Rhys that might be considered a dirty little secret. Turn-ons, pet peeves, ex-boyfriends. If he was planning some kind of drug-induced confession, there wasn’t much on the table that Jack didn’t already know about, or suspect. 

“You gotta….tell Jack….I love him…” Rhys whined, blissfully unaware of how he had suddenly cause Jack to freeze up in his chair, a blush reaching new heights in his cheeks as he stared down at the incoherent man. What was that?

N….No. No way. Sure, Jack cared for the kid, bought him new clothes and fancy food and fucked him so hard he was pretty sure they could hear his cries on the street below his penthouse, but love was something he figured he’d stopped dealing with years ago, when he’d given up on marriage and family and decided to just pluck whatever pretty thing he liked out of the crowds. 

And yeah here his precious little addled idiot was, gushing his blubbery little feelings out all over Jack’s lap as if the older man knew at all what to do with it. 

“Love him…so much….” Rhys continued, and damn the little lovestruck way he said that word was getting Jack redder than all the times Rhys’d wrapped those pretty little lips around his cock. “He was s-so worried…hehe…he said he’s gonna bring my ice cream…” A little quirk of a smile tugged at Rhys’ slack lips that made Jack’s heart flutter. “Do you think….do you think he’d feed it to me…? I want him to…I wanna kiss him…he can taste the ice cream….”

Jack’s heart thumped in his chest as he made a mental note to order the biggest, fanciest sundae to Rhys’ room as quickly as possible. 

“Please….tell him, okay?” Rhys’s fingers weakly tightened on Jack’s hand, Jack giving him a warm squeeze in return.

“I…Okay, kiddo. I’ll tell him.” Jack promised, daring to lean in and kiss the young man’s forehead, even as his own skin was burning with blush at Rhys’ confession. He bit his lip as he watched the kid softly flutter back down into his nap, fingers relaxing against Jack’s warm grip and leaving the CEO alone with his thoughts.

Fuck. He wondered if some of the nurses would be willing to give some of the good stuff and knock him out instead.   







Camboy Jack

Omega Jack

Alpha Felix

Alpha Mark


Puppy Play

Pet Play




Neko Jack

Breeding Kink



Rape Play



Face Sitting

Sub Jack

Dom Mark

Dom Felix


Little Jack

Daddy Mark

Daddy Felix

Kitten Jack

Doggo Mark



Pregnancy Kink



Singer Jack

Body Guard Mark

Cum Inflation



Snow Balling

Daddy Kink

Vampire Jack

Drunk Jack

Self Hatred

Cock Cage

Fanboy Jack

Celebrity Mark

Cross dressing

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drabble prompt~ how about.. rhys is moving in and and jack discovers something *mega embarrassing* while unpacking

It was happening, Rhys was finally moving in with Jack. He had been reluctant to say yes at first, because he didn’t want to throw Vaughn to the curb, where to his best friend had told him; “Honestly Rhys, I’ll just be happy to get some rest, with the two of you gone from the apartment,” and Jack had in all seriousness proceeded to pay him to kick the leggy brunette out. He couldn’t exactly argue after that.

Moving the few boxes of possessions he owned, had taken little to no time, and they were quick to get to unpacking. Rhys had never been more happy to have gotten rid of all the Handsome Jack posters, motivational posters that was, now that the real deal was currently digging through one of the boxes, no doubt he would have teased him relentlessly.

Rhys had just unpacked the last of his picture frames, one him and Jack in fact, it was just one from a lazy morning where he had taken the opportunity to take a quick snap, but he’d loved it so much that he got it framed, when he heard his boyfriend let out a whistle. He turned his head to him, ready to ask what he found, but immediately lost his words when his eyes zeroed in on the article of clothing in his hands. He’d forgotten about that.

“Oh boy, cupcake,” He began, Rhys already wanting to disappear far away as his face flushed a deep red. “First the socks, now this?” He cackled.

“Please put them back in the box, so I can go burn them, thank you.” The programmer hid his face in hands, letting out a small whine.

“How many of these do you own?”

If someone had been around to shoot Rhys at the given moment, he would have gladly taken them up on their offer.

“Well would you look at that, this pair has a bow and-Oh oh, no, these definitely take the cake!” Jack held up a pair of pink, leopard printed panties, turning them around and studying them, a mischievous grin on display.

Rhys was glaring at the CEO from behind his hands, face ablaze. He remembered those, they had been a joke gift from Yvette, back when he and Jack weren’t together, said they’d help him bring home the boys, before laughing at his embarrassed state, but joke’s on her, because he ended up keeping them.

And then he might have acquired a few more, because panties were oddly comfortable and they made his ass look great.

“I bet you’d like the Hyperion issued ones better.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

“Huh, I didn’t see any-”

There was a moment of silence, Jack’s gaze dropping to Rhys’ lap.

The younger brought his hands down to the hemline of his shirt, pulling at the fabric to cover his nether regions, looking anywhere but the CEO.

He cleared his throat. “Let’s, uh, keep unpacking, and, and forget about my panty collection, okay?”

“Yeaah, no can do, you don’t dangle a piece of meat in front of a hungry skag without facing the consequences, kitten.”

Jack was already dragging him away from the boxes before he could protest any further.

….and Rhys had been right, he did like the Hyperion issued pair the best.

Donna/Jackie fluffy headcanons ~

And this is also in a romantic way, if it wasn’t clear.

- Donna thinks it’s funny how much she has to bend over Jackie to kiss her. She teases her girlfriend about her height a lot and Jackie always ends up slapping her shoulder or throwing her hat to her face.

- But her small figure is also convenient when they are sharing the a bath, their bodies fit perfectly against the other and they can spend hours inside the bath doing nothing but cuddling and talking.

 - Jackie is always incisting in giving Donna make overs all the time, while Donna is always trying to convince her to joing her in her feminist reunions. None is never able to give up, and when it happens, it always ends up in “I’m never doing it again!”.

- They are always holding hands, always. It doesn’t matter where they are and with who, their hands are always joined together, fingers interlased.

- Clothes sharing is funny because Donna’s clothes are too big for Jackie, and Jackie’s clothes are too tin for Donna. But they still get to share some shirts and jackets, and things for their hair.

- Jackie in particular likes to use Donna’s shirt to sleep. She’s also always stealing her jackets for her normal use.

- While Donna does the most cooking, Jackie always makes dinner on especial ocasions and when the romantic gen hits her. Donna is always surprised at how good Jackie has gotten with time, but it wasn’t always like this.

- Donna’s favorite piece of clothe to steal from Jackie is her sweater on shades of pink and soft purple.

- They still call each other names, but in a loving way.

- Once they get in sync, they go out to buy icecream and donuts, then spend their days cuddling on the couch, watching soap operas or what not on TV.

- Donna almost died when Jackie started to call her ‘pumpkin’ like her father, she asked her to stop but Jackie refused. So she started to call Jackie ‘kitten’ like she knows Jack does, she stopped doing it immediately.

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Fancy omega Rhys bringing up the idea of having kids for the first time on Father's Day, maybe as a foreplay thing??

Jack had been slightly confused as to why Rhys had even wanted to celebrate Father’s Day—unless Rhys was hiding kids around the house, neither of them had much cause to make that much of a big deal out of it.

Jack had figured that his jokes about how Rhys should celebrate his “daddy” would have been written off as the omega as juvenile, but to his surprise Rhys had practically jumped his bone, knocking the man back on his ass against the bed before pressing him down with eager hands and warm tongue.

As confused as Jack was at the change in heart, he wasn’t really going to deny Rhys when the omega was really showing off his kissing skills. Rhys had blossomed into a real fine kisser, easily getting Jack to pop a boner after a couple moments of intense make outs nowadays. Jack had cheekily wondered if the kid had honed his Handsome Jack-kissing skills on one of the many posters he’d witnessed in Rhys’ apartment before the kid had finally moved in with him.

Rhys let out a moan that made Jack’s dick twitch as he pulled back, mouth open and red as he looked down at his lover, pale hands sliding up the alpha’s tanned chest until they both gripped his pecs. Rhys’ fingers perhaps a little too harshly kneaded into the more fleshy parts of his chest he was totally not at all self conscious of, but the sultry look the omega was giving him and the horny pheromones washing over Jack’s face like warm water was more than enough to distract him.

“Mmm…you may be a jerk…but you really are the perfect alpha.” Rhys purred, giving Jack’s pecs a teasing squeeze, palms rubbing flush against Jack’s hardening nipples. The alpha winced a little as Rhys leaned forward, putting more pressure on his chest as his breath warmed against Jack’s ear.

“God I want you to breed me so bad…just fill me up and make me carry your pups, as many as you can.” Rhys whispered, capping it all off with a sultry lick to Jack’s earlobe before he pulled back to look at his alpha.

Rhys had a coy little look on his face, teeth biting into his lower lip as he waited for Jack’s reply, and jeez what the hell was Jack supposed to tell him.

“I…uhh…I didn’t really know you were into that sort of thing kitten.”

Rhys fidgeted atop Jack, his butt wiggling right on Jack’s dick and making the alpha groan.

“I mean….lets be real…there’s nothing sexier than that. Between omegas and alphas? Or…” a flash of doubt crossed Rhys’ eyes, “you don’t feel the same?”

Jack’s brain was caught somewhere between the genuine sensuality behind breeding an omega and the reality of children that it would inevitably lead to, his tongue catching on his words and turning them into little more than conflicted but needy vocal mush. Hoping his body would be able to communicate better than his brain, he reached around to give Rhys’ ass a firm squeeze, the tips of his fingers slipping into the rift of the young man’s underwear. Rhys groaned in pleasure, rocking his hips back into Jack’s hands as he ground his groin down against his alpha.

“I mean….shit, okay…” Jack grunted, too worked up at this point to stall thinking about anything other than getting his dick wet.

“Use me, kitten, if you wanna ride me like a handsome breeding stud than go to frikkin’ town, as long as I’m getting my knot in ya sometime this evening.” Jack admitted, blush spreading over his cheeks as Rhys’ thumbed at his nipples, excitement flooding the omega’s fine features.

“If we’re lucky, we’ll really have something to celebrate next year.”

Okay so we have two possible scenarios here:

1) Guy and Marty getting Jack out of the scrum and Jack being completely relieved and he smiles at them gratefully and it’s a genuinely sweet moment

2) Guy and Marty dragging Angry Kitten Jack Zimmermann out by the scruff while he’s screaming something along the lines of “SAY THAT ABOUT MY MOM AGAIN!! YOU WANT ME TO GET HER ON THE ICE?! SHE’LL KICK YOUR ASS!” (Marty: God he IS Bad Bob’s kid)

Jack was having a blast.

The piles of tablets he needed to pick through before lunch were all knocked on the floor next to his desk, the holo displays overhead were chock full of windows marked urgent but were entirely ignored. Jack didn’t want any distractions; he needed all his focus as he wiggled a familiar clip on tie across his desk top.

“Get it, you freakin’ adorable beanie baby lookin’ buttface, kill it,” Jack cooed at the small tottering kitten that swatted at the red silk. The kitten mewled, a big sound for such a tiny thing, opening its tiny mouth so wide its eyes scrunched up. It kept trying to pull back, to ignore the tie, but as soon as Jack would give it a wiggle sure enough a potato sized puff ball would latch onto it with awkward uncoordinated claws.

“That’s it, shred this piece of shit. You’re gonna thank me later, kitten,” Jack snorted, repeating the endearment under his breath and chuckling while the fur ball on his desk grasped the clothe and flopped onto its back, chewing at the fabric and kicking at the tie with its back feet.

The puff bean was growling properly now with all its micro fury, snagging and tugging threads out of place, when Jack’s ECHO went off. He considered turning his ECHO off before reading the incoming caller’s ID, and sighing dramatically. With a grimace he answered, flipping the call on speaker so he could tug the tie and drag the pissed kitten across the desk.

“Whatchya got?” Jack drawled.

“S-so it’s permanent,” came a shaky feminine voice. There was an audible gulp.

“Huh. Well R and D’s airlock or mine?” Jack smirked, letting the little tiny baby cat chew on his fingers as it lost interest in the tie.

“Sir, before I answer that it’s my duty to inform you that while the change is permanent we are pretty sure we can have him go through an augmented exposure, one set to change him back but, um, not back but reform things again so that – “

“Ugh, shut it nerd. Now how sure is pretty sure?” Jack interrupted, holding one paw between his fingers while the kitten took on an offended backwards ear tilt as it tried and failed to take its paw back.

“V-very! So sure, we are just,” there was a weird dry sounding gasp, “we are so totally sure. One hundred percent.”

“Mmmkay. See ya in ten,” with that Jack hung up. Scratching at his stomach he manhandled the kitten, bracing his hand under its soft tummy and picking it up in a way that all legs dangled free. There was a small cry as Jack stood, then came shivering all throughout the little tater tot’s body.

“Oh, yeah. You’re afraid of heights,” Jack mumbled. Shifting his hold Jack cradled an arm to his front, bracing his kitten between his arm and his chest. He briefly locked eyes with the kitten before it tucked its face nervously into the crook of Jack’s elbow.

“Chill, I gotchya Rhysie.”

//Part 1// Part 2 - TBA //

True story: Mama’s friend’s cat (5 years old) passed away very recently. Her cat was very important to her, so she was really sad. My mama’s friend (who also used to work with her) always helped her out and looked out for her at work, so she went and got her friend a kitten as a surprise. Now, mama had absolutely no idea what her deceased cat looked like - she had never met him (only knows his name was Jack). But, it turns out, the kitten looks EXACTLY like Jack. Mama’s friend was so surprised that she cried happy tears.

The kitten doesn’t have a name yet, but when it does, I’ll let you guys know what it is. I didn’t get to meet him, but I definitely smelled his scent all over mama.

Mama said to always be kind to everyone. When someone is kind to you, pay it forward. You don’t have to do something crazy like get a kitten for someone - it can be something small, like smile at someone who looks sad or ask how they’re doing. You can buy coffee for the next person in line at a drive-through or simply help your parents do some chores. Whatever your act of kindness is, just know that good karma will come with it.

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This probably isn't exactly what you meant by pregnancy prompt but could you write something with Jack trying to convince Rhys to have a third kid? Like Cyrus is out of the house, Jaxen is almost gone too and Jack is taking the empty nest thing a lot harder than Rhys is.

more old dads because i love them

Rhys was getting a little bit suspicious.

It wasn’t exactly unlike Jack to double down on the pampering. Sometimes Jack just got in those moods where he wanted to lavish his omega in gifts and sweets and sex, and Rhys wasn’t about to rebuke that with little cause.

However…some of Jack’s behavior lately, and especially the type of treats he was pushing onto Rhys, led Rhys to think that something was up. Ice cream, champagne and chocolate were pretty par for the course, but uh. Oysters? Artichoke? Figs? Rhys had never even eaten a fig before Jack had randomly decided to bake up a tart full of the things for his omega one evening. They were fine enough—Jack’s baking talents certainly hadn’t waned with age—but Rhys was still confused.

Despite his confusion, Rhys hadn’t chosen to broach the topic, until one quiet night when Jack slipped into bed next to him with a cracked open pomegranate. The omega had looked at him like he was crazy, setting down his book and glaring with exasperation at his mate as Jack tried to lick the ruby juice from his own wrist to stop it from staining the pale yellow sheets.

“Jack….what are you doing…” Rhys asked, voice tired even as his mate scooted in next to him, bumping their hips together as he handed one raw half of the fruit towards him.

“C’mon, kitten, it’ll be fun…” Jack waggled his tongue at him, showing off how red-stained both it and his teeth had become, but even though that was kind of sexy in contrast to Jack’s brown skin and silver hair, Rhys decided he needed to get to the bottom of this.

“Okay, handsome, hold it,” Rhys took the half of the fruit from Jack, only to gingerly set it against the nightstand, “what’s the deal lately? You keep…you keep on trying to feed me weird things lately? What’s up with that?”

“Weird? I dunno what you mean, sweetie.” Jack licked the side of his half of the pomegranate, baring his canines before Rhys snatched it from his sticky lips and set it aside as well.

“You’ve been cooking all kinds of different food lately, stuff I’ve never even seen before much less tasted. So what’s your game there big boy?”

“Game? No game,” Jack said innocently, rolling onto his side. One broad hand rested over Rhys’ middle, suggestively squeezing the omega’s body. Rhys frowned, bracing his hands against Jack’s forearm.

“Okay, seriously, what’s the deal?

Jack was nosing his way around the comforter bunched around Rhys’ hips, grabbing onto the hem of his T-shirt with his teeth and pulling it up. Clearly ignoring Rhys’ question and trying to bury it under sexy-times. Well Rhys wasn’t gonna have any of that, he thought as he cuffed Jack’s ears, making the alpha whine and release and mouthful of shirt.

“Owww, babe….” Jack groused, but Rhys’ questioning gaze was firm and made the alpha quickly wilt.

“I mean…maybe….jeez, Rhysie, it’s just a little lonely around here, okay?” Jack grumbled as he rested his chin against Rhys’ middle.

“Lonely? Um, hello Jack, you’ve still got me.”

“Yeah, but….Cyrus is already moved out, and Jaxen’s basically got one foot out the door….it’s so quiet all the time now.” Jack pinched the hem of Rhys’ shirt up further, pressing one kiss, still sticky from the pomegranate, onto Rhys’ doughy belly.

“I was just thinking maybe it’s time….to add another to the Handsome Jack dynasty?”

Rhys felt something flutter happily in his stomach even as his eyes widened in surprise at Jack’s question.

“Oh no.” Rhys moaned, a little harsher than perhaps he’d intended.


“No way, Jack.”

“Why not?”

“Jack, we’ve got two perfectly good kids already…”

“Care to make it three?”

“Jack,” Rhys laughed, shaking his head, “you really think….I’m way too old to get pregnant…much less chase after a baby when it’s out…”

“Shut up. You’d still look as sexy as you did. And you’d still be an awesome mom.” Jack looked up, eyes wide and earnest and like he was a kid asking what he wanted for Christmas. Rhys couldn’t stop another high, amused laugh from bubbling out of his throat.

“Oh my god…so all that weird stuff you’ve been cooking for me lately…all the spoiling…you wanted me to agree to have another kid.”

Jack scoffed, rolling his eyes as he pressed another kiss to Rhys’ stomach.

“I was researching, pumpkin. I’m not the type of guy to just dump fertility drugs in your coffee.”

Rhys made a mental note to make his own coffee from now on, before clapping both hands against Jack’s cheeks, smushing his face together.

“You’re insane, Jack, what would we even…we can’t….there’s no way…”

“No way, huh? You saying I can’t fire ‘em off like I used to?” Jack growled jokingly, grinning up at Rhys. The omega’s cheeks warmed at the sight—there was still the lingering blood of the pomegranate on Jack’s canines, and well, laundry day was tomorrow after all.

“Well….can’t say I’m really sure about this, but…” Rhys purred, slowly sliding down from his rest against headboard as Jack propped himself up above him, gradually pinning the omega down against the sheets.

“I think maybe I’d like to see you try.”

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“C'mon Fe, there has to be one pet name that gets to you!” Jack would yell.
The stubborn Swede would just laugh and shake his head. “I swear, there’s nothing that gets to me, Jack. Pet names just aren’t for me!”
“Baby? Doll? Kitten? Fucking anything?” Jack would ask in desperation.
“Nope, none of the above,” Felix would chuckle, rolling his eyes at his boyfriend.
“Prince? Princess..?” Jack would stop himself on the finally word, watching as Felix blushed a bright red.
“What’s the matter, princess?” He would repeat the nickname.

I need you - Joker

“Come on, doll. You’re making me late”

He watched from the doorway as you tightened the screws of the new diamond earring’s J stole for you.

“Well, baby, a girls got to be fashionably late”

You smoothed out the short dress and put your favourite gun in your clutch. J looked at you with a smile, showing his silver caps as he held out his arm. You looped yours through it and the two of you walked down to the driveway.

“What car you feelin’ tonight baby?”

“I want that one,” You said pointing to the Lambo.

Frosty handed the keys to J and you sauntered  over to the driver’s side.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“What does it look like? I’m driving, baby”

“Oh no, you’re not. Now be a good girl and come sit on the other side.”

You stayed standing by the driver side and J stalked towards you.

“If you behave tonight, daddy will consider letting you drive home. But right now, I’m going to drive. So sit your pretty little ass over in the passenger side before I get angry. And you don’t want to see me angry do you, Dollface?”

You shook your head and took your seat on the passenger side. J sat next to you on the driver’s side and started the car.

The Joker had no regard for rules. He drove like a maniac. He went through lanes, ran red lights and speeded. He parked up in his designated stop outside the club as one of his henchmen went to open your door. J held out his hand for you to use to get out and led you into the club. 

The club was lively. people were dancing on the dance floor and a steady stream of drinks were leaving the bar. The two of you went into the private VIP section and J took a seat on the leather sofa as you stood dancing to the song that just started.

“Come sit down, kitten. We’ve got company” J said patting his lap

You huffed as you sat down on his lap.

“I want that song back on as soon as we’re done”

“Anything for you”

A few moments later a tall man was escorted in by Frosty.

“Mr Joker”

“I would get up to shake your hand but when something as sexy as this is sitting in your lap you don’t disturb it.”

You fake giggled at his comment. A bit pissed off that he was referring to you as an ‘it’.

“So you want me and my boys to protect you and your business.”

The sweaty man nodded as the Joker gave him his maniacal smile.

“How do I know that you won’t sell me out?”

“Do I look like I have a death wish?

The two continued to talk business as you zoned out, only responding when your name was mentioned.

“I just have one thing. A pal of mine got arrested because of the clean up.Can I guarantee that you’ll clean up properly for me?”

You felt J’s body tense under you. One hand  snaked around his neck in an attempt to calm him down while another went into your purse and flipped off the safety. You pulled the gun out and pointed it at his arm.

“Mistah J doesn’t like to leave any trace of him being there except his card. Nothing left unless it needs to be. You don’t deserve to live after that insult.”

“Let’s not go too far, why don’t you hurt him.”

“Just a little bit?” you asked putting your fingers an inch or so apart. J nodded and you fired your gun into his arm.

He laughed out loud causing the club to quieten as the man groaned out in pain. He captured your lips with his, kissing you roughly not caring that his henchmen were dealing with his injured business partner.

“Daddy has a present in store for you, kitten.”

You smiled again and settled yourself against his chest.

“J?” You asked after a few moments.

He hummed.

“I saw this bag I really liked. Can we go and get it.”

“I told you, Kitten, anything”

He beckoned for one of his minions to come and whispered and instruction in his ear. A few moments later, the song that you were dancing to started again. You got up off J’s lap and began to dance. Your hips moved in time to the beat of the song as you had the time of your life. Once the song was over you sat back down next to J. He handed you a drink which you quickly gulped down.

The Joker sat back in his seat looking like he was in deep thought. You ran your fingers through his green hair.

“A penny for your thoughts”

“Don’t worry. Now let’s have some real fun”

J downed his drink as he pulled you up off the sofa and back into his Lambo. He threw you the keys and you slid into the driver’s seat.

“Don’t crash this baby”

You rolled your eyes and turned the key in the ignition. The car roared to life and you drove out of the parking lot. Half way through your joyride a certain annoying rodent ruined your night.

“You gonna teach the bat a lesson?”

“You know it”

You let go of the steering wheel and let J take over as you slipped through the sunroof. You supported yourself with your arms and kicked off your heels

“Hey Batsy”


“Where’s the fun in that?

You felt J sharply turn into the next lane to overtake a car and nearly made you fall but you kept your footing.

“I’ve got you a surprise, doll face” You heard J say, cackling. 

He handed you a gun.

“Aim for his tyres.”

“I’d love to stay and chat, Mr Wayne, but Mistah J and I are going to be late for the next part of our date.”

You shot his two front wheels hoping that the bullets would puncture his reinforced tyres. Surprisingly they did and you ducked back into the car. J was sitting in the driver’s seat and him promised you that he would let you drive. You pulled one hand off the steering wheel and sat in his lap with your feet over the centre console.

“You said you were going to let me drive, Mistah J”

“You were dealing with the Bat, kitten”

“Seems like you have some making up to do tonight.”

J drove even faster, if that was possible, and picked you up, taking you straight to the bedroom to have his wicked way with you. 

You woke up the next morning to an empty bed and a note on J’s pillow. In Joker fashion it was written on a playing card and said 


Dealing with business today. Transferred you some money. Go buy me something to rip off you.


To most people, this sounded like something normal. A boyfriend asking his girlfriend to get some underwear. Only he didn’t call you ‘kitten’ or ‘doll’ or ‘dollface’ or any other nickname, he called you by your first name, which he only did if he was really really horny or if you had pissed him off and he was close to shooting your brains out. If it was the first reason then the note would have gone a different way, J would have been on top of you most probably, but it couldn’t be the second reason because if you pissed him off, you would have known by now. Either way, you spent most of the day shopping and you returned pretty late at night.

You expected J to be waiting by the door with a weapon in his hand demanding to know where  his doll was, but to your surprise frosty was on patrol. You walked past him and into your bedroom. J’s clothes were in the laundry basket and you could see the sleeping form of a man on your side of the bed. This was odd for J, he never went to sleep without knowing where you were and you hadn’t received any texts from him during the entire day. There was a cup on the bedside table with a trace of white powder at the bottom. A packet of sleeping pills sat beside it. You didn’t understand why he would need sleeping pills. If he was ill he would have already complained about it and if he was having nightmares you would have known about it. You tried to wake him but it looked like the pills were doing their jobs and you went to sleep, making a mental note to confront him in the morning. 

The next couple days after went like that too. J would leave way before you woke up and came home way after you were asleep. Maybe he didn’t even come home you weren’t sure. All you knew was it was like your boyfriend had gone M.I.A. You had come home after grocery shopping and the house was eerily silent. You took the shopping bags into the kitchen and heard shuffling and then J’s laugh.

“J? Are you home?” You called out.

He didn’t respond so you looked further. You walked into the living room to see J lying on the floor, surrounded by his knives and guns with him straight in the centre.

“Here she is, Y/N Y/L/N,” He said, getting up.

“Where have you been, J? I’ve been worried sick”

“No, no, no. You don’t worry about me, princess. No one does. No one should”

“What are you talking about? Of course, I should worry about you. I’m your girlfriend, I love you. I have to be worried about you”

“But you shouldn’t. I’m the Joker. incapable of love. Incapable of nurture. incapable of redemption. I am a broken man, Y/N”

“J, you don’t make any sense. Let me feel your head”

You took a step forward and he stepped back, putting a gun between the two of you.”

“I should kill you right here. You make me vulnerable. you make me weak.”


“It started as an obsession. I craved you. I craved your plump lips and your soft hands. And then I needed you. You were like my oxygen tank. I crave and I need all of you. When I’m with you, the voices are quiet. They don’t shout. they don’t scream or cry. You keep me sane, doll, you make me need you by my side.”

“Jack, baby, put the gun down.”

“I crave you, Y/N. I obsess over you, I need you. I want you. But you leave me vulnerable. You leave me open to the bat. All he has to do is pluck you like a feather and I’m done. This is why-”

He undid the safety of the gun and you heard the click of a bullet loading into the barrel.

“I need to get rid of you”

“J, you don’t need to do this. Put the gun down and talk to me, baby.”

“I already have, kitten.”

“Jack put the fucking gun on the floor”

“Stop calling me that” He roared.

“That man is dead. I’m the Joker now.”

“Then ‘Joker’ put the gun down and talk to your woman like a real man.”

He faltered for a second and that was all you needed to quickly run and pull the gun from his hand and throw it to the other side of the room. He stepped back putting some more distance between the two of you.  You didn’t relish in the fact that you were one of the only people who disarmed the Joker, in fact, it was the opposite. He let you get the gun from him. No matter who you were, he wasn’t just going to let you take the weapon from his hands.

“You got the gun from me. I have all of the others right next to me. What makes you think that I won’t use them.”

“Because you said it yourself. You need me” You took a small step forward.

“You need me to keep the voices at bay. You need me to come home to. You need me hide behind you, depend on you for my protection. You need my love, J”

You moved close enough to be right in front of him. You placed either hand on his cheeks.

“You need me to be the one that sees you without the lipstick and the fancy clothes. You need me to be Y/N. The girl that sassed you in the bank. The girl that called you a dickweed when you crept up on her. The girl who called you a highlighter at Wayne’s party. The girl that you taught how to shoot her first gun. The girl that saw you for you. You don’t need to be scared, J.”

You stared into his blue eyes and his hands soon found themselves entangled in your hair as he kissed you. He pulled away a few moments later, his red lipstick smeared. His hand travelled down to your neck and he squeezed.

“No one finds out about this. This stays between me and you.”

You nodded, your eyes watering slightly and he released your neck before throwing you over his shoulder and took you to the bedroom. Wordlessly he stripped down to his boxers and you followed suit, unclasping your bra and about to pull down your knickers when his hand stopped you. He straightened your arms upwards and put his shirt over them.

“Not tonight, kitten. Daddy just wants to sleep.”

You nodded and smiled at this newly affectionate man. You walked over to your side of the bed and got under the covers. J followed suit and held you and rubbed your head.

“I love you, J”

“I know, princess”

You helped J fall into a blissful sleep, knowing that you weren’t going to get him sent back to Arkham. He knew that you could defend yourself. You wouldn’t let yourself get caught by the Bat and neither would he.

shoutout to @paradiqe because the post you wrote on the joker and emotions really helped me write this and stay true(ish because I’m 100% sure he wouldn’t deny having sex but I wanted to end it full of fluff) to the character. Thank you!

Like holy shit. I just had the most fucked up dream or rather dreams I've ever had in my life.

And that’s saying something cause I’ve had some really fucked up dreams. Like okay so the first part of my dream I was visiting my grandpa down at the docks on the lake.

He had done some dock renovation where the dock was even bigger and it had a workshop and a garage for his friggen boat. So anyways I went inside to say hello and my grandpa and grandma told me to close the door and to hurry. I was like: Okay? *so I closed the door* Annnnyyyyways I heard loud meowing and hissing and I walked through the workshop and found my grandma and grandpa capturing a kitten with jacked up teeth. Like the top teeth of the kitten was fine but the bottom looked like tiny shark teeth and like the fangs looked like saver tooth tiger fangs except one of them was broken and the other fang was long and sharp and scary.

Like they were trying to fix the kitten’s teeth. Anyways I had to help them and the kitten was a boy btw. So they finally got him all fixed up and it was so sad because it was yowling and meowing and crying in pain and my grandparents felt so horrible cause they didn’t have money to take it to the vet to get its teeth fixed without pain. Anyways I ended up taking the kitten home and naming him Loki.

Now that’s where you think the craziness ends right?


Anyways the next dream was about these rival people and I have no idea their names but the rivals had been fighting with each other. Not a deal fight kind thing but more like a friendly spar.

But then one of the rivals started coughing up blood and holding their stomach and just collapsing in the sand since they were out in the desert somewhere. And the other guys that had been friendly sparring with them were like: Holy shit dude like…what the hell do we do?

And the one of the guys whom had dark raven wings on his back was like: Well we can’t just leave him here. Come on well take him to a medical place.

So the scene rapidly switches over to them taking the sick guy to the medical place. And in the medical place was ran by two people a girl and a guy. And it was not a people hospital but an animal hospital. They left the sick guy with them and the guy slowly shrank down and became a mouse. Apparently he was some type of magical being and him and his friends and rivals can all turn into animals. Anyways the lady and the dude helped nurse the mouse dude back to health. Turns out he has a rare terminal illness but they were able to help him manage his symptoms and feel better. Then the mouse dude bit the lady on her finger for whatever reason and she freaked out and the him without meaning to and the dude caught him and that’s where it ended and Idk why the mouse dude bit the lady. Maybe she held him too hard when she picked him up to give him a check up or maybe the rat guy was cranky. Idk….but yeh.

So you think this is the end, nope cause this next one is the end. So basically it’s about two kids living in a haunted house and one day the girl was walking up the basement steps and then she felt something push her onto the ground and then it started to claw at her. Ripping deep into the skin on her shoulders and she started screaming and crying.

Blood oozing everywhere and the boy left her for dead. And that was the end of that and the end of my very fucked up dreams. Three fucked up dreams in one….I never want to have these dreams again.

What did I eat last night?!

This is a Masterlist of all of the Newsies fan fics I have written between February 2014 and February 2015.

For fics written prior to February 2014 look here:

Fics written about the musical are labeled “Musical ‘verse”. The others are all for the movie.

I’m always accepting prompts (even if I don’t always get to them quickly), and I’m always willing to discuss headcanons and prompts pertaining to Newsies. I think it goes without saying that if you like any of these stories (or even dislike a couple) and give me feedback, I’ll be super happy about it.

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Those Suspenders // Jack Johnson Smut

I honestly do not think you are ready to read this smut but continue if you dare.


Jack was late, as usual. I sighed waiting at the place the ceremony would be held at. My cousins wedding was today and Jack was late, again. The passed two weeks he’s been recording in the studio and he would come home at 3 in the morning, he’s didn’t show up to dinner twice, I don’t even know. I looked at the time, there’s 20 minutes until the ceremony starts. I looked down at my blue dress and sighed. All I want is one day with Jack, all I want. A tear slipped out of my eye followed by a couple more. I stood there sobbing and waiting for my missing in action boyfriend. “Princess, it’s that you?” I hear a familiar voice. I wiped my year and turned around to him. There he stood in a dress shirt, suspenders, and skinny jeans. He’s so cute.

“Hi baby.” I walked to him and held him in my arms as I cried some more into his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” He rubbed my back.

“You’re here, I get to spend time with you now.” I giggled, “I’ve missed you these past two weeks.” I kissed him passionately. I think he forgot we were in public outside a church when his tongue ran across my lips. I pulled away. “Babe we have a wedding to attend.” I took his hand in mine and walked toward the building.

– About halfway through the reception –

I walked back over to my table where Jack was seated talking to my mom and dad. “Hello Jack, hello parental units.” I chuckled. I’ve called my parents that since I was about 12 and I’m now 19. Jacks hand rested on my knee as he talked across the table. I checked my phone and giggled seeing my cousins texts from before the wedding. I looked back up to the conversation that was going on in front of me, and that’s when Jacks hand moved to my inner thigh. I put my hand over his warning him, but he only squeezed my thigh lightly. “Um I’m going to go back and dance.” I smiled standing up.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll go and join her.” Jack said and my parents nodded. He followed me to the dance floor that was down a couple steps from the dining area.

“What do you think you were doing?” I asked Jack, “My parents were right there.” I whispered in his ear.

“I was wondering if you have self control, but you didn’t let me finish.” He said back and I looked in his eyes which seemed to darken. I bit my lip and checked the time. I read 10:23pm.

“It’s time to go home.” I said quickly. I went back to our table and bid a farewell to my parents and made up the excuse that Jack has to be in the studio early tomorrow. I walked to my cousin congratulated her and took Jacks hand as we exited the building.

“These two weeks I didn’t touch myself baby girl, I wanted you.”

“I’m so sexually frustrated right now. Get in the car and drive home because your suspenders right now are turning me the fuck on.” I groaned and stepped in the passengers side of the car. Jack put his hand on my thigh again, but it was dangerously close to where I needed him most. Two fingers brushed over my heat making me take in a deep breath and made Jack chuckle darkly.

“Take your panties off.” Jack said eyes still on the road, but I didn’t question him. They were off almost immediately. “Put one leg up on the seat.” I did so again. Jacks hand wandered over to my throbbing pussy. I moaned at the slight touch out his finger brushing against my clit. “You want that princess?” I only nodded because I couldn’t find my words. He rubbed my clit and I was in complete ecstasy. Jack pulled into our driveway and I grabbed my purse and threw my panties at Jack. “Ooh, look at my trophy.” He held them up. The breeze beneath my dress made me shudder. Jack opened the door very slow just to antagonize me.

“Daddy please.” Slipped out of my mouth. I never called Jack daddy before but he turned to look at me with a smile.

“Get inside and wait for daddy on the bed.” He growled. I ran up the stair to the bedroom and stripped down leaving my heels on knowing Jack loved to fuck me while I wore heels. I laid down on the bed missing the touch of Jacks fingers. I heard Jacks footsteps enter the room. He didn’t have his dress shirt on, but his suspenders were still on and I wanted to cum at the sight of him looking at me.

“You literally have no idea how bad those suspenders turn me on Jack.” I giggled and slipped a finger into me.

“You literally have no idea how sexy you look right now.” Jack mocked staring at my throbbing heat. “Baby I know you like the suspenders but please just let me fuck you right here right now.” Jack let out. He stripped down and the only thing he left on we’re his glasses and that turned me on too. Jack slipped himself into me groaning at the feeling.

“Holy shit babe you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.” I let out. Jack started thrusting harder and harder before stopping.

“I want to try something new.” He bit my lip. I nodded, I just wanted him I don’t care how, but I wanted him. He picked me up and put me against a wall. I took his dick and put it into me. He held my legs as he pounded into me I was out of breath and close to cumming all over jacks cock. His muscles were bulging out as I started to attack his neck with hickeys. He stopped for a minute and carried me back to our bed. He laid me on my stomach. “I want to fuck you the way I find you sleeping, on your stomach, your ass always coming out of your shorts, your leg over a pillow pretending it’s me.” He moaned stroking himself, and I laid in that exact position.

“Fuck me daddy.” I looked at him. He slammed into me making me scream.

“Princess. I’m going to cum. Fuck. Y/N. Oh my god.” Jack pulled out and let his juices go all over my ass. I didn’t get to cum yet, but I was still satisfied. “Hang on princess.” Jack ran to the bathroom and I heard the sink running. He came back with a warm wash cloth and cleaned up all of he’s seed from my body.

“Thank you daddy.” I winked at him.

“Don’t think I forgot you didn’t come yet.” He turned me over and brought his face to my core. “So swollen, and pretty, and juicy.” He sucked in my clit and fingered me hitting my g-spot almost every time. He replaced his fingers with his tongue. That sent me over the edge shaking and screaming letting everyone know who I belonged to. Jack kitten licked my juices up as I came down from my high. He came face to face with me. “I love you, I didn’t forget about you at the studio.”

“I love you so much Jack.” I kissed him again before housing myself on his side of the bed.

“Baby, that’s where I sleep.” He whined.

“I’m going to have a hard time crawling over to my spot, Jack, please just let me stay here for the night.” I giggled.

“Have fun getting out of bed in the morning.” He winked.