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Sugar baby Rhys gets some minor surgery, like an appendectomy or something. As he's coming out of anesthesia, he's super loopy and starts saying all this mushy, romantic shit about Jack to the person he notices in the room...who happens to be Jack himself. Jack usually feels very in-control of his emotions, but suddenly this high-as-a-kite string bean has him all flustered

It was going to be fine.

Rhys had been complaining about the pain in his stomach for a couple of days, and while Jack had written it off at first as some bad fish from a restaurant he promised they’d never visit again, but when the pain had persisted Jack had all but bullied Rhys into an appointment with Jack’s private physician. After a litany of questions about the nature and duration of Rhys’ pain, a CT scan confirmed that Rhys’ appendix was inflamed. That had struck a chord of worry in Jack, despite his doctor’s assurance that Rhys’ case could be swiftly resolved with a relatively routine surgery. Still, the very idea of his pretty baby going under the knife, even if it was the knife of Jack’s very trustworthy surgeon, bolstered with the best equipment and staff that money could buy.  

To his credit, Rhys seemed relatively nonplussed by the idea of surgery, pointing to his prosthetic when Jack had brought up his own concerns. Honestly, the young man took more issue with the fact that he was prevented from eating anything, even ice cream, the night before the surgery. The CEO had kept mostly silent after that, barely getting any sleep as he preferred to watch Rhys’ lay peacefully in his arms. 

As Rhys sat on the hospital bed the next morning, Jack lavished the young man with as many kisses and careful petting as he could, pulling aside his surgeon for one final, not-so-veiled threat before he allowed Rhys to be prepped for the operation. 

“You better not go dying on me, ‘kay pumpkin?” Jack gave Rhys’ hand a little squeeze, “all your shit is in my apartment, and hell if I’m gonna go through your sock collection all on my own.”

“Jack,” Rhys murmured, smirking, “I’ve probably had more surgeries than you have….it’s not a big deal. I’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, if your doctor wants to keep his job and his skin, then you will be.” Jack let out a loud growl, which was quickly cut off as Rhys’ grabbed the silk of Jack’s tie and pulled him in for a soft kiss. 

“Dude, if you keep freaking out, you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack, then I’ll be the one losing my shit over you….” Rhys whispered as their lips parted. “Try to chill out…I’ll see you on the other side….okay old man?” 

Jack let out a tense sigh, even as Rhys’ ran his fingers soothingly through the peppered gray streak in his hair. 

“I’ll…I’ll try…” He huffed. Rhys gave him a soft, genuine smile, even as Jack was cautiously ushered away from his lover’s side. 

“You better have a mountain of ice cream ready for me as soon as I can eat. I’m gonna be starving!” Rhys called as he was wheeled towards the operating room, giving Jack one last little wave before he was pushed through the doors.

Sure, a big part of Jack had always known that the surgery would probably go off without a hitch. And if not, at least he had violently beating the operating team for losing his lover’s life to look forward to. Still, the tension hadn’t fully bled out his body until the point where the surgeon had told him that the appendix had been removed successfully, and that Rhys was now resting in his room. 

The kid was still asleep, as pale and as still as Jack had ever seen him. Despite the assuring bleep of the machines and the steady rise and fall of Rhys’ chest underneath his thin hospital gown. Grateful that no one else had decided to stay in the room with him, Jack took a seat at Rhys’ bedside, careful of the young man’s IV as he carefully took Rhys’ hand in his. 

Things were quiet for awhile, and Jack was about to wonder if he was going to go crazy counting his boyfriend’s exhales, when suddenly Rhys started to stir.

Kitten?” Jack gasped as he grasped Rhys’ hands in both of his, waiting with bated breath as Rhys’ expression started to shift, his eyelids fluttering as his head turned to the side. Little by little, Jack was greeted with a familiar blue and brown as Rhys’ eyes opened halfway, looking around the room dazedly. 

“Rhysie….?” Jack whispered softly as the young man let out a tiny, sleepy moan. He was clearly still out of it, caught in the effects of the anasthesia. Which was fine, Jack was content to hang around and hold the kid’s hand

But then Rhys started talking

 “Muhh….J….Jack…” Rhys moaned, voice weak and reedy as he softly smacked his lips together, Jack stiffened, staring down at the young man in surprise. Rhys didn’t sound all that….conscious, like he was babbling in his sleep. 

“Yeah, pumpkin?” Jack whispered softly, not wanting to scare him. Rhys’ eyes just dazedly flicked up to him

“Oh….hey. Can you please….gotta tell Jack…” Rhys murmured, shifting slightly in his bed. Jack raised an eyebrow as he looked down on the loopy young man. Tell him what? Jack knew everything about Rhys that might be considered a dirty little secret. Turn-ons, pet peeves, ex-boyfriends. If he was planning some kind of drug-induced confession, there wasn’t much on the table that Jack didn’t already know about, or suspect. 

“You gotta….tell Jack….I love him…” Rhys whined, blissfully unaware of how he had suddenly cause Jack to freeze up in his chair, a blush reaching new heights in his cheeks as he stared down at the incoherent man. What was that?

N….No. No way. Sure, Jack cared for the kid, bought him new clothes and fancy food and fucked him so hard he was pretty sure they could hear his cries on the street below his penthouse, but love was something he figured he’d stopped dealing with years ago, when he’d given up on marriage and family and decided to just pluck whatever pretty thing he liked out of the crowds. 

And yeah here his precious little addled idiot was, gushing his blubbery little feelings out all over Jack’s lap as if the older man knew at all what to do with it. 

“Love him…so much….” Rhys continued, and damn the little lovestruck way he said that word was getting Jack redder than all the times Rhys’d wrapped those pretty little lips around his cock. “He was s-so worried…hehe…he said he’s gonna bring my ice cream…” A little quirk of a smile tugged at Rhys’ slack lips that made Jack’s heart flutter. “Do you think….do you think he’d feed it to me…? I want him to…I wanna kiss him…he can taste the ice cream….”

Jack’s heart thumped in his chest as he made a mental note to order the biggest, fanciest sundae to Rhys’ room as quickly as possible. 

“Please….tell him, okay?” Rhys’s fingers weakly tightened on Jack’s hand, Jack giving him a warm squeeze in return.

“I…Okay, kiddo. I’ll tell him.” Jack promised, daring to lean in and kiss the young man’s forehead, even as his own skin was burning with blush at Rhys’ confession. He bit his lip as he watched the kid softly flutter back down into his nap, fingers relaxing against Jack’s warm grip and leaving the CEO alone with his thoughts.

Fuck. He wondered if some of the nurses would be willing to give some of the good stuff and knock him out instead.   







Camboy Jack

Omega Jack

Alpha Felix

Alpha Mark


Puppy Play

Pet Play




Neko Jack

Breeding Kink



Rape Play



Face Sitting

Sub Jack

Dom Mark

Dom Felix


Little Jack

Daddy Mark

Daddy Felix

Kitten Jack

Doggo Mark



Pregnancy Kink



Singer Jack

Body Guard Mark

Cum Inflation



Snow Balling

Daddy Kink

Vampire Jack

Drunk Jack

Self Hatred

Cock Cage

Fanboy Jack

Celebrity Mark

Cross dressing


Still have all of the previously feral litter here at the house, still working on some polishing some manners (I’m looking at you, Mako, gotta stop biting to say you love people! Or the taste of human flesh. Mostly love!) 

 I’m so happy, all of them have turned out to be very friendly, sweet little cats that will be able to be wonderful pets for someone. They’ve come so far since they were brought here.  I love watching scared feral kittens realize that they love petting, they love treats and snacks and that people are awesome. 

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drabble prompt~ how about.. rhys is moving in and and jack discovers something *mega embarrassing* while unpacking

It was happening, Rhys was finally moving in with Jack. He had been reluctant to say yes at first, because he didn’t want to throw Vaughn to the curb, where to his best friend had told him; “Honestly Rhys, I’ll just be happy to get some rest, with the two of you gone from the apartment,” and Jack had in all seriousness proceeded to pay him to kick the leggy brunette out. He couldn’t exactly argue after that.

Moving the few boxes of possessions he owned, had taken little to no time, and they were quick to get to unpacking. Rhys had never been more happy to have gotten rid of all the Handsome Jack posters, motivational posters that was, now that the real deal was currently digging through one of the boxes, no doubt he would have teased him relentlessly.

Rhys had just unpacked the last of his picture frames, one him and Jack in fact, it was just one from a lazy morning where he had taken the opportunity to take a quick snap, but he’d loved it so much that he got it framed, when he heard his boyfriend let out a whistle. He turned his head to him, ready to ask what he found, but immediately lost his words when his eyes zeroed in on the article of clothing in his hands. He’d forgotten about that.

“Oh boy, cupcake,” He began, Rhys already wanting to disappear far away as his face flushed a deep red. “First the socks, now this?” He cackled.

“Please put them back in the box, so I can go burn them, thank you.” The programmer hid his face in hands, letting out a small whine.

“How many of these do you own?”

If someone had been around to shoot Rhys at the given moment, he would have gladly taken them up on their offer.

“Well would you look at that, this pair has a bow and-Oh oh, no, these definitely take the cake!” Jack held up a pair of pink, leopard printed panties, turning them around and studying them, a mischievous grin on display.

Rhys was glaring at the CEO from behind his hands, face ablaze. He remembered those, they had been a joke gift from Yvette, back when he and Jack weren’t together, said they’d help him bring home the boys, before laughing at his embarrassed state, but joke’s on her, because he ended up keeping them.

And then he might have acquired a few more, because panties were oddly comfortable and they made his ass look great.

“I bet you’d like the Hyperion issued ones better.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

“Huh, I didn’t see any-”

There was a moment of silence, Jack’s gaze dropping to Rhys’ lap.

The younger brought his hands down to the hemline of his shirt, pulling at the fabric to cover his nether regions, looking anywhere but the CEO.

He cleared his throat. “Let’s, uh, keep unpacking, and, and forget about my panty collection, okay?”

“Yeaah, no can do, you don’t dangle a piece of meat in front of a hungry skag without facing the consequences, kitten.”

Jack was already dragging him away from the boxes before he could protest any further.

….and Rhys had been right, he did like the Hyperion issued pair the best.

Donna/Jackie fluffy headcanons ~

And this is also in a romantic way, if it wasn’t clear.

- Donna thinks it’s funny how much she has to bend over Jackie to kiss her. She teases her girlfriend about her height a lot and Jackie always ends up slapping her shoulder or throwing her hat to her face.

- But her small figure is also convenient when they are sharing the a bath, their bodies fit perfectly against the other and they can spend hours inside the bath doing nothing but cuddling and talking.

 - Jackie is always incisting in giving Donna make overs all the time, while Donna is always trying to convince her to joing her in her feminist reunions. None is never able to give up, and when it happens, it always ends up in “I’m never doing it again!”.

- They are always holding hands, always. It doesn’t matter where they are and with who, their hands are always joined together, fingers interlased.

- Clothes sharing is funny because Donna’s clothes are too big for Jackie, and Jackie’s clothes are too tin for Donna. But they still get to share some shirts and jackets, and things for their hair.

- Jackie in particular likes to use Donna’s shirt to sleep. She’s also always stealing her jackets for her normal use.

- While Donna does the most cooking, Jackie always makes dinner on especial ocasions and when the romantic gen hits her. Donna is always surprised at how good Jackie has gotten with time, but it wasn’t always like this.

- Donna’s favorite piece of clothe to steal from Jackie is her sweater on shades of pink and soft purple.

- They still call each other names, but in a loving way.

- Once they get in sync, they go out to buy icecream and donuts, then spend their days cuddling on the couch, watching soap operas or what not on TV.

- Donna almost died when Jackie started to call her ‘pumpkin’ like her father, she asked her to stop but Jackie refused. So she started to call Jackie ‘kitten’ like she knows Jack does, she stopped doing it immediately.

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Crutchie comes home with a kitten one day and Jack only discovers it when he finds little blue paw prints across one of his canvases.

Okay but seriously. Crutchie finds the cutest little kitten and he literally cannot resist bringing it home. So he tucks it into his shirt and sneaks it into Jack’s apartment. He does a really good job at hiding it for like a full day and a half. But one day, Jack and Crutchie decide to go out on a date and he’s so scared the kitten will get out of the little hiding spot he made for it – But it’ll be fine. It hasn’t escaped yet. So they go out.

When they get home, they’re sort of distracted by each other so they don’t notice at first… But when they get to Jack’s bed and are about to lay down, Jack notices one of his canvases has been knocked over. And Jack being Jack, has to check his entire apartment because “I gotta make sure you’re safe.” Because obviously there’s some evil doing going on. Someone obviously broke in with the intent to harm Crutchie and that wasn’t going to happen. So Jack starts checking around. Crutchie totally knows what happened and has been trying to distract him the entire time. “Hey Jack it’s probably nothin’! It’s fine!! Come to bed!!” And he whines and follows him around and is desperately trying to find the kitten before Jack does and then –

“What the hell?” Jack sees the tiny paw prints ALL over not only the canvas that fell, but the floor too. Meow. Crutchie freezes. Barely breathing. Jack rustles around and moves the canvas and – “Charlie.” He turns around holding a paint covered kitten.

Crutchie just beams at him and is like “Surprise!”

And the kitten struggles in Jack’s hands and reaches back and just PAPS his cheek and now Jack has blue paint on his face and Crutchie thinks it’s so funny. But Jack just stares at him for a minute pretending to be angry. But then Crutchie pouts and Jack melts and walks over to him with the kitten and uses its paw to put a matching paw print on Crutchie’s cheek. By the end of the night Crutchie and Jack are both covered in paint and they’re cuddled up and sleeping together on the couch and the kitten is sleeping on Jack’s face because that’s what cats do.

Jack lets him keep it.


Big thanks to @noxgold for commissioning me to write this based on an ask I got a little while ago! It’s a Learning the Ropes “what if”. Enjoy! 

Honestly, Jesse should’ve been more honest when he told Gabriel about his Deadlock days. He had just told his dom that he had been involved in a street gang that trafficked drugs and weapons. He never mentioned the murders and kidnapping and extortion. Jesse thought that he had completely wiped his hands clean of them. He wasn’t even in the gang, his boyfriend at the time was the member.  

Jesse and Genji were exiting the mall at the end of the day, weighed down with shopping bags and drinks from the food court. They were talking back and forth, making jokes, laughing, and generally enjoying themselves. They were young, loved, spoiled rotten, and didn’t have a care in the world. They were packing the backseat of Jesse’s Nissan with their purchases from that shopping trip when Genji spoke up.

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