I was inspired by another Korean artist in this WHAT IF scenario where Crowbar G!Sans and Kitten are forced to become roommates (since it’s a crossover and they’re waiting for their respective Frisk/Gs to switch back).

I imagine the two having a sorta buddy-like relationship, though Kitten will probably act more as a big sibling to Crowbar G (since they are older after all XD).

May 29. Morning. Took some photos for Patreon. Tried to get Reggie back to my crocheting bag. Didn’t try to make any pose. Got this. DIED FROM HER CUTENESS.

29 мая. Утро. Сняла несколько фото для патреона. Попыталась убрать Реджи в вязальную сумочку. Не пыталась получить какую-то позу. Получила это. ПОМЕРЛА ОТ УМИЛЕНИЯ.