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@sassysnowperson​, no one’s written for it yet, but you said “crossover” and I have a MIGHTY NEED for Obi-Wan/Rupert Giles now.

@proto-kitteh​ I feel you, and I see how it could work, but I am struggling to imagine them as anything but exhausted and British at each other. 

But let’s write it and see what happens!

Meanwhile, in Improbable Crossover Land: 

Anakin ran the monster through with his lightsaber. He closed the lightsaber and turned back to Obi-Wan, “That’s another one down - ” was as far as he got before the monster lept at his back and attempted to sink its fangs into Anakin’s neck. 

“I stabbed you!” Anakin said, deeply offended, as he dodged out of the way and sliced off the monster’s arm. 

Out of nowhere, some bouncy blond girl with a face full of death rolled up behind the vampire and stabbed it with a twig. And it exploded. Anakin was deeply offended. 

Obi-Wan watched in despair as his padawan proceeded to argue with his savior over the relative merits of a glowing technological wonder versus pointy tree bits. He seemed to keep running up against the fact that the sharpened plant parts worked, but that doesn’t stop him from arguing anyway. 

“I should probably put a stop to that,” Obi-Wan muttered, mostly to himself. 

“Good Lord, if you’ve found a way to stop teenagers from being melodramatic you owe it to the world to share your discovery.” 

Obi-Wan turned, raising an eyebrow at the besuited bespecled blond man behind him. He gave the man a small smile. “To be fair, I said should. I never specified that I could.”

The man gave a small chuckle and extended his hand. “Rupert Giles, I’m with her.” 

Obi-Wan took the hand, “Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I refuse to claim any association with the young man currently arguing that because the sun is plasma and his sword is plasma, he should have been able to melt them, despite all evidence to the contrary.” 

Rupert sighed, “At least he has an investigative mind.”

“The trouble is in focusing it.” 

“Isn’t it always.” Giles gave Obi-Wan a considering once-over. There was a certain heat that grew behind his eyes. “Mister Kenobi, can I buy you a drink? I have a feeling we have a great deal of commiseration we could share.”  

“That sounds…acceptable.” Obi-Wan paused for a moment, clearing his throat before saying, “Technically it’s not Mister. It’s Master.” 

Giles gave Obi-Wan a wry smirk. “Let’s save titles like that until after the third date, shall we?”  

Rook brothers!

I’m jumping on @semisweetshadow ’s @proto-kitteh ’s and @misskatieleigh ’s Bokan-is-Bodhi’s-long-lost-Partisan-brother AU idea because it’s brilliant like yessss give me all the Rooks!